‘Secret Space UFOs Part 1’ (2022) Story Recap And Ending, Explained

The Earth might have a thousand mysteries, but nothing drives away the sleep of common men and scientists alike, like the mysteries in space. The space is a vast area that has mysteries and unknown elements in every nook and cranny. For ages, scientists have been trying very hard to prove the theories behind UFOs. As exciting as it might sound, life beyond the Earth is not a joke. If at all aliens exist, could we trust them to be good to us when we humans are mostly toxic to one another? The theories, conspiracy theories and classified information surrounding UFOs are too numerous to count. But this time, director Darcy Weir cataloged the unexplained space anomalies and UFOs in his documentary. Not just that, Secret Space UFOs Part 1 is a treat, for we have testimonies, interviews, and declassification of important documents about the most discussed topic everywhere. Furthermore, we shall be presented with the historical cover-up as the cherry on the cake. So fasten your seatbelts, for we are going into space and traveling through time.

Spoilers Ahead

Historian Richard Dolan And His Observations

It was a historic moment to see humans land on the moon. Although there are several conspiracy theories behind this achievement, for the time being, let us focus on how this gala event took place. It wasn’t an impulsive decision. It took a lot of failures, trials, and research attempts before humans could make history. It is a popular belief that astronauts have seen anomalies and UFOs on the surface of the moon. However, history lessons chose to hide these facts. Richard Dolan, a historian, presents an important document about a Canadian government official, Wilbert Smith, back in 1950. He was deeply interested in UFOs. Besides being a scientist and an engineer, he also held a mid-to-upper-level position in the Canadian bureaucracy. He went to the Canadian Embassy in the US in 1950 and went around talking to several scientists. One among them, whose name was revealed much later, struck him as an important man. This scientist was Dr. Robert Irving Sarbacher, who confirmed that flying saucers exist, and he has proof.

However, their modus operandi is unknown and is the most classified subject in the US. What is most important here to note is that the classified information was two levels higher than the hydrogen bomb classified documents. Years later, when Sarbacher was interviewed, he said his claims were true, and in one letter that was shown to the audience, we see names like Dr. Vannever Bush, John von Neuman, and Dr. Robert Oppenheimer mentioned as having known about his theories and reports. It was 1950, and the world was slowly recovering from the horrific aftermath of war, yet scientists and the military were concerned about UFOs. This proves the point that had this been a hoax, the brilliant minds of that generation would not waste time fixating on it.

Most documents are still classified on this sensitive topic, but the little that has been declassified shows that these unidentified objects were all over the place and mostly in places where they should not have been. In some of the most sensitive yet uncommon places, like Los Alamos, where the scientists developed the atomic bomb, the Handford Nuclear Plant in Washington, which was a major plutonium processing facility, or Oak Ridge in Tennessee, UFOs were sighted. However, these were hidden from the public, and thus concern about UFOs was reduced among the public. NASA was involved in all military operations in whatever capacity, and it hid it from the public as well.

List Of UFO Sightings In The USA

There have been UFO sightings since the 1950s. Throughput 16966–67, UFOs were sighted in several places in the USA and Mexico: Hugylas Valley, near Yungay, Peru, in March 1967; in April 1966 in Catalina Island; March 17, 1967, in Lexington, Missouri; Las Cruces, New Mexico, on March 12; Junauska, North Carolina, on March 10, 1967; Zanesville, Ohio, on February 6, 1967; Yorba, Linda, California, on January 24, 1967; Westover AFB, Chicopee, Massachusetts, on January 13, 1967; Lake St. Clair, Michigan, on January 9, 1967.

The Truth About Catalina Island Sightings

The footage of the sightings was captured by Lee Hansen, who said the disc was metallic, cast a shadow, and was moving at about a speed of 150 miles per hour. Dr. Robert Nathan analyzed and came to the conclusion that the object was transparent at the bottom and was moving at a speed of 120 miles per hour. He said it looked like a small commercial airplane. It had a bright wing on top, the windows, the flyer, and the rudder structure. Thus, in 2022, the flying object over Catalina was explained to be an airplane as it had no additional surface attached.

