‘The Law According To Lidia Poet’ Plot, Cast, Release Date, And Everything You Need To Know

Once you are challenged in your life, you will strive harder until you reach your goal—that is the exact story Netflix is bringing to your screen. Jane Austen has already rendered the standards women used to have back in the 19th century; either it is the Dashwood family or the Bennet sisters. In every sphere of life, women had to prove their competence to be accepted, whether it was in a household or a job. This series is about the clash between the young, rebellious lawyer and the judiciary system of the colonial era.

Who Is Lidia Poet?

The biography of Lidia Poet is something that the world needs to know. Until 1919, the profession of a lawyer was only open to men in European countries. Lidia Poet became the first woman lawyer in Italy and struggled doggedly not only for her liberties but also for the whole oppressed women’s community out there. In 1855, Lidia was born in the Germanasca Valley near Turin to an affluent family. At that time, the Italian war against the Austrians was at its peak, which is known as the Risorgimento. After a few years, Lidia moved to Pinerolo with her elder brother, Enrico, who was a lawyer by profession. In 1878, after earning her diploma in teaching, she joined the University of Turin to pursue law. At that time there were relatively few women attending universities, but no one had the balls to aim high enough to be a solicitor. In 1881, after the completion of her course, she brought up a thesis on the social barriers imposed on women and their voting rights. She accomplished her legal internship period under Senator Cesare Bertea. With all her hardships and tussles, she cleared the examination to become a lawyer and requested membership in the Turin Bar Association. Her proposal sparked debate and confusion but was eventually approved by the majority of members. As there was no clear and specific restriction in the rulebook for women to join as practitioners, Lidia Poet started her career as the first female lawyer. But that’s not all, as the movie will portray how her life runs in a circle to achieve her dreams.


“The Law According to Lidia Poet” retells the remarkable story of an Italian woman in a male-dominated workplace who resisted a legal dispute in the late nineteenth century to get the permit to practice in court after being blacklisted by a bench order. The trailer depicts how all the determination and courage gained by Lidia were brutally knocked down by the statement that if the Lord wanted her to be a lawyer, she wouldn’t have been born as a woman in the very first place. She receives pessimistic comments and remarks from the people all around her. At the beginning of the trailer, Matilda (Lidia) is seen standing on the dais of the courtroom and introducing herself as a lawyer to the crowd. Later on, she investigated the crime scenes with her brainstorming skills, which were criticized and questioned by the authorities. The makers don’t miss portraying the personal, romantic involvements of Lidia, along with her snooping scenes, until she meets the horizon of her life.


The life of Lidia Poet will be portrayed by Matilda De Angelis, the rising Italian actress who suffered a global setback with “The Undoing” by Susanne Bier. She received the best supporting actor award (from David di Donatello) for her outstanding performance in “Rose Island” in 2020. Matilda signed up for some amazing shows like “Robbing Mussolini,” “Youtopia,” “A Bookshop in Paris,” “Italian Race,” etc. The cast will star Sara Lazzaro as Teresa Barberis, a bilingual actress from Italy who is famous for her parts in “The Young Messiah,” “18 Presents,” “Ten Winters,” etc. Dario Aita, who is not just an actor but also served as a director and is well-known for his work on “Giovanni Neve: Astronavi da crociera” (2021), will play the role of Andrea. If you have watched “The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society,” then surely you remember Christian Hellmann, portrayed by Nicolo Pasetti; he will portray the role of Louis in “The Law According to Lidia Poet.” The younger version of Lidia will be enacted by Mia McGovern Zaini. Helmed by Letizia Lamartire and Matteo Rovere, the TV series will be produced by Groenlandia. Letizia Lamartire, the prettiest director and writer, gained recognition for “Baggio: The Divine Ponytail,” “Saremo giovani e bellissimi,” and “Piccole italiane.” The script has been penned down by Elisa Dondi and Guido Iuculano, alongside Daniela Gambaro and Paolo Piccirillo. The members of the production team include Davide Orsini, Guido Iuculano, and Francesco Marras.

Release Date

The Italian thriller “The Law According to Lidia Poet” is based on a real story and will premiere on February 15, 2023, on Netflix. The six-episode drama will showcase the lives of women back in the 19th century when pursuing a dream was determined by ethnic background, caste, gender, and social status. The show is filmed in various corners of Italy, including Turin and Piedmont. On January 23, the trailer was published along with the official announcement of the release date. The series is voiced in Italian with English subtitles. Though the world may not be ready for what Lidia is bringing up, her fighting will be worth the process.

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