‘Royal Crackers’ Episodes 7 & 8: Recap And Ending, Explained

The seventh and eighth episodes of the animated sitcom Royal Crackers, available on Adult Swim, follow the adventures of the Hornsby family. This time, the Hornbys land themselves in trouble when they crash a party on a cruise ship that is meant for only the ultra-rich people of the world. In the next episode, a time-traveling goth girl attacks Darby while the Hornsbys are away at a television shoot.

Spoilers Ahead

‘Royal Crackers’ Episode 7: The .1%

George Zeebos is the richest man on earth. He has all the luxuries one could possibly want out of life. Every once in a while, he throws a party on his cruise ship for the richest people on earth. This elite club is commonly known as the point-one percent club. How could our beloved Hornsby family miss out on all the fun? Sure, they aren’t billionaires or even have growing businesses, but why should these minor details matter to them, for in their heads, they are already part of the elite club?

Stopped at the entry by a guard, Deb manages to give him the impression of being ultra-rich, and they finally get an entry. Stebe and Deb begin circulating among the guests. Theo and Matt take Theodore away, but when Theo finds some members gambling, he leaves Matt and his father to their fate and indulges in the game of Plip and Plop.

Matt encounters the ship’s operating system, an AI robot named Tonya, and develops feelings for her. Meanwhile, back at the deck, George throws a couple off his ship when he finds out that they are frauds and weren’t really part of the ‘point one percent club.’ Deb and Stebe witness this monstrosity, and it sends chills down their spines. They had no idea that the punishment for crashing this party would be death. When George suspects the Hornsby family to be fraudsters, Stebe and Deb try to play it cool and almost manage to get away with it, but at the last moment, Theo arrives after having blown away his cover at the Plip and Plop game, whose rules were revealed only to billionaires.

The guests at the party suddenly turn into a mob and go after the Hornsby family. They try to run away, but the task seems impossible. Against all odds, Matt and his new AI soulmate, Tonya, come to rescue the Horsnby family. Tonya fights away the evil George Zeebos and opens all the doors of the ship leading up to the ship’s submarine.

The Hornsby family safely takes off in the submarine, and Tonya activates its missile to hone in on the cruise ship to put an end to the diabolical ‘point one percent club’ once and for all. The ship blows up, killing everyone on the spot, while Matt watches her beloved Tonya sacrifice herself to save him. Stebe and Deb shake off this horrible experience and  neglect their son’s emotional state as usual. 

‘Royal Crackers’ Episode 8: Casa de Darby

The year is 1846, and a French general finds a golden chalice hidden in a mine. With his daughter Raven playing outside, he goes into the mine, where a Mexican subordinate explains to him the meaning of the carvings found on the mine’s wall. He explains that touching the chalice would bring death and destruction, but her daughter lifts up the chalice, killing everyone except her. She gets transported to the future, where her fate will collide with Darby, Hornby’s attorney.

Back in the present day, Stebe has bought a Mexican studio to shoot for a Mexican sitcom where Royal Crackers will be given a spot as product placement. Thinking he has done something cool, he arrives in a silly leather jacket and tries to act posh in the board meeting. When nobody pays attention to him, he disturbs the meeting to tell everyone about his new endeavor as the company’s soon-to-be CEO. Darby promises Stebe and Deb to rent them a Hummer for their trip to Burbank, where the shoot was set, but he only manages to rent a small car that doesn’t fit Theodore Senior’s wheelchair, so they decide to leave him with Darby to take care of him.

At the studio, the Mexican producers do place the Royal Cracker’s products, but only to make fun of them. Seeing the biscuits being made fun of, Stebe gets pissed off. Back at the Darby Mansion, Raven arrives with her gang to get back her chalice. Darby resists but goes into Rambo mode once the assailants try to attack Theodore Senior and knock everybody out. When he holds the chalice, he gets transported to the year 1995.

When Stebe, Deb, and Theo return from their disappointing trip, they find that Darby has made up for renting a small car by buying the family their favorite car ever: the stylish Dodge Viper, 1996 edition.

‘Royal Crackers’ Episode 8 Ending Explained: How Did Raven’s Chalice Reach The Hornsby Mansion?

Raven was already a goth girl in 1846. The chalice transported her to modern times, where she found fame as a lead singer in an edgy gothic band, where her persona met the band’s requirements. Theo was once in a punk rock band himself, and at one of Raven’s concerts, he snatched her chalice away while watching the show as an audience member. Raven has been searching for Theo ever since, and when she finally does find the Hornsby mansion, her luck runs out as she runs into Darby, who initially stumbles but ultimately kicks everyone’s ass.

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