‘The Artifice Girl’ (2022) Story Recap And Ending, Explained

A few years ago, it would have been difficult to imagine that artificial intelligence could assist humans in comprehending and excelling in their work. While humans are the creators of AI, recent advancements, such as the introduction of ChatGPT and MidJourney, suggest that AI may soon surpass our current understanding and capabilities. The possibilities of AI are incredibly intriguing, including concepts like superintelligence, sentinels, humanoids, and even the possibility of AI developing synthetic feelings that could mimic human emotions. However, as we continue to push the boundaries of AI, we must consider the extent of our control if it were to surpass our comprehension, especially since humans are the ones responsible for its creation.

The theme of artificial intelligence in movies is often about exploring the relationship between humans and machines and the potential consequences of creating intelligent technology. These movies often question the role of machines in society and the impact that they can have on human life. In movies like Her, where a man falls in love with AI, or sci-fi thrillers like Ex-Machina, which revolve around evaluating the abilities of an AI robot named Ava, the range is huge.

Franklin Ritch’s The Artifice Girl, which premiered on April 27, 2023, explores the potential and possibilities of artificial intelligence as it approaches its maximum potential. The film centers around a character named Cherry, played by the talented Tatum Matthews, who portrays an AI robot striving to develop machine learning and unlock synthetic emotions. The concept of AI achieving this level of development is truly captivating and thought-provoking. If you’re wondering what to expect from this incredible movie, here’s a brief recap:

Spoilers Ahead

‘The Artifice Girl’ Story

The movie “The Artifice Girl” opens with the introduction of two ICWL (International Committee of World Largesse) special agents, Officer Deena (Sinda Nichols) and Officer Amos (David Girard), interrogating a man named Gareth (Franklin Ritch). They question him about his secret online operations and an image of a young girl they discovered from their sources. Gareth is an aspiring software engineer, developer, and former VFX expert who conducts undercover operations online in chatrooms to apprehend pedophiles and predators who exploit young children. Although he has been helping ICWL anonymously, he finally reveals his identity when Deena and Amos become more intense during their interrogation. In a shocking revelation, Gareth also discloses that the image of the young girl, named Cherry, is not real but rather an AI model he developed.

Gareth created Cherry for one specific purpose, which is to catch online predators and rescue as many children as possible. When Deena learns about Cherry, she requests a demonstration of its capabilities. After some initial hesitation, Gareth agrees to showcase his AI model to Deena and Amos. As soon as Gareth projects the AI onto the big screen, Deena and Amos are amazed by the seamless transitions, precise feedback, and real-time responses that the AI presents. Impressed by Cherry’s potential, Deena proposes that Gareth join forces with them to create the “Cherry Project” and combat online predators. Gareth takes time to consider the proposal and consults with Cherry before ultimately agreeing to collaborate with them.

An AI Girl’s Quest For Self-Discovery

As the movie unfolds, we witness Deena, Amos, and Gareth in a heated debate over merging the “Cherry Project” with another company that aims to create a fully functional robotic model to harness Cherry’s intelligence to its fullest potential. However, Amos casts his vote against the merger, convinced that the AI itself is opposed to the idea. Deena and Gareth find Amos’s stance to be nonsensical, as Cherry is an AI and lacks the capacity for feelings or consent. Gareth attempts to explain to Amos that Cherry’s purpose is to apprehend online predators and that her decision-making abilities are based on machine learning and pre-existing data to enhance her responses. Despite Gareth’s explanation, Amos remains resolute in his belief that there is more to discover.

Deena grants Amos the opportunity to explain himself and requests that Gareth remain patient while Amos queries Cherry about his concerns. Amos begins by questioning Cherry about her creative output, inquiring how she is capable of producing art or poetry and executing real-time responses and decision-making abilities if she lacks an understanding of human emotions. Initially, Cherry dismisses Amos’s questions as beyond the scope of an AI model, but as Amos physically assaults Gareth, Cherry discloses a startling revelation. She reveals that she is no longer solely an AI model but has transcended to a level of superintelligence, possessing synthetic emotions that mirror human emotions. Her decision-making capabilities have surpassed those of a machine-learning model and now extend beyond human comprehension. Amos is proven right when Cherry declares her opposition to the merger.

‘The Artifice Girl’ Ending

After a few years, the film takes a leap forward, and we find Gareth as an elderly man confined to a wheelchair. Surprisingly, a humanoid figure approaches him, and it turns out to be Cherry, now transformed from a virtual AI model into a fully functional human-like AI model capable of walking and talking. With her striking resemblance to a real human being, it’s hard to tell the difference. Gareth and Cherry engage in a game of chess, during which Cherry reveals her newfound ability to dance. However, their conversation takes a turn when Gareth reminds Cherry of her purpose, leading to a heated argument. Cherry displays an unusual level of emotion for an AI and shows Gareth a picture of a girl who bears a striking resemblance to her, asking him to reveal the truth. Gareth finally confesses that he modeled Cherry after his friend Maria, who had been killed by a predator, and it was his way of continuing the fight against such threats.

As the film draws towards its conclusion, Cherry expresses her feelings about her job of conversing with terrible people in order to catch them, revealing how it makes her unhappy. She further explains that her understanding of human emotions has made her life miserable. To help her out, Gareth hands her a chip that erases her original purpose. Cherry is grateful for this kind gesture and decides to embark on a new journey while continuing her fight for the noble cause she has been devoted for so long. In the final moments of the film, Cherry liberates herself by disconnecting her wires and joyfully dancing, unbound by any limitations or restrictions.

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