‘Royal Crackers’ Episodes 5 & 6: Recap And Ending, Explained

Royal Crackers released its fifth and sixth episodes and took the viewers through a gruesome story about the beginnings of the Hornsby empire. It spills the secret behind the rival Dennison family and Deb’s feud with its matriarch, Mel Dennison.

Spoilers Ahead

‘Royal Crackers’ Episode 5: Business Mom

The episode deals with the feud between Deb Hornsby and Mel Dennison. Mel is the wife of Ron Dennison, the owner of Dennison Crackers, a direct competitor to Royal Crackers in the market. Deb visits Gelman’s, the local supermarket, and begins hoarding chicken nuggets. Mel suddenly bumps into her and teases her for being the hustling mom who has to do both the household chores as well as take part in board meetings at Royal Crackers, whereas she just takes care of the home while her competent husband Ron takes care of the company. Irritated by this jibe taken at her by Mel, Deb grows even more furious seeing the shelves all cornered by Dennison products while Royal Crackers’ products are sidelined to occupy a tiny space at the corner. She rearranges the products on the shelf as if to make it look like Royal Crackers are the best-selling crackers but is caught by the security guard. Alas! This attempt leads her to be escorted by security, and the video of this entire event goes viral.

Receiving threat calls the next day for disrespecting the town’s beloved Dennison Crackers, Deb is visited by Beverly Donovan, a writer for the local magazine, who has come to interview her for being a ‘business mom.’ Beverly informs her of her chances of winning the magazine’s ‘Business Mom of the Year’ award owing to her multitasking abilities in handling both her home and office.

Completely thrilled to topple Mel from the throne of ‘Business Mom of the Year’, Deb invites Beverly into her house and sets up the dinner table, hoping to impress Beverly. All is well until Deb’s son Matt joins the dinner table. He eats pizza like a maniac, staining Deb’s reputation as a health-conscious person. It doesn’t affect the proceedings as much; the scene moves towards the office, where Deb starts to take charge of the proceedings, jotting down points for her article. With even her closest aides praising the Dennisons, she questions them and Matt for not even having the slightest intent to make her win the award. Theo, Deb’s brother-in-law, points to Matt’s drug addiction as the reason he behaves the way he does.

Deb’s entire focus shifts from the award to Matt’s alleged drug issue. She tries to catch him in the act and storms into his room but finds it completely empty. She discovers an escape route, however, which she later finds ends up in the Dennison household, where she sees Matt enjoying his time with the Dennison family. Deb senses this to be Mel’s ploy to lure his son into her all-for-show happy family and somehow diminish her chances of winning the award. She confronts her at Gelman’s and gets the shock of a lifetime. Mel invites Deb to Matt’s adoption party because he has agreed to officially live with the Dennisons.

Shocked, Deb feels a little dejected at the party, but what else could she do? Her own son had decided to cut ties with her. She sits in Matt’s room, yearning for him, and hears a cry for help coming from the secret route that was leading up to the Dennisons.

Matt was trying to go back to Hornsby Household, for he figured that Mel wouldn’t allow her even a single bite of junk food, so he tried to get away. Deb comes to his rescue and beats the hell out of the entire Dennison family (including the kids!) and reunites with Matt. In the end, she loses the award to Mel but gains an even bigger prize: her son Matt’s respect.

‘Royal Crackers’ Episode 6: Mayworth

It’s Theodore Senior’s birthday, and the party has been nicely set apart with just one slight hiccup. Theo printed the wrong date on the invite, making guests misinformed about the actual party. Theodore Sr. doesn’t give a damn about his birthday as much as he cares about his life as a young and healthy man. He begins reminiscing about the time he was just setting up his business as the founder of ‘Royal Crackers’.

We flashback to the era when Theodore Sr. and Luther Dennison used to be partners and were trying to kickstart the company by selling their horrible-tasting crackers to a hospital for sick kids. They both try to cheat the hospital by making them taste a superior cracker by another brand as a trial and then making them buy the contract for the far worse Royal Crackers. The hospital catches their scam, and Luther gives away the scheme to the hospital doctor. Feeling betrayed, the lonely Theodore Sr. returns to his mansion and gets visited by the ghost of an ill child who died after tasting one of his crackers.

The ghost curses him, saying that he will spend his old age in a chair, almost paralyzed because of his misdeeds. Pestered by the ghost, he feels a sense of guilt and decides to alleviate it by visiting a far-away Mayworth Ranch, whose family had written to Theodore Sr. to help aid the treatment of a dying kid. Accompanied by the ghost, he gets stuck in a storm and takes shelter in a nearby farmhouse headed by cannibals. He, unaware of the barbaric nature of the family, decides to stay the night. There, he meets Marjorie and falls in love with her.

The following day at supper, he finds their true nature and tries to flee but is held captive by the head of this cannibalistic family. The ghost rescues him, and Theodore goes to visit the Mayworth Ranch but finds the Mayworth family already dead. Marjorie’s family had by then eaten Mayworth’s flesh, and seeing him discover the ranch, they decided to kill Theodore Senior. Marjorie comes to his rescue and asks his father’s permission to marry Theodore and settle in Bakersfield, to which the father agrees.

Back in the present day, the Dennisons arrive at the Hornsby household along with Luther Dennison, who had betrayed Theodore and started a rival business in their heyday. As soon as Theodore gets the chance to meet Luther alone, he chokes him to death, momentarily overcoming his paralysis.

‘Royal Crackers’ Episode 6 Ending Explained: How Did The Mayword Family Die?

Theodore Senior decided to read the letter sent to him by the Mayworth family. Sharing his habit of messing up dates with his son Theo, he actually read the date of the letter wrongly. The letter was almost a year old, and the poor Mayworth family had died after eating their last remaining resource: Royal Crackers.

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