‘The Disappearance Of Cari Farver’ (2022) Story Recap And Ending, Explained

Stalking: a chilling phenomenon that strikes fear into the hearts of its victims, and is a terrifying ordeal. The story of Dave Kroupa unveils the darkest aspects of his dating life, where his world crumbled with the sudden disappearance of his girlfriend, Cari Farver. What followed was a relentless onslaught of threatening messages that left him on edge every day. But the question that haunts Dave is whether these messages truly come from Cari herself. Is it possible that Cari has transformed into a malevolent force, tormenting Dave from the shadows? Or is there a more sinister force at play, manipulating the situation and exploiting Dave’s vulnerability? These questions linger, injecting an air of uncertainty into the already unsettling narrative of The Disappearance of Cari Farver

Spoilers Ahead

An Unexpected Change

Like many stalking stories, Dave’s nightmare begins with seemingly innocuous events. At the outset, the movie introduces us to Dave, who is in the process of moving on from a long-term relationship that left him emotionally scarred. The pain and trauma from his ex-girlfriend have compelled him to seek solace in solitude, where he takes time for self-reflection and healing. During this period of self-discovery, Dave is not interested in pursuing any romantic connection, particularly with Liz, who persistently urges him to move their relationship forward. However, fate intervenes when Cari enters Dave’s life. Their meeting follows the familiar pattern seen in countless romantic comedies: a chance encounter that sparks a connection between two individuals.

Dave finds comfort and companionship in Cari’s presence. The two quickly form a strong bond, spending an increasing amount of time together. They engage in heartfelt conversations, share intimate moments, and explore life’s adventures side by side. Cari’s understanding nature allows her to connect with Dave on a deep level without passing judgment or pressuring him into anything. Meanwhile, as Dave embarks on this newfound romance, his ex-girlfriend Liz refuses to let go. She becomes relentless in her pursuit of Dave, going so far as to drop by his apartment and making excuses to cross paths with him.

Despite Liz’s interference, Cari remains unfazed, displaying a level of maturity and trust in Dave that further strengthens their companionship. However, the idyllic dating life Dave and Cari have built together is shattered when Cari suddenly disappears. In a cruel twist, Dave starts receiving threatening messages that are seemingly sent by Cari herself. These messages not only aim to terrify Dave but also intend to sow discord and ruin his bond with Liz.

The Catastrophic Incidents

As the story unfolds, the tension and danger escalate rapidly for Liz and Dave. What begins as a budding romance with Cari quickly turns into a nightmare when she reveals her true psychotic nature. On the other hand, Cari’s mother, Nancy, files a missing person’s report for her daughter, firmly believing that she couldn’t be responsible for the violent acts. But threatening messages from Cari quickly escalate into something more vicious such as the incineration of Liz’s home and the tragic murder of her beloved dogs. The police are on the case and diligently investigating, but thus far, they have been unable to find any leads. That is until a fingerprint is discovered that doesn’t match anyone in the database.

However, the situation takes a different turn when evidence begins to point toward Dave’s ex-wife, Sara. This twist shakes Dave to his core, causing him to question everything he thought he knew about the situation. As the story continues to unfold, the line between victim and perpetrator becomes increasingly blurred. Dave is left grappling with the uncertainty of who he can trust, while Liz’s life hangs in the balance as the threats persist.

Murderer Or Victim?

In the midst of the mounting tension and suspicion, I can’t help but notice something peculiar about Liz’s behavior. It all begins when she stumbles upon Dave and his ex-wife, Sara, shopping together with their kids. The sight seems to unsettle her, and Liz makes the difficult decision to approach the cops and share her suspicions about Cari’s disappearance and the ongoing threats. Liz hopes that by revealing her doubts, she can uncover the truth and put an end to the torment that has consumed their lives. However, when Liz confronts Dave with her newfound doubts, a wave of fury washes over him. He staunchly defends his ex-wife, vehemently dismissing any insinuation that she could be involved.

Frustrated and hurt by Dave’s reaction, Liz makes the regrettable choice to distance herself. She can’t bear the thought of being with someone who seems so protective of a person who could be responsible for the horrors they are enduring. Soon, after that Liz becomes a victim of a gunshot wound, and she firmly believes that Sara is the one behind the attack. The accusation seems unfathomable, yet I can’t shake the conviction in my gut that something is wrong. As the police launch their investigation into the shooting, they initially find no evidence against Sara. However, their diligence uncovers a disturbing trail: missing messages, deleted data, and suspicious phone calls from Liz’s phone. Suddenly, the finger of suspicion begins to point in a different direction.

As the investigation deepens, it becomes evident that Liz is the true mastermind behind everything. Her sinister intentions are apparent from the very beginning, as she meticulously planned to harm Cari from the moment they crossed paths. The discovery of incriminating images serves as undeniable evidence that Cari met a tragic fate at Liz’s hands. To carry out her plan, Liz cunningly utilizes an app that allows her to masquerade as someone else and send messages, effectively deceiving everyone around her. The police, fully aware of Liz’s involvement, realize that they need concrete proof to secure her conviction, and that means finding Cari’s body. Crafting a meticulous strategy, the police hatch a plan to trick Liz. They summon her to the police station under the pretense of gathering information that could potentially lead them to Cari, insinuating that if Sara, Dave’s ex-wife, can provide any relevant details, they will arrest her.

Falling into their trap, Liz, driven by her paranoia and desire to cover her tracks, forwards a text to the police officers, falsely claiming that Sara has confessed to murdering Cari and disposing of her body. Having long suspected Liz’s guilt, Dave has taken precautionary measures to protect Sara and their children. He has temporarily moved in with his ex-wife to ensure their safety. However, even with their guard up, chaos ensues when a stone shatters through their window, marking the final straw. The police swiftly seize this opportunity to apprehend Liz, bringing an end to her reign of terror.

‘The Disappearance Of Cari Farver’ Ending

In the tragic conclusion of this real-life story, we come face-to-face with the disturbing reality of a smiling, proud, and remorseless sociopath. Liz, the psychotic woman at the center of it all, exhibits a complete lack of empathy or regret for her actions. Her ruthless pursuit to inflict harm on others leaves a trail of devastation in its wake. At the heart of this tale is Cari Farver, a woman who simply wants to live a happy life and devotes herself to caring for her son. She is an innocent victim, unaware of the danger lurking in the form of Liz. Cari’s life is abruptly cut short, and with her passing, the world loses a beloved daughter, a devoted mother, and a genuinely good human being.

The movie sheds light on Cari’s life as she falls prey to the malevolence of a person driven solely by the desire to cause harm. It serves as a chilling reminder that evil can manifest in unexpected ways and that innocent lives can be tragically snuffed out by those consumed by darkness. By recounting this harrowing tale, the movie brings attention to the real-life consequences of such heinous acts, raising awareness about the need to recognize and address the signs of dangerous individuals who lurk in the shadows. 

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