The Lunar Orbiter Program

In early 1964, the Lunar Orbiter Program was initiated, in which five identical unmanned spacecraft were sent to investigate the surface of the moon. The main purpose of the program was to locate smooth landing areas for the Apollo program. Another purpose was to identify the moon’s gravitational field and study radiation and micrometeoroid flux on the moon. Almost 90% of images were successfully transmitted, including the greatest picture of the last century, “The Earth Rise,” on August 23, 1966. Data about the moon’s environment was also noted. However, a few pieces of data failed to be transmitted during the readout by Orbiter 1 due to a technical glitch. Orbiter 2 also provided important data for landing on the surface. However, Orbiter 3 provided completely different data from the other two transmissions; it was a site-confirmation mission rather than a site-selection mission. Although there were some initial issues with Orbiter 4, it provided very accurate data that provided clearer photographs than earth-based missions. Mission 5 provided significantly higher resolution photographs than Mission 4, which provided NASA with the near-sight vision of the moon and the far-sight vision of the moon that was covered by the earlier missions.

In early 2000, a former Air Force technician who specialized in photographic printer repair made a shocking revelation while working for the NSA in 1960. He claimed that they had discovered a base on the backside of the moon. As Dr. Karl R. Wolfe, a Lunar Anomaly witness, recalls, he was scared and surprised by what the technician had said. Lunar Orbiter 3, in February 1967, spotted unidentified lunar objects. A total of 149 medium-resolution and 477 high-resolution frames were returned. In one composite image, an object now known as “The Shard” was located. The object was located between the Bruce Crater and the Sinus Midi Mare Plain area of the Moon. However, to date, NASA has not acknowledged this phenomenon.

NASA Image Anomalies: Lunar Objects And Obfuscation

Recently declassified images that were retrieved from the transmitters show color peaking and constants on the lunar orbit, which is a sign that the original pictures were manipulated to cover something up. Dr. Karl R. Wolfe recalls that the technician had pulled out mosaics and showed the geometric patterns like a spherical building, tall towers, and things like radar dishes. However, neither the technician nor Wolfe could do anything but file the report. It caused them distress to have found a base on the moon; however, even after thirty-plus years, there has been no news about the incident.

James Fox, the researcher, and filmmaker, began his journey into UFOs through Apollo astronaut testimony. When asked how his interest grew, he said it began when he saw the interview of the sixth astronaut, Edger Mitchell, to walk on the moon in the early 1990s. Soon, we were presented with the interview with Edgar Mitchell. Mitchell was a strong believer that aliens had visited Earth repeatedly. He recalled that he was briefed by a high-ranking officer in the Pentagon that they had pieces of evidence of UFOs visiting, but they would want to keep it a secret. According to Mitchell, it was the play of power and control that determined what and how far technology could and has evolved. However, both Mitchell and Fox believe that the phenomenon of UFOs is purposefully covered up by the government. They believe in aliens and UFOs and openly admit to their belief and the cover-ups.

Initiation Of The Apollo Program

There is a force outside the Earth, and we cannot deny it. The Milky Way Galaxy contains numerous planets that are yet undiscovered. So, the question of life beyond Earth has a greater possibility than we think. Numerous scientists, theorists, and historians have claimed that aliens and UFOs have visited our planet. So far into the documentary, it is harder to blow away this argument. As the documentary takes us through the stages of the Apollo program, the hunches about the most sensitive phenomenon per se increase by leaps and bounds.

