‘The Stranger’ (2022) Story Recap And Ending, Explained

There’s nothing better than movies that take flight with ominous calls, suggesting that all hell is broken loose, and The Stranger, directed in tandem by Mike Clarke and Paul Gerrard, is no exception. 

Starring Damien Ashley, Jennifer K Preston, Isabella Percival, Jake Francis, Lindy Pieri, and Phil Gwilliam, the film revolves around the lives of Amanda and her daughter Karli, who move to a serene countryside cottage in search of a tranquil life. However, their lives take an unexpected detour when their first guest arrives, altering their lives in ways they never imagined, and not for the better.

Spoilers Ahead

The Losses

The opening scene immediately sets the tone as Kyle, played by Damien Ashley, frantically calls his mother to report a gruesome attack by nighty creatures and a grumpy old woman on his family. His urgent plea for help is met with skepticism and disbelief, as his mother assumes he’s drunk or delusional and asks him to turn himself in to the police. Meanwhile, on the other end of the town, a sergeant investigates a closed garage, but his exploration is brutally halted when he’s ambushed and stabbed multiple times in the chest by an unknown, masked assailant. The movie then introduces the audience to Amanda, a dedicated hotel owner who juggles her busy work schedule and takes care of her teenage daughter, Karli, with much finesse. Whenever she has a few moments of respite, she savors the company of her loving husband, Greg, over Chinese takeout. But their happiness is shattered when tragedy strikes their idyllic family. During a vicious break-in, the same masked assailant who had attacked the police officer earlier strikes again and murders Greg. 

The loss of her beloved husband leaves Amanda and her daughter reeling in shock and grief, and even after years, Amanda still has nightmares about the ungrateful night. Determined to heal and start anew, Amanda makes a bold decision to invest in a hotel and relocate with her daughter to the tranquil countryside to be in bed with nature. Karli, however, is not on board with her mother’s decision and strongly resents their new surroundings. She finds it difficult to adjust to the slow pace of life and the absence of the urban amenities she’s used to. To make matters worse, she has an unpleasant encounter with the same cantankerous old woman that Kyle had warned about at the beginning of the film. 

Renting The Room To The Wrong Stranger

Kyle arrived at the hotel and managed to convince Karli to rent her a room at triple the price, even though they weren’t open for business. Amanda, however, was not pleased with Karli’s decision to rent a room to a stranger without consulting her first, even if it was only for a day. Kyle then reveals that he had actually paid for the entire weekend. He even manages to convince Amanda that Karli is stealing and has seen her putting some money into a blue tin. Despite Amanda’s initial skepticism, Kyle managed to convince her that everything was above board. As night falls, a sinister presence lurks in the shadows, and we catch a glimpse of an ominous humanoid creature with massive tentacles on its back sitting beside Karli’s bed. The sight is terrifying and suggests that something malevolent is looming on the horizon. Karli is unaware of the creature’s presence but senses an unsettling aura, causing her to feel uneasy and restless throughout the night. As if things couldn’t get any worse for Karli, her already strained relationship with her girlfriend hits a breaking point. Her girlfriend decides to end things, citing the difficulties of maintaining a long-distance relationship. The news hits Karli hard, and she feels devastated and alone, giving her one more reason to resent her mother’s decision to uproot their lives and move to the countryside. Just when things seem to have hit rock bottom, Amanda and Karli are suddenly taken hostage by none other than Kyle himself. To their utter shock and disbelief, Kyle reveals that he has no intention of harming them and promises to leave first thing in the morning. The mother-daughter duo is left bewildered and scared, wondering what Kyle’s true intentions are and how they’ll get out of this terrifying situation. 

‘The Stranger’ Ending 

As the night wears on, Kyle finally reveals the reason behind his sudden appearance and strange behavior. He tells Amanda and Karli that he’s been pursued by an evil spirit who won’t rest until they get what they’re owed. Kyle recounts a fateful night months ago when he opened his door to two injured men who were convinced they were being chased. Kyle let them in and offered them shelter against his wife’s wishes. But little did he know that this act of kindness would result in him losing his loving family. The evil creatures found the men, and after brutally murdering them, they slaughtered Kyle’s family as well. Kyle has been on the run ever since, trying to remain one move ahead of the malevolent spirit. However, there’s a catch, these evil spirits can’t come in unless they’re invited, or they know Kyle’s in here. Despite the terrifying situation, they find themselves in, Amanda, Karli, and Kyle realize that their best chance of survival is to stick together. They form an uneasy alliance, knowing that they need to keep Kyle’s presence in the cottage a secret to survive. However, despite their best efforts, their unity shatters, offering the creatures what they’ve been wanting since the night fell. Suddenly, Kyle winces in pain and clutches his side, revealing that he’s been stabbed by the same grumpy old woman that Karli had encountered earlier. He warns Amanda and Karli that by not listening to him, they, too, have become part of the sinister game and will be hunted just like he is. As they try to find a way out of their dire situation, the creature suddenly appears before them and strikes a bargain. It offers to spare Karli’s life if Amanda gives them what they’re owed. In a moment of desperation, Amanda agrees to the deal and delivers a brutal blow to Kyle, sacrificing him in a last-ditch effort to save her daughter. After breaking free of the house, the evil creatures try to convince Karli to join them using their mother, but Kyle arrives, conjuring all his remaining strength, and kills her, giving Karli the much-needed time to escape. In the aftermath, Karli learns that Kyle, the man who sought their help, was ultimately killed and devoured by the same evil beings that stalked them that night. Amanda, too, was swallowed up by the darkness and now walks among the twisted ranks of their monstrous captors. Fortunately, Karli survives to see another day.

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