‘Who Murdered Meredith Kercher’ Episode 1 Recap & Review

Episode 1 of Who Murdered Meredith Kercher sheds light on the event of November 2007, which marked a tragic moment in Italian history when the discovery of a young woman’s body sent shockwaves throughout the nation. Meridith Kercher, an English exchange student with a bright future ahead of her, was found brutally murdered in a pool of her own blood, leaving all those who knew her reeling with grief and disbelief. Described as a kind and gentle soul with an unyielding spirit, Meridith had come to Italy with hopes of fulfilling her dreams, only to have them cruelly cut short by fate.

As the investigation into her murder unfolded, suspicion fell upon Meridith’s roommate and her boyfriend, leading authorities to believe that there were sinister cult elements at play in this heinous crime. The case of Meridith Kercher’s murder shook the world and continues to captivate the public’s attention to this day. Despite years of controversy and trials, the question of who is truly responsible for her death remains unanswered.

Spoilers Ahead

The Harrowing Murder Of Meridith Kercher

On the evening of November 1, 2007, Meridith Kercher, her roommate Amanda Knox, and her Italian boyfriend Raffaele Sollecito ventured out of their student home to attend a Halloween party. Among the revelers was 20-year-old Rudy Guede, an unemployed drifter with roots in Ivory Coast who had been living in Italy since childhood and had many friends at the university. The events that followed that fateful night would perpetually alter the lives of those affected and shake the entire world. 

The following night was filled with screams that echoed through Meridith’s house, but unfortunately, no one alerted the authorities. Amanda, Meridith’s roommate, was spending the night at her boyfriend’s flat and was oblivious to whatever was unfolding in her home. As dawn broke, Amanda returned to her apartment only to find the front door wide open and her home in shambles. It was a scene straight out of a horror movie, with blood spattered on every surface, from the carpets to the faucets. Amanda was petrified, and she immediately called her boyfriend, Raffaele, who rushed to her flat. As the couple made their way through the house, they noticed that nothing had been stolen. However, the door to Meridith’s room was locked from the inside, and there was no response from within. This was enough to raise alarm bells, and they promptly contacted the authorities. The police arrived on the scene, and after securing the area, they broke down the door to Meridith’s room, only to be met with a grisly sight. Meridith lay motionless in a pool of blood, and it was evident that foul play was involved. As the investigation began, the police couldn’t help but be suspicious of Raffaele, who seemed to be unusually calm and collected. They believed that his cold expression and demeanor implied that the entire crime scene was staged. 

The Ensuing Investigation

The news of the heinous crime sent shockwaves throughout the nation, and it wasn’t long before journalists from every corner of the country descended upon Italy to cover the case, eager to uncover the truth behind the horrific murder of Meridith. Over the next few days, as the investigation unfolded, the pathologist revealed the gruesome details of the attack. It was a truly harrowing sight, with Meridith having suffered two brutal wounds to her neck as well as numerous smaller cuts and bruises all over her body. The sheer brutality of the assault left everyone horrified and equally angered. 

The Italian government held a memorial service for the loved ones of Meridith Kercher, but to everyone’s surprise, her roommate Amanda Knox and her boyfriend Raffaele Sollecito did not attend, each giving their own reasons. Raffaele was summoned for interrogation and was subjected to tough questioning. During the interview, he disclosed that he was at home alone, and Amanda was not with him. As the investigation progressed, the police uncovered a connection between the couple and a local bar owner named Patrick Lamumba. Amanda’s and Raffaele’s behavior during the questioning did not help their case and only raised the prosecutor’s suspicion. Amanda’s attitude lacked respect for the loss of her friend, adding to the authorities’ suspicion. Amanda’s lawyers claimed that she was pressured into confessing, alleging that she was shouted at continuously by multiple officers. In her statement, Amanda stated that she was handed a document and instructed to sign it, which alleged that Patrick Lamumba, who was infatuated with Meridith, was responsible for her death. 

Amanda, Raffaele, and Patrick found themselves behind bars, but Patrick was eventually released due to his solid alibi. As the investigation continued, the French authorities claimed to have discovered a kitchen knife in Raffaele’s home that contained Meridith’s DNA. It seemed that they were eager to close the case quickly. However, further investigation revealed that the fingerprints found in Amanda’s room belonged to Rudy Guede, not Patrick Lamumba. Rudy was eventually arrested in Germany, where he was living under an assumed name. Rudy maintained his innocence, claiming that he was not responsible for Meridith’s murder but had instead been a witness to the crime.

S*x Game Gone Wrong

During the trial, the prosecutors presented a compelling case with tangible evidence that pointed towards the involvement of all three suspects in a drug-fueled sexual game, which resulted in the brutal murder of Meridith Kercher. Rudy’s admission of being present at the crime scene did little to alleviate the confusion surrounding the case. Further evidence came to light with the discovery of Rudy’s DNA on Meridith’s belongings, including her purse and bra. This led to his swift conviction and sentencing to 30 years in prison. However, Rudy was able to avoid cross-examination by requesting a separate trial, leaving many unanswered questions about his involvement in the murder of Meridith Kercher. 

The media and prosecution in France relentlessly attacked Amanda’s character, vilifying her as Foxy Knoxy.” Furthermore, it was discovered that the French police had mishandled the forensic evidence and may have planted evidence to expedite the case’s closure. Additionally, the Italian forensic team did not adequately validate their findings. The defense lawyers argued that the DNA samples on both the bra and knife were compromised due to contamination and requested an independent analysis, but their request was denied. During the trial, Rudy changed his story, claiming that Amanda and Raffaele attacked Meridith after accusing her of theft. According to him, Raffaele and Rudy then sexually assaulted Meridith before killing her. Additionally, the verdict announcement at midnight was seen as an intentional move to avoid media attention and public scrutiny. Many people believe that the French judicial system rushed to judgment and failed to consider all the evidence presented by the defense. 

It is a relief that Amanda and Raffaele were finally acquitted after spending eight long years in prison. The verdict from Italy’s highest court proves that the prosecution’s case was flawed, which led to the wrongful conviction of the two. Rudy was also released from prison and now walks free. However, the question of who really killed Meridith Kercher remains unanswered. It is possible that the second episode could provide more insights and shed some light on this mystery.

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