The Apollo mission began irregularly in comparison to the previous capsule missions. There were disaster results for Apollo One test pilots. Thus, there was no actual Apollo 2 or Apollo 3, but numerous tests were run under various numbering systems. AS-202 and AS-203 were the official names for the unmanned Apollo 2 and 3 missions. A significant number of changes and precautionary measures were taken before launching the first unmanned Apollo on July 5, 1966. This was to ensure the safe push of the astronauts from Earth’s orbit to the moon. The second, launched on August 25, 1966, was launched to monitor the safe landing on the moon. On January 27, 1967, at Launchpad 34 at Kennedy Space Center, three astronauts were inside a spacecraft for a plug-out test. The astronauts were Grissom, White, and Chaffe. Unfortunately, the spacecraft faced multiple issues. The poignant being a communication glitch. However, the most horrific incident took place: there was a spark somewhere down the spacecraft, and as it was filled with fresh oxygen, the fire caught up quickly. The safety hatchet was too complex to open, and the three astronauts were consumed by the fire. NASA had a cover story for their death, which was “Death by Asphyxiation.” The horrors of the astronauts were documented. A radio message by Gus Grissom was played, in which he reported the cockpit catching fire. The horrible cries of the pilots were played, but surprisingly, there was no response from the home team.

Well, NASA is not all fair and dreamy as it is projected. Several secrets are hidden behind every successful story it has offered the world. Mike Bara, who famously coauthored the book “Dark Mission: The Secret History of NASA,” states that NASA has covered up several anomalies on the moon. Although, after the tragic incident in which three astronauts were burned alive, NASA held various tests on unmanned ships, Mike Bara told  in his interview that NASA had upgraded technology that could have provided them information about the moon and Mars back in the day, but they were just putting on a show. He also said that Gus Grissom was vocal about NASA’s façade and probably signed up for a failed program.

After this, several tests and Apollo programs were launched, thankfully all unmanned. The next time Apollo sent humans into space was Apollo VII. It was launched on October 11th, 1968, with Donn Eisele, Commander Walter M. Schirra, and Walter Cunningham’s crew spending 11 days in space. This program was to monitor the astronauts and their behaviors, and the ship was supposed to take them around the Earth’s orbit to the Moon and ensure their safe return. It was successful, and live video footage from space was transmitted. The Apollo suit was used. However, from the window of the Apollo capsule, astronauts filmed and photographed multiple images of UFOs in space.

Apollo VIII 

On December 21st, 1968, Apollo 8 was the first mission to bring humans into the moon’s orbit. The astronauts were Lunar Module Pilot William Anders, Command Module Pilot James Lovell, and Commander Frank Borman. They were the first to see the entire Earth, the dark side of the moon, and the sunrise on the Earth from the moon. It was a historic moment for human civilization. The ship took three days to reach the moon and orbited it ten times over 20 hours. Throughout the mission, about four live broadcasts for television were made. A televised Christmas Eve broadcast was also made, where the crew read the first ten pages of Genesis. The crew spent Christmas Eve in lunar orbit and sighted the landing site on the moon. The second Earth Rise picture, with higher quality, was also shot. However, the footage and the commentary were scripted before the ship took off. Thus, another cover story from NASA surfaces. They were covering for the evidence of extraterrestrial life on the moon. The previously scripted and recorded footage and commentary prevented any actual or sensational leakage from the astronauts. But, besides having a recorded “black box,” which detected what message should be broadcast, there was another box that stored actual data about the sensitive information and conversation among the astronauts. These messages were transcribed by a team led by a woman (whose picture was shown in the documentary) and others. Although most of the recordings and documents were destroyed, a few of them are now available in the NASA archives. That data had information about the places on the moon that were not visible from Earth and were believed to have information about extraterrestrial life.

Apollo IX And X

Apollo IX was launched on March 3, 1969, and was the third man’s mission to the Moon. The crew spent ten days in lower Earth’s orbit studying further developments for a safe landing on the moon. The team was led by Command Module Pilot David R. Scott, Lunar Modular Pilot Russell L. Schweickart, and Commander James A. McDivitt. These people were interviewed, and they were all praised for the mission and how important it was for the Apollo program. They, too, captured unidentified flying objects. They were outside the spacecraft and captured images. They saw something like a red flag on the surface of the moon.

