‘True Spirit’ Recap And Ending: A Story Of Storm-Proof Will

“True Spirit” is the latest movie written and directed by Sarah Spillane that follows the story of young Jessica, who sets sail alone to become the youngest person to sail across the world.

Spoilers Ahead

A Dream That Doesn’t Let You Sleep

A wise man once said that dreams aren’t the visions we see while we sleep; they are something that doesn’t let us sleep, and the same can be said for Jessica Watson (played by Teagan Croft). Jessica is a teen adventurer and explorer who is obsessed with and in love with oceans. She had worked multiple jobs to save money and dreams of becoming the youngest person to sail across the vast blue. The road to fulfilling your dreams is seldom smooth, as Jessica’s vessel collides with a cargo ship, leaving her adrift in the middle of the sea. The journalist, with the aim of selling stories, criticizes Jessica, questioning how she can sail across the world when she can’t even make it between two ports. In reality, Jessica had forgotten to turn on the proximity alarm, causing her boat to crash into the cargo ship.

However, criticism never phased her courage, and Jessica decided to try again. Even with the whole world trolling and calling Jessica an irresponsible teenager, she firmly believes that there’s no right time to start chasing your dreams. Jessica looks up to Jesse Martin, the youngest person to sail around the globe alone, and thinks she can achieve the same feat as well.

A Second Try At Success

After making all the necessary repairs to her broken ship, thanks to the volunteers, Jessica is once again ready to embark on her solo voyage. Jessica is to sail unassisted and nonstop, meaning if she rests at any port, she’ll be disqualified. As for the itinerary, she needs to cross all lines of longitude and round all four capes for it to count as a true circumnavigation. She plans to sail north, up past the equator, then back down south to round Cape Horn at the tip of Chile, then across the Atlantic Ocean to the Cape of Good Hope in South Africa, followed by a long journey to the Indian Ocean to Cape Leeuwin in Western Australia, and at last towards the East Cape in Tasmania. However, success is never a stroll in the park, as Jessica encounters a heavy storm and is advised to lower the drogue to keep her boat stable. Jessica refuses to submit and instead meets the storm head-on. But the storm was the least of her problems, as Jessica soon found herself battling with a cold, but it would take more than a fever and a couple of sneezes to slow her progress. Days passed, and Jessica successfully rounded Cape Horn, also known as the “Everest of the Oceans.” As far as age is concerned, Jessica was as tough as they came. When she was just eight years old, she made her coach, Ben, cave into her obvious stubbornness and talent and agrees to coach her. However, Ben loses his cool and chides Jessica for not being responsible and making the same mistake of not setting the alarms. In reality, Jessica was bored because her boat came to a standstill due to no wind, frustrating her, which would be obvious if you’re stuck at the same place with no wind. The truth is that living your dream is very hard, and Jessica is learning this in the hard way. She listens to songs and looks at the starry skies to keep herself occupied and sane. Fortunately, Jessica resumes her journey once the winds kicks in, lifting the spirit of the young adventurer and those praying for her success.

The Journey Ends

Having sailed beyond Cape Leeuwin, Jessica is now less than 3,000 miles from achieving her goal. The difficulties, though, show no signs of abating, as Jessica finds that the boat has a leak. If this wasn’t a nonstop challenge, Jessica would’ve pulled into one of the nearby ports for repairs. Unfortunately, doing so means violating the rules, and Jessica can’t afford to lose when she’s just a couple thousand miles away from home. Sadly, another storm looms over the horizon, and everyone advises Jessica to back down, as her boat will not be able to stand another storm. Jess is determined to keep going no matter what and decides to cut right through the storm. But it will not be easy, as she needs to be calm and endure fatigue, as the storm might last for days. If she fails, it will be the end of her sailing career. As the storm hits, Jessica’s boat is tossed upside down; fortunately, the boat was built to correct itself if it flipped. In the face of Jessica’s stoicism and will, even the storm gives up, and Jessica completes her journey after spending 210 days at sea, becoming an inspiration for many. Jessica Watson proved that there’s no right age to start working towards your dream, and giving up is not an option.

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