‘Robotica Destructiva’ (2023) Movie Recap And Ending, Explained

If you are a fan of Satyajit Ray’s Goopy Gyne, Bagha Byne during your childhood, you might find it rewarding to rewatch that film rather than wasting your time watching Robotica Destructiva. In comparison to the high-end technology available today, the creation of Bhooter Raja was far more captivating than the robots you see in the film. Within the first five minutes of Robotica Destructiva, you will be disheartened by its sheer mediocrity. The film is set in a world of advanced robots and claims to take place in the year 8675309. Unfortunately, in such an advanced world, all you find are silver-painted men conversing like robots. A group of thugs, amongst them hastily journeys to the utopian realm of Radia with the intent of stealing the most powerful weapon, the Arculon Destroyer. These thieves, or killer robots, go by the names of Auto, Trog, Max, and Strobo. As the story unfolds, the incompetence of these thieves becomes apparent, leaving you questioning how they managed to access such a vital weapon that was supposedly safeguarded in a secure location. And there are three women as well—the ancient sisters who are reluctantly awakened from their thousand-year slumber to retrieve the weapon. Commonly referred to as the Destructivas—Mytra, Azalla, and Luna. They went ahead and revived the weapon from the thugs as easily as big bullies snatched lollipops from young children. It would be a pain to define their makeup. Also, you cannot compare, which is worse, their makeup or the portrayal of ruthlessness. Anyway, before we move further into the film, here is a fair warning to you that you must opt out of watching it.

Spoilers Ahead

Retrieving The Weapon

Once the trio successfully dealt with the thugs, they suddenly received a distress message. The sisters, however, had doubts about the authenticity of the plea and suspected it could be a deliberate trap. Voila! They were right about it. Their intuition was spot-on and they found themselves in the middle of an intensely brutal battle (if by now, you sense the tone of sarcasm in my narrative, we have a connection). To make matters worse, some robot on another ship or somewhere on the same ship activated some weapon that added an additional layer of danger to the already chaotic situation. Here we meet the peacekeeper – Prototype Exoria One, who threatened to harm them if they did not deactivate themselves. Obviously, the sisters did not and another battle broke out. This time, watching the battle you might cry out for help, for the execution and the graphics were below poor. I am sorry to inform you that the fights between “Tom & Jerry” seem more realistic than this. In what mind can you justify beating someone in the head with a big hammer thing and their head catching fire? Well, when you beat a machine or wires, do they catch fire? Well, in this film, the robots do. 

The Third Robot’s Empire Justice Division

After the three sisters were smacked, they were thrown off the ship and they landed in a big dark room and approached the representatives of the Third Robot Empire’s Justice Division, who accused them of deep space piracy. They were sentenced to one thousand years of hard labor in the mining areas of the Arborous Seven. They were soon dropped to the area. Radia was threatened and attacked. The trio tries to escape and mindless fights occur and they run like rabbits high on sedatives, in a really funny manner. They also met Prototype Exoria Two and they were successful in captivating her where she in a really funny mechanical voice cries for help. Trust us, when I tell you, you are not yet halfway through the torture.

More Prison Realm, More Funny Robot Fights

As you go ahead, you witness the three sisters finding themselves trapped in a never-ending cycle of battles across multiple dimensions. With each iteration, their struggles become more tiresome and repetitive, causing a gradual loss of interest in the film. The plot just feels disjointed, the direction lacks coherence, the graphics appear subpar, and the characters fail to captivate. To my utter surprise, a robot expresses its love for pizza (good news for the pizza companies? I can’t assure you). Despite all the shortcomings, the trio eventually manages to restore balance in their own unique way, but I am not giving you spoilers on how they do so. However, it’s important to note that I do not recommend you subject yourself to this self-inflicted torture, as the movie is an utter disappointment.  

‘Robotica Destructiva’ Ending

If you love science fiction movies and robots, stay away from this film. The film will eliminate any affection you harbor towards robots completely. The director, Sam Gaffin, has transcended my intelligence, and explaining the film seems to be beyond my abilities. However, if you are virtuous enough to be patient, good luck! If you have played Super Mario, watched Tom and Jerry or Courage the Cowardly Dog, you have watched better graphics, you know better stories and of course, you have spent your time wisely.

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