Apollo X was launched on May 18th, 1969. The fourth manned mission of the Apollo program was headed by Lunar Module Pilot Eugene A. Cernan, Commander Thomas P. Stafford, and Command Module Pilot John W. Young. They were about 14 kilometers above the lunar orbit. It was a successful separation and docking mission. They, however, were very close to the other side of the moon and heard noises in space. It was not clear what the source of the sound was, but they heard very clear sounds like signals. They sighted UFOs and other lunar anomalies. They even witnessed a pyramid-like structure that seemed to move on the surface of the moon. There were blinking lights as well, whose sources were not unidentified.

Apollo XI

On July 16, 1969, Apollo XI was the fifth and historic mission where humans were to set foot on the surface of the Moon. One of the astronauts clicked a series of images that were later declassified and found in the NASA archive. It gave the vision of objects that were freely flying in space and did not look like space debris or asteroids, thus categorizing them as unidentified objects. This image was taken on the initial days of the launch when the spaceship was covering the distance between the Earth and the Moon. As we know, Apollo XI had Commander Neil A. Armstrong, Command Module Pilot Michael Collins, and Lunar Module Pilot Edwin “Buzz” E. Aldrin Jr., who were supposed to land on the Moon on July 20, 1969. They were the first to walk on the surface of the moon. This was the first time people on Earth observed the trio set foot on land. In their interview, Collins and Armstrong (the first man to set foot on the moon) recalled how marvelous and intimidating the experience was.

Dissecting The Images And Footage That Apollo Captured

The director, Darcy Weir; historian, Richard Dolan; author, Mike Bara; and researcher and filmmaker, James Fox, all dissected various images from Apollo XI and concluded that there were several unidentified objects that the astronauts encountered. The most harrowing part of their explanation was how the mainstream media blindsided the public with the research and the sightings of UFOs. Buzz Aldrin Jr., in his autobiography, said that something followed them while Apollo XI was coming back to Earth. However, they could not directly ask for the monitor room, so they indirectly tried to confirm. However, the control room had no idea how to locate any other space objects. James Fox had scheduled an interview with Aldrin, but he canceled at the last minute. However, Aldrin’s sister said that Buzz had earlier sighted UFOs, once when he was flying a fighter jet, and he chased a disc, and another while they were returning to Earth from the surface of the moon. However, Aldrin later never confirmed anything on public television or in any public record.

However, the demise of researchers like Wolfe and others who were positive about UFOs and other anomalies in space hindered the theories of the existence of extraterrestrial life. Towards the end of this very detailed documentary, we met a professor at Stanford, Carry Nolan, who had been studying the harmful effects on the human brain after encountering extraterrestrial beings. In 2011, the CIA and an aerospace company came up to him to look into people who had encountered space anomalies. The interview was in the hope that there might be disclosure about the secrecy of the entire phenomenon. But the congressional hearings were not strong enough for several important people who could have been significant whistleblowers, met a fatal end, and died in accidents.

The film will leave us with the most important question of the century: Are we, common people, aware enough to accept that there is life beyond our little corner of the galaxy? Researchers believe that if, back in the 1960s, the public were made aware of extraterrestrial life, they would not know how to process the information. But the question arises: are we, in the 21st century, ready to accept life beyond the Earth? Common men are indeed intrigued by life beyond Earth (all thanks to filmmakers and authors), but in reality, it might take generations to finally get used to the fact that we are not the only living and breathing thing in the vast galaxy. Also, we might never know what goes on in the other galaxies, as the solar system has endless possibilities. However, we can all agree that life beyond Earth is both fascinating and harrowing. If NASA decides to declassify the documents, we might be plagued to learn what exists beyond the Earth. There have been several trips to the moon, and the initial programs saw sightings. Thus, we cannot rule out the possibility of the latter witnessing them too. Also, over time, technologies have grown stronger, so have we begun identifying the unidentified? Well, the answer has yet to be disclosed.

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