Top 5 Bollywood Courtroom Drama Films Like ‘Sirf Ek Bandaa Kaafi Hai’

In the realm of cinematic storytelling, few settings hold the potential for riveting tension and thought-provoking narratives quite like the courtroom. The echoes of justice, the clash of opposing arguments, and the pursuit of truth create a dramatic canvas upon which human dilemmas and societal issues unfold with gripping intensity. Sirf Ek Bandaa Kafi Hai, starring Manoj Bajpayee, is one such courtroom drama. If you’ve streamed the movie and are yearning for more Bollywood courtroom arguments, here are five movies for you to savor. 

Pink (2016)

This Aniruddha Roy Chowdhury courtroom drama introduces us to Minal, Falak, and Andrea, three spirited and modern women who share a vibrant home in the bustling streets of Delhi. Their lives take a surprising detour when a fateful night brings them face to face with three men whose intentions darken the night. In a courageous act of self-defense, Minal’s swift strike lands one of the assailants in the hospital, forever altering the course of their lives. However, the dispute is far from over, as the influential and well-connected men retaliate with a vengeance. They twist the truth and weave a web of deceit, accusing the women of grave crimes. Now caught in the clutches of an unjust legal system that favors power and privilege, Minal, Falak, and Andrea must summon every ounce of their resilience and determination to fight for justice.

Pink holds up a mirror to society, forcing us to confront uncomfortable truths and examine the pervasive attitudes and biases that perpetuate victim blaming. It shines a searing spotlight on the challenges faced by survivors, their battle for justice, and the insidious forces that seek to undermine their voices. 

Shaurya (2008)

This Samar Khan masterpiece chronicles Major Siddhant Chaudhary, a spirited and astute army officer who finds himself thrust into a high-stakes court-martial. His mission: to unravel the mystery surrounding the alleged murder of Colonel Sunil Sinha, committed by his fellow soldier, the highly respected Captain Javed Khan. As the courtroom drama unfolds, Major Chaudhary’s sharp mind and unwavering determination lead him down a winding path of revelation. Through a kaleidoscope of vivid flashbacks and captivating witness accounts, the truth gradually emerges, painting a complex and compelling portrait of the events that led to the fateful night.

At the core of the narrative are two exceptional actors, Rahul Bose and Kay Kay Menon, who deliver powerhouse performances that leave an indelible mark on the screen. Their portrayal of complex characters adds depth and nuance to the narrative, drawing you deeper into the unfolding drama.

Jazbaa (2015)

This Sanjay Gupta cocktail introduces us to the extraordinary Anuradha Verma, a force to be reckoned with in the legal world, as well as a devoted guardian to her beloved daughter. But fate weaves a tangled web, presenting Anuradha with an impossible conundrum, plunging her headfirst into a torrent of unwelcome difficulties. The clock ticks ominously, adding urgency to every heartbeat as Anuradha finds herself caught in a high-stakes race against time. The seriousness of her predicament hangs over her and requires her whole focus. In a daring gambit, she must take up the defense of a convicted criminal, taking unconventional approaches to safeguard her daughter’s well-being.

Jazbaa peels back the layers, delving into the cavernous depths of gender inequality. It gives voice to the silenced, shining a piercing light upon the struggles faced by those shackled by societal expectations and prejudices. With each frame, it challenges the norms that confine and compels us to rethink the very essence of equality.

Rustom (2016)

Set against the colorful backdrop of 1950s India, this Tinu Suresh Desai movie guides you through a maze of love, treachery, and homicide. It’s a time when appearances may be deceiving, and the risks are greater than ever. Akshay Kumar, who embodies the complicated role of Rustom Pavri, a navy commander embroiled in an investigation, is the story’s driving force. As accusations of murder loom over him, Kumar’s performance takes you on a whirlwind ride through a spectrum of emotions, from love to suspense, from drama to action. 

Akshay Kumar’s portrayal of Rustom Pavri will leave you captivated, moved, and yearning for more. And let us not forget the supporting cast, for Ileana D’Cruz and Esha Gupta shine brilliantly alongside Kumar, their performances an enchanting dance of talent and emotion. And let’s not forget the details; from the opulent sets to the exquisite naval uniforms, the attention to detail is nothing short of extraordinary.

Section 375 (2019)

Section 375, helmed by Ajay Bahl, unfurls around the charismatic filmmaker Rohan Khurana, whose world is turned upside down when he finds himself accused of a heinous crime—the rape of a junior costume designer named Anjali Dangle. With the halls of justice as our backdrop, we bear witness to a riveting battle of legal minds. Enter Tarun Saluja, a seasoned criminal barrister known for his unyielding determination and razor-sharp wit. Opposite him stands Hiral Gandhi, a young and passionate advocate for justice, firmly believing in Rohan’s innocence. As the trial unfolds, emotions run high, and the courtroom becomes a stage for the clash of these legal titans. 

In Section 375, Akshaye Khanna ignites the screen with his mesmerizing portrayal of the Tarun Saluja. With every nuanced gesture and piercing gaze, he breathes life into the character, leaving a lasting impression on viewers. Equally deserving of praise is Richa Chadda, who brings an undeniable fire and conviction to her portrayal of Hiral Gandhi. Her magnetic performance captivates hearts, delivering a compelling portrayal of a lawyer unyielding in her pursuit of justice.

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