‘Project Wolf Hunting’ (2022) Story Recap And Ending, Explained

“Project Wolf Hunting” is the latest movie from director Hongsun Kim, featuring an all-star cast that includes Seo In-Guk as Park Jong-doo, Dong-Yool Jang as Lee-Do-il, Jung So-Min as Lee Da-Yeon, Gwi-Hwa-Choi as Alpha, Dong-Il-Sung as Oh Dae-Woong, and many more. The movie chronicles the story of a group of dangerous criminals being transported to Korea for trial, only to be ambushed and brutally slain by a mysterious and inhuman assailant. With incredible strength, stamina, and intelligence, this inhuman enemy seems almost unbeatable, leaving audiences on the edge of their seats as that onboard struggle to survive against seemingly impossible odds. 

Spoilers Ahead

A Ferry To Precious Motherland

In 2016, the Korean and Philippine governments reached an agreement to cooperate in police investigations. After a year had passed, the first group of extradited individuals was sent to Korea via chartered flights. Unfortunately, the situation took a devastating turn when one of the Korean citizens made a sudden and shocking decision that put both the criminals and the police officers at risk. He donned an explosive vest and detonated it at the airport, causing widespread chaos and destruction. Following the tragic incident at the airport, the investigators reevaluated their plan for extraditing criminals. They have decided to take a different approach and bring in the extradites via cargo ships in order to minimize the risk of contact with civilians and prevent similar incidents from occurring in the future. 

Now fast forward to 2022, and Park Jong Doo, the most-wanted criminal who had long evaded the grasp of justice, was finally brought to book by the Korean government. Park’s reputation preceded him, and his tough demeanor and detailed tattooing spoke volumes about his character. Despite the numerous charges levied against him, Park had managed to stay one step ahead of the law for far too long. But his luck had finally run out, and justice was finally catching up with him. Now, Park Jong Doo, along with a dozen other high-profile fugitives, were set to make their long-awaited journey to Korea to face the music.

But when did everything start working out the way it was supposed to?

Trouble Brewing

The situation aboard the cargo ship took a terrifying turn when a gang of criminals disguised as members of the ship’s crew launched a sudden and violent attack on the police officers on board. Gunshots rang out across the decks, causing widespread fear and panic among everyone present. The group also interfered with the signals, so the cops onboard couldn’t call for help.  Amidst the chaos, Park, one of the extradites, managed to free himself and other extradites using a key he had been hiding all along. Among the group of extradites is Lee Do-il, who had been arrested on a homicide charge. Park Jong has now revealed his own plan to take control of the ship and flee to international waters. In a bold move, a few of the remaining police officers managed to take control of the bridge by returning fire on the criminals onboard. Unfortunately, this victory came at a high cost, as the officers lost some of their own men in the process. 

But that’s only the beginning; it turns out that two criminals have been hiding out in the ship’s hold the whole time. To make matters worse, there is a mysterious person in the hold who appears to be barely alive. Their identity and role in this unfolding drama are still shrouded in mystery. Meanwhile, Park and his criminal friends armed themselves with whatever weapons they could find and are now resorting to violent and indiscriminate attacks on anyone who stands in their way. The already dire situation aboard the ship takes an even darker turn with the unexpected arrival of a mysterious and incredibly strong individual. Stained head to toe from blood, and with no eyes on his face, he unleashes a level of brutality and violence that is beyond comprehension, tearing people’s insides out with nothing but his bare hands, including Park Jong Doo’s, sending the remaining survivors fleeing for