‘Why Raeliana Ended Up At The Duke’s Mansion’ Episode 5: Recap, Review, And Ending Explained

The fifth episode of the new Isekai anime finally reveals Raeliana’s kidnapper, and she realizes that altering her fate in the novel might not function in as proper a way as she expected. Death looms over Raeliana, and she learns something unexpected about the world of the novel she is in.

Spoilers Ahead

Episode 5: Why Raeliana Was Taken Away

In the previous episode, Raeliana was kidnapped by an unknown assailant and was seen being taken away from the ball in a carriage. The episode begins, and we get to see the carriage driver. It is none other than Lord Francis Brooks. It is understandable that Francis would want to kidnap Raeliana once one thinks about it. He was embarrassed by Raeliana’s engagement to Noah, for he was sidelined by Raeliana. But a lord driving his own carriage doesn’t seem appropriate. He could hire so many mules for this job, yet he was doing it himself.

One glimpse of Francis makes us realize his state of panic. He remembers a love affair gone wrong with Jake Langston’s younger sister. Yes, the same Jake Langston that had threatened Francis to ensure Raeliana doesn’t marry somebody else. The reasons for this threat become crystal clear in this episode. Langston’s sister had killed herself in front of Francis after he declined to marry her. Jake caught Francis abetting her suicide, but instead of mourning her sister and going after Francis, he blackmailed Francis to marry Raeliana and acquire her father’s wealthy business. Francis would always be under Langston’s control and would siphon off the money to him, making him wealthy. This was his diabolical plan. Francis was simply a pawn in Langston’s sick plan.

With Langston as the true master behind this, we now understand why Lord Francis was playing the coachman’s role.

Raeliana, unconscious in the carriage, wakes up to find Jake Langston present in the carriage beside her. She tries to remember how she got there but is terrified by his presence. Jake, confident of scaring Raeliana into submitting to his plan, doesn’t threaten her too much. She also realizes that trying to scream her way out of the situation would only make it worse. She decides to wait patiently for an opportunity where she can escape, and she soon gets it. When the carriage is stopped after the event of a landslide, she pushes Francis and runs away into the forest.

Jake and Francis run toward her, but she evades them. Raeliana runs far away and thinks that she has successfully escaped their grasp, but suddenly somebody grabs hold of her from behind. Absolutely terrified, Raeliana thinks Francis or Jake has finally trapped her, but the man turns out to be Adam Taylor, Noah’s best spy. He advises Raeliana to keep mum and patiently wait for Jake to show up. As soon as he does, Taylor points the sword at him as a last warning to drop the weapons. Jake tries manipulating Raeliana to let him go, but she doesn’t budge.

All of a sudden, an event occurs that Raeliana could not have imagined in her wildest dreams. Jake throws a potion on Taylor, which attracts a huge monster to emerge from the ground and attack Taylor. Raeliana is flabbergasted at this sight. Before she could recover from this shock, she received an even greater jolt when Taylor pushed her over a cliff. She falls right into Noah’s arms, who is waiting at the bottom. Taylor invokes a magic spell, finishes the monster, and helps the other guards catch Jake and Francis.

How Did Noah Reach The Bottom Of The Cliff?

Noah must have followed the carriage after Raeliana got kidnapped. With the greatest spy, Taylor, at his disposal, he easily located the exact spot where Raeliana would be pushed by Taylor. Now that it is revealed that the novel’s world is a magical one, it is no surprise that the natural landslide that stopped the carriage wasn’t natural at all and could very well have been made to occur by Taylor using his magical skills. After catching Jake and Francis, Noah returns to his mansion with Raeliana snoring in her arms, and although Raeliana had not commanded Taylor to kill Jake or Francis, Noah overrides her wish and asks Taylor to “dispose” of Jake and Francis.

Episode 5: Review

The episode was full of surprises that truly brought out the otherworldly aspect of the novel. This is indeed an Isekai anime where a character is transported to a different world. Hanasaki got transported from Earth’s reality to this novel’s one, but before this episode, it didn’t seem as though this novel’s reality was any different than that of our world. The suspicions were removed in this episode as the magical twist, and the introduction of monsters came to the forefront. Noah and Raeliana also grow closer after this encounter. The new magical element and their unusual relationship make the viewer excited for future episodes.

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