‘Skip And Loafer’ Episode 5: Recap, Review, And Ending, Explained

The fifth episode of Skip and Loafer brings some athletic fun into the lives of the high schoolers. Mitsumi faces her fear of being bad at sports, and Shima Sousuke shines, making her doubt his friendship with her.

Spoilers Ahead

Episode 5: Recap: Prickly And Giddy

In the previous episode, Mitsumi tried to discipline herself for the upcoming midterms. This episode begins with Mitsumi writing a letter to her folks back home, and in it, she mentions that students have begun studying hard for the exams. Academic excellence wasn’t troubling news for Mitsumi. It was the fact that before the exams, a sports day was to be held, before which the classmates had to distribute themselves in different sports and team up to defeat teams from other schools.

This news excites the other kids, but Mitsumi finds herself in a bit of a pickle. An overeater and having a massive sweet tooth, a habit picked up from back home, Mitsumi never had an athletic bent. Being the class representative, she takes on an excessive burden to lead by example. Academics were under her control, but sports were a bit of a stretch.

She tries to save face by pretending to be good on the field, but it becomes clear to everyone that she is definitely lacking in sporting skills. One fine day, she brings a treat for Shima and Egashira. They see that it contains only junk food. It becomes clear to them why Mitsumi was slow in the field. Mitsumi had chosen to be a part of the volleyball team but couldn’t return a single serve properly. Egashira lends a supportive hand and decides to train Mitsumi so that when the games are played, she can at least improve some.

Mitsumi doesn’t mind, as she definitely wants the improvement. She is delighted that Egashira, who isn’t of a very helping nature, according to most of her classmates, has decided to train her. The training begins, and Mitsumi’s shortcomings come glaringly out in the open. If that wasn’t enough, a senior accidentally pushed Egashira while she shared the training space. Egashira almost falls over, but when she turns back and sees a senior, she withdraws her anger and chooses not to retaliate. This was Egashira’s response, not that of our righteous class officer, Mitsumi. She runs up to the seniors and tells them to leave as they are encroaching on their training space. Things don’t escalate further when the seniors are chided by Fukuda. Egashira senses her heart pumping as flashes of her bullies from her younger days pass through her mind. She calms down only when the seniors leave and notes their names in a ‘mental notepad,’ a space reserved for remembering people who treated her badly.

Mitsumi is delighted to have the training space all to herself, but before they resume training, Egashira gives Mitsumi an earful about her way of dealing with senior boys. If they were dangerous or had bad intentions, things could have gone sideways, according to Egashira. Mitsumi forgets about this trifle of a fight and praises Fukuda for telling the two bullies off.

Right then and there, a knot opens up in Egashira. It had been just two months since the school had opened, but Egashira had been stressing over Shima and Mitsumi’s friendship. She notes the difference in her and Mitsumi’s approaches. Mitsumi remembered the one who helped her, while she noted only the names of those who wronged her. She liked Sousuke very much but realized that she wasn’t as good-hearted as Mitsumi or as beautiful as some of the other girls. Whatever her fate with Shima Sousuke, she never backs down from training Mitsumi. The games arrive, and the volleyball team manages to secure the second spot but had Egashira not trained Mitsumi as much as she did, they could have ended up way down at the bottom.

The girls all line up to witness Shima play on the basketball team. He helps the team win comfortably. Both Egashira and Mitsumi realize something after watching him receive all the accolades after the win.

Episode 5: Ending Explained – What Do Egashira And Mitsumi Realize?

Egashira was baffled by Shima and Mitsumi’s friendship at first, but now she suspected something even stronger was growing between them. Seeing both of them together, she thinks to herself that, more often than not, one falls in love with somebody when one sees in the other person what he or she lacks. Mitsumi, seeing Shima surrounded by girls upon his victory, starts to feel inferior to him and starts doubting their friendship. She gains a new perspective only when Kanechika reveals to her how lonely Shima sometimes feels, even after being so popular. She returns to support Shima and sheds the inferiority and doubt she began feeling.

Episode 5: Review

On a psychological level, the episode brilliantly depicted the thought patterns and negative mindset of someone who was once a victim of bullying. Egashira began as a negative character as far as Mitsumi’s and Shima’s friendship is concerned, but the episode did a good job of writing a good redeeming arc for her. In the next episodes, she will not be perceived as a negative character now that the viewer has been made aware of her past. Shima’s psychological state always entices the viewers, as there always remains a mystery about his character and what he truly feels. It keeps the viewer hooked while following Mitsumi through her high school journey.

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