‘Why Raeliana Ended Up At The Duke’s Mansion’ Episode 6: Recap, Review, And Ending Explained

The sixth episode of Raeliana’s adventure brings her to an awkward position with respect to Noah. The deal between them was to protect Raeliana from Lord Francis but he was “taken care of” in the previous episode. Now that the wedding day approaches, Raeliana suffers from cold feet but Noah continues to reel her in with his unpredictable style.

Spoilers Ahead

Episode 6: Why Raeliana Cosplayed

It was the eve of the wedding day. Raeliana jumped out the bed screaming after waking up and finding Noah undressed right beside her. He went in for a kiss which made Raeliana run away like a hunted gazelle. He did however say that during the time period of the contract, she would have to act as his fiancee if the deal was to be fully honored, but not in her wildest dreams did Raeliana think that Duke Noah actually meant sharing a bed together. 

At the exit stood Noah’s trusted spy Taylor. Raeliana felt as if she could ask for Taylor’s help and he wouldn’t disappoint. Noah commands Taylor to bring her back to him. It was upon Taylor to heed his call or not, and he chose the right thing to do under that circumstance. He took Raeliana away from Noah and protected her honor. Noah rushed to the balcony but Taylor was off in a flash. The butler came up to Noah and informed him of a guest. Noah, distracted by Taylor’s disobedience, couldn’t care less about the guest. He ordered Gerard to inform all the knights to look for Raeliana and Taylor. 

Taylor had not gone too far away from the mansion. His intentions were not to flee with Raeliana. He simply complied with Raeliana’s request to get her away from Noah. It may also be a trick of some kind to strengthen Noah’s bond with her. This sudden shift in loyalties wasn’t so sudden after all. Even in front of the other guards, Taylor had taken orders from Raeliana. 

Raeliana was happy after getting away from Noah. She felt grateful for Taylor’s gesture of taking her away, although it made things escalate a bit too much. She had just gotten out of bed and didn’t even have the chance to take a bath. She asked Taylor for another favor to let her at least wash her hair. Taylor, aware of the mansion’s nooks and corners, takes her to the maids’ quarter where she washes herself and puts on a maid’s dress. She feels as if she is cosplaying the role of a maid. Filled with this sudden excitement, she gets in a giddy mood and goes to fetch some breakfast for Taylor. Tip-toeing around the mansion and eavesdropping on the gossip about her kidnapping, she grew more and more excited as she entered the kitchen. She gets interrupted by two chefs who are unable to recognize her. She begins playing the part of a maid and acts as a new recruit hired solely for the upcoming. They ask her if she knew Raeliana was found yet or not to which she replied that indeed she was safely taken back to the mansion. To add a great end to her performance, the chefs give her special items to be given to Raeliana, not realizing she was standing right in front of them. She took the breakfast and shared the delicacies with Master Taylor. It was quite an adventurous outing they shared that morning. 

Back in the mansion, we meet the guest who had been waiting so patiently for Noah. He was the novel’s fan-favorite character, Count Keith Westerberg. Raeliana was helped into Noah’s study by Taylor for the time being and she runs into Keith Westerberg who happened to be waiting for Noah. Keith was impressed to see a maid trying to sneak some books out of the shelf. He got all flustered to see such a talented young girl working as a maid. He begs her to pursue academia instead and got rather close to her and right then Noah walked into the room. Even he was impressed with Raeliana trying to slip past everyone wearing that maid’s costume. 

Keith immediately put her hands away from her. Noah came closer and closer, calmly explaining to an unnerved Raeliana. Nothing had happened between them that would rob her of her modesty, he confirmed. When they returned back after a tiring day of the kidnapping, Raelina had fallen asleep and couldn’t be taken to her room at the far end of the mansion. So Noah had her sleep in his own room and for which he apologizes. This apology is unexpected by everybody. Even Keith doesn’t comprehend the nature of their relationship. He was his right-hand man and he was confused to see the haughty Noah apologize.

More than others, Raeliana was the most dumbfounded. The wedding was due the next day and this apology which sounded sincere sounded like it came out of the sphere of their contract. It felt genuine. This chapter continued till midnight when Noah took her out on a date on a boat in the lake lit by the exquisite fireworks. Already unsettled and hesitant to wed Noah, Raeliana then saw something which exacerbated the situation.

What Shocking Thing Did Raeliana Witness?

On their date, Raeliana kept thinking about whether to go ahead with the wedding. With Lord Francis gone, she didn’t really have to honor the contract but Noah’s changed attitude was making the decision-making complicated. Then out of the blue, she saw a girl standing far away with her back toward Noah and herself. Her yellow hair reminds her of the novel’s protagonist Beatrice. Could she have returned? In the novel, Beatrice returned after Raeliana died and went on to marry Noah. Could fate repeat itself in some new fashion? These questions must have flashed in her mind, which is why she got disturbed upon seeing the girl. 

Episode 6: Review 

The sixth episode was one of the best of the series so far. A clean through-line guided the episode which culminated in a fantastic cliffhanger. Beatrice’s return would surely make things interesting as she will bring her own narrative from the novel. The relationship between Raeliana and Taylor is one which fascinates the most as it occurs almost in silence, yet the visuals tell everything about the inner workings of the characters. The episode is now streaming on Crunchyroll!

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