The Tremendous Three – Greatest Trilogies Of All Time

The world of cinema is wide and plentiful. You will find stories of all kinds about people of all kinds to explore and savor. What keeps us, as viewers, interested is when we get to learn about the characters in depth. While most movies run for 2 hours on average, it is difficult for directors and storytellers to give us a glimpse of their entire fictitious world in such a short time. This is where franchises and trilogies come into play. 

Trilogies give filmmakers a certain structure and platform to build their stories and simultaneously engage the audiences. Furthermore, once a movie finds its niche and garners a considerable fanbase, production houses have great opportunities to explore the story and the characters in detail. With the recent release and subsequent raving reviews of Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3, let’s take a look at some of the other most popular and loved trilogies of Hollywood.

The Godfather

A thunderous fanbase and an array of quotable lines make The Godfather a true-blue crime epic. With such diverse and broken characters, the trilogy made its way into the hearts and minds of movie lovers no matter what generation they belong to. Moreover, the first and second parts of the trilogy are critically acclaimed with the highest ratings on every possible platform.

Directed by Francis Ford Coppola, the movies are adapted from the eponymous novels by Mario Puzo. The film’s massive box office collections are testimony to its popularity and success. Special credit goes to the impeccable music and casting of the movie that elevates the overall experience of the story. 

Toy Story

Probably the only kids’ movies that made it on this list, Toy Story innovated the kids’ movie genre to another level. It attracted fans from almost all age groups owing to its fun storyline and relatable characters. Every kid in the world must have once imagined what would happen if their toys come to life, and this premise resonated with millions of viewers across the world. 

Filled with emotion, comedy, and so much heart, the movies leave every viewer satisfied and happy. Even though there are four Toy Story movies in total, die-hard fans still consider the first three movies to be a standalone trilogy as it explores Andy’s ascent into adulthood from being a kid who found solace in his collection of abundant toys. 

Star Wars

While the Star Wars universe has seen a set of three trilogies to date, the best one still remains the original one first released in 1977. The world of Luke Skywalker, Han Solo, and Leia is filled with great dialogue, an unforgettable story, and a fictional setting so enchanting that fans go back to the movie even after years of its release. 

Moreover, Darth Vader has emerged as one of the most prolific villains in the history of cinema. His personality and his voice are synonymous with legendary as his name is etched in the list of the best villains in movies. George Lucas has crafted something so magnificent with the Star Wars universe that it has further inspired a whole set of spinoff series and movies to explore other parts of the fictional world. 

The Dark Knight

Based on the famous DC Comics, The Dark Knight trilogy explores the iconic Batman’s experiences with his arch enemies like Bane and The Joker. Directed by Christopher Nolan and with Christian Bale in the lead, the movies were made to be loved by all. Their extraordinary collaboration marks the best of both worlds – cinematography, and acting.

This trilogy added a new touch of mystery and thrill to the otherwise overdone superhero genre with well-thought-out characters and an engaging story to map out three movies. On top of that, Heath Ledger was appreciated beyond compare for his immensely moving portrayal of Joker in the movie. All in all, The Dark Knight stands as one of the most consistent and ambitious trilogies of all time. 

Planet Of The Apes

A world fraught with intelligent chimps and apes, this trilogy focuses on an adventurous fictional world where apes are kings. The story begins with their leader, Caesar, who welcomes a human family into their midst for sanctuary. The decision ultimately leads to a war between the two species with dangerous consequences for both. 

This premise has been adapted from books and previous versions of movies. The concept was unheard of and so unique that moviegoers loved it from the get-go. The three movies – Rise of the Planet of the Apes, Dawn of the Planet of the Apes, and Rise of the Planet of the Apes have climbed their way into cinephiles’ hearts with their unparalleled graphics and exceptional plot.

The Lord Of The Rings

Much like the super wonderful world and hype of Star Wars, this trilogy has also garnered a dedicated group of fans and aficionados who refuse to let the wonder of the movie fade away. With fantastical characters and an enchanting world, the trilogy transcends the usual size and ambition of trilogies. 

Adapted from the eponymous novels by J.R.R Tolkien, the trilogy is brought to life on the big screen by Peter Jackson. The movies raked in thousands of millions of dollars in box office collections and left an indelible mark on the audience with their over three hours long runtime. Fans don’t complain of the same either as they get to immerse themselves in that fantasy world for longer and enjoy everything that their reality lacks. 

‘Before’ Trilogy

Richard Linklater’s masterpieces Before Sunset, Before Sunrise, and Before Midnight make up the Before Trilogy. They follow the budding romance between Celine and Jesse as they meet and eventually fall for each other over heartfelt conversations and a charming connection. The movies explore a day in the characters’ lives as they deal with the tribulations of life and struggle with love. 

The three movies act as a commentary on how people perceive love and the issues that come with the same. It is very difficult for a movie with a primary base in romance and conversations to gain such a high rating, but Linklater’s extraordinaire talent made this a possibility as fans keep going back to the movies whenever they feel the need for a comforting movie’s warm embrace. 

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