‘The Gabby Petito Story’ (2022) Story Recap And Ending, Explained

There is nothing more beautiful than falling in love. However, there is nothing worse than failing at it. We are born into a family we don’t choose for ourselves, but choosing a family with whom we live for the rest of our lives is a task. Our first parameter in choosing the person we want to start a family with is love. But the question that looms over our lives is whether love is the only thing we need. If we recall, in the last few months, we have seen how lovers have committed unpardonable sins and acts of violence against their beloved. Was it because they fell out of love, or was there something more sinister? The Gabby Petito Story has made us question the concept of love over and over again. There is something that the film confirms: love isn’t enough; mental stability, on the other hand, is the fuel that builds a happy life. So, who is Gabby Petito, and why do we need to know her story? Without further delay, here is everything you need to know:

Spoilers Ahead

Gabby And Evan: A Love Story

There are a few people who instantly light up the room as they walk in. Gabby was such a force of nature. She was a very loveable and happy girl. On a reunion, she met her high school friend Evan, who was a shy and introverted guy with hardly any friends. However, as we know, opposites attract, and the chemistry between the duo is instantly noticeable. Gabby was happy to introduce Evan to her family. Gabby came from a broken but adjustable home. Her parents were separated, and both her father and mother had found spouses with whom they lived happily. So Gabby said she had two pairs of parents who loved her. Evan was a year older than Gabby and still unsure about his life. As Gabby herself was seeking different career paths, Evan not having figured out his career did not bother her. However, her parents were not so sure about the guy. But there is nothing much for parents to say to children after they reach a certain age.

That night, Evan told Gabby that he had to shift to Florida as his parents were moving. Gabby was taken aback that Evan had not shared such important information with her. However, Evan told her that he thought he would ask Gabby to move with her, but he was scared that she would think it was an insane idea. However, to Evan’s surprise, Gabby agreed. Soon, the couple left Long Island and moved to Florida.

A Fairytale Turned Into A Nightmare

As soon as Gabby and Evan moved to Florida, things began to settle. They had a fight over the house they would move into. Evan had a problem with Gabby taking another job because he wasn’t working there. They had no friends, and when Gabby found herself a friend, Evan felt upset. In one instance, he hid Gabby’s document so that she could not go out and party with her friend Rose. Evan wanted to keep Gabby by his side all the time. Evan was paranoid and suffered from anxiety. While Gabby confronted him and told him that she thinks Evan should get back on his medicines, Even was furious. His anger got the better of him, and Gabby left their home to spend the night with Rose.

Rose was concerned about Gabby being in a toxic relationship where Evan could never accept his flaws. Evan had shown significant signs of anger issues and paranoia. He was also mindlessly jealous and possessive of Gabby. But Gabby was in love and thought that with time the violent behavior of Evan would pass. Evan knew he was doing something wrong; he was an insecure man who knew how much he needed Gabby to be around. Simultaneously, he was scared that there might come a day when Gabby would choose someone else to be with.

Evan suggested that they take a tour around the country. Gabby was instantly happy and bought a van. She wanted to be an influencer who would travel to various places and upload the best things to her blogs. Evan wasn’t supportive of the idea. Anyway, the duo hit the road. However, their misery escalated as soon as they started living together all the time. One day, Gabby was talking to a fruit seller in the market. Evan was jealous and accused her of flirting. He checked her Instagram to find men complimenting Gabby and her looks and criticizing Evan. Evan was infuriated. They broke into a fight, and Gabby hit him. Instantly, Evan hit her back. This incident was reported to the police by a witness.

The police in Utah got involved and asked the duo to spend the night away. That night, Gabby called Rose, who told her to leave Evan and come back to Florida. But Gabby could not, for she was in love. The next day, Gabby met Evan and picked him up from his motel room. They hit the road again. But every time Gabby was on her phone, Evan wanted to talk to her about something. Gabby told her mother about how things were going south with the duo. Evan overheard the conversation. Gabby, in her heart, knew there was nothing more she could do to save the relationship from failing. She had to walk on eggshells around the man whom she loved so dearly. So, while the duo was out on the camp, Gabby finally told Evan that she wanted to break up.

Murder And Suicide

Hearing Gabby want to end the relationship, Evan loses his calm. Initially, he tried convincing her that he would be back on his feet and would be more supportive and caring. But Gabby had lost all the trust. So Evan killed her. Gabby’s death came forward because her parents were worried about her and lodged missing person complaints. Evan returned home, and he was protected by his parents and lawyers. The police involved could not get any statements from Evan or his parents. The internet and other people in the locality protested in front of Evan’s house, demanding to know what happened to Gabby. Finally, after a tedious search through the first, Gabby’s remains were found buried. Soon after, Evan went back to the camping site and took his own life.


The film is based on a true story; however, the names of the characters were changed. The film rightly says how people suffer from insecurity and, if not treated well, can be violent toward themselves or others. Simultaneously, it also hints at how difficult it is today to be a parent. Protecting children by posing restrictions is dangerous for children, as is letting them do what they aspire to. So, the question appears to be, “What is the right way of parenting?” Finally, the film talks about love and relationships. It is difficult to quantify emotion, but there are certain parameters beyond which love can be suffocating. Imposing one’s insecurities on someone else is a much bigger crime than we can think of. Anxiety, attachment issues, and paranoia are a part of our lives, more so after the harrowing experience of the recent pandemic situation. It is advisable that people create a safe space for everyone to talk. Finally, even if, for a minor period, one feels any relationship they are in is hurting or changing who they are, they should back down. Putting up with violent, abusive, or narcissistic behavior in the name of love never results in anything positive.

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