‘Why Raeliana Ended Up At The Duke’s Mansion’ Episode 4: Recap, Review, And Ending Explained

The fourth episode of the Isekai anime introduces new characters into the story and Raeliana, instead of getting out of her deal with Duke Noah, finds herself getting into deeper trouble.

Spoilers Ahead

Episode 4: Why Raeliana Took Up The Fight

In the previous episode, Noah told Raeliana to get ready for the event where he will announce their engagement in front of the dignitaries. Raeliana was made up by the famous magician Nick Maddocks himself and Noah was left speechless after seeing Raeliana in her dazzling avatar. This episode begins by them getting out of their carriage and climbing the stairs up to the huge mansion. 

Noah begins the first move of showing her who is the boss in the relationship. He commands Raeliana to never be out of his sight for more than five minutes. Raeliana doesn’t understand his powerplay and tries to cut it with her cute explanation: ladies spend a lot more than five minutes in the powder room. Noah proceeds to point Raeliana in her general direction. She finally pays attention to 4 more guards added to her watch by Noah, alongwith Master Taylor. A cohort of five guards now watches Raeliana’s every move. She feels the heat of this surveillance and worries about losing her freedom completely.

They reach inside the mansion and see the dignitaries already gathered to greet Duke Noah Wynknight. Upon seeing Raeliana with him, they get curious as to his relation with her. Noah wastes no time and announces their engagement in front of all the guests. A man named Marques Eriteal greets them and congratulates them on the engagement. The crowd murmurs about Raeliana’s beauty. Men line up to Raeliana to dance with her. A collective gasp echoes the mansion, when Noah protects Raeliana from these unwanted advances. This is read as chivalry, a quality desired by so many royal wives by their aged husbands. Noah takes Raeliana away on the dance floor and begins dancing, giving the impression of a passionate love affair. Raeliana is too startled to pick up on this queue and play her part as his loving fiancee. She stomps Noah’s foot just to gain some leverage in this powerplay, but is one-upped by Noah. He swings her around and lifts her foot off the ground to make lose her footing and be completely under Noah’s control. Embarrassed by this step, she now must play the part and honor the deal if she doesn’t want things to go sideways. 

The crowd adore the couple. They go gaga at their love story, not aware that it’s just a facade. Raeliana is least bothered by the applause as she senses some ominous gaze falling upon her. It isn’t coming from Taylor’s direction, so who could it be?

In walks Vivian Shamall, the female villain of the novel. Rejected by Noah in the novel, she tries to do away with Noah’s love interest Beatrice, the novel’s protagonist. But since Raeliana had altered her fate , she fears Shamall’s fury could now fall on her. How could Raeliana make her understand that she is not really Noah’s love interest?

Noah asks Raeliana to smile and continue upholding the appearance of a loving fiancee and requests her to do him a favor. He gives her the directions to extract information from the gossip gang of high ranking official’s wives. This information could prove essential in guiding the country’s affairs and now with Raeliana by his side, Noah plans to exploit the opportunity to infiltrate the grapevine channel. He asks her to begin by befriending Lady Eriteal and move forwards from there on.

Raeliana successfully charms Lady Eriteal but in comes Vivian Shamall. She is engaged to the king but Raeliana knows where her heart lies. She comes to embarrass Raeliana in front of Lady Eriteal, but her plan is thwarted by Nick Maddocks. After Nick and Vivian leave, Raeliana tries to befriend Lady Eriteal but the five guards dont leave her sight for a second. She cannot make friends with even a puppy under such surveillance let alone Lady Eriteal. She asks Master Taylor to just let the female guard stay here for her “mission”. Master Taylor agrees to this request, entertaining a demand from someone other than Noah which surprises the other guards. A single guard is left to watch over their conversation but after a smoke bomb explodes creating dense fog around everyone, Raeliana gets kidnapped by an unknown assailant during this commotion.

Why Does Nick Help Raeliana And Who Kidnapped Her?

Nick had grown fond of Raeliana in a platonic way and he is one man who cannot tolerate condescending behavior. When Raeliana begins to face Shamall’s onslaught of caustic comments, Nick comes to her rescue and tactfully deflates Vivian Shamall’s haughtiness. The episode gives no hint as to the kidnapper’s identity. The next episode is surely to shed light upon this mysterious assailant.

Episode 4: Review

The fourth episode went through its ups and downs and introduced several interesting characters. Out of them all, the character of Vivian Shamall seems to be a game-changer and the episode does a nice job to portray all the various traits of the character in a short span of time. The gripping cliffhanger will surely make you want to see the next episode to find out who kidnapped Raeliana.

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