Top 5 Ridley Scott Movies That You Can Add To Your Watchlist

Ridley Scott is a luminary in the world of filmmaking, with a career spanning decades that has left an unforgettable imprint on modern cinema. His name is synonymous with cinematic excellence, as he has brought to life some of the most iconic and timeless movies of all time. Scott’s prowess in crafting immersive and visually breathtaking worlds is a hallmark of his work, drawing audiences into his stories and captivating them with stunning visuals and meticulous attention to detail. His films are known not only for their technical mastery but also for their powerful and thought-provoking storytelling, which often grapples with complex themes and issues. Whether you’re a die-hard fan or new to his work, you’ll definitely find something to treasure in this list of Ridley Scott’s best movies.

Exodus: Gods And Kings (2014)

Exodus: Gods and Kings, starring Christian Bale in the titular role,  offers an anecdote of the biblical legend of Moses, rich in nuance and creativity. The movie explores the complexities of identity and power as it follows the journey of a man torn between his Egyptian upbringing and his Israelite heritage. The film portrays Moses as a multifaceted character, struggling to reconcile his past with his present. As a part of the royal lineage, he enjoys the benefits of privilege and status, but his conscience is troubled by the suffering of his people. When he discovers his true lineage, he grapples with questions of identity, belonging, and loyalty, ultimately finding a purpose in leading the Israelites out of slavery.

Exodus: Gods and Kings stands out for its striking visuals, a hallmark of director Ridley Scott’s cinematic style. The film’s epic scope is emphasized through the use of wide-angle shots that capture the grandeur and majesty of ancient Egypt.

American Gangster (2007)

American Gangster starring Denzel Washington, is a crime film that draws ideas from the life of Frank Lucas, a notorious cocaine dealer who became a dominant force in the criminal underworld of 1970s New York City. The movie is a gripping tale of power, greed, and betrayal that explores the dark side of the American Dream. The film portrays Lucas as a complex and charismatic character who rises to the top of the drug trade through a combination of cunning and ruthlessness. He is a man who understands the dynamics of the streets and uses them to his advantage, building an empire of illicit wealth and power.

Ridley Scott’s filmmaking prowess is on full display in American Gangster, as he deftly blends realistic and stylized imagery to establish a mood that is both authentic and arresting. The film’s stunning imagery is a testament to Scott’s skill, as he captures the rugged elegance of the 1970s Big Apple with striking precision. Each shot is meticulously crafted, drawing the viewer in and immersing them in a world of drug lords and corrupt law enforcement officials.

Body Of Lies (2008)

In the film Body of Lies, starring Leonardo DeCaprio, the intricate and complex world of international espionage is vividly portrayed through the character of CIA agent Roger Ferris. Ferris is tasked with tracking down a high-ranking terrorist leader in Jordan but must navigate the treacherous waters of Middle Eastern politics and work closely with the Jordanian ambassador, played by the talented Mark Strong. As Ferris digs into the world of intelligence and counter-terrorism, he finds himself eager to learn all he can about this shadowy realm. However, his enthusiasm is quickly tempered by the harsh realities of the job. 

Body of Lies is a gripping and thought-provoking film that delves into the complex and often murky world of espionage. The movie deftly explores themes of disloyalty, commitment, and the ethical quandaries that arise in the shadowy realm of intelligence gathering. Ferris, played brilliantly by Leonardo DiCaprio, is a complex and conflicted character, torn between his obligation to his homeland and his craving to do what is right. 

G.I. Jane (1997)

G.I. Jane is a 1997 release, starring Demi Moore and Viggo Mortenson. At the start of the film, O’Neill receives news that she has been selected for a covert military program that trains and deploys women in combat positions. Despite her excitement and enthusiasm, she soon realizes the road ahead will be riddled with obstacles and challenges. The training course is grueling and demanding, testing O’Neill’s physical and mental limits. But the hurdles she faces are not limited to the rigors of the program. O’Neill must also navigate the institutionalized sexism and discrimination that pervade the military community, facing animosity and doubt from her male colleagues.

G.I. Jane is a perfect example of Ridley Scott’s directorial fashion, which he has perfected with his signature blend of realistic and stylized imagery. The movie’s limited palette enhances its feeling of reality and gritty authenticity. Scott convincingly portrays the bodily and mental impact of O’Neill’s preparation in the film’s well-shot dramatic action sequences. 

Alien (1979)

The opening scenes of Alien, starring Sigourney Weaver, set a suspenseful tone as the Nostromo’s crew awakens from their cryogenic slumber to investigate an SOS signal emanating from a nearby planet. Upon touching down, they are greeted by a desolate landscape and a wrecked spacecraft, raising more questions than answers. Their curiosity quickly turns to terror as they encounter a malevolent extraterrestrial organism that infiltrates their ship and takes hold of one of their own, transforming him into a grotesque and formidable predator.

Alien is a breathtaking joyride and possibly Ridley’s magnum opus. The movie established a new benchmark for the sci-fi horror genre with its innovative imagery and unsettling mood. The film’s cramped setting aboard the Nostromo further heightens the tension, creating an oppressive and nerve-wracking atmosphere that leaves the audience hiding under their sheets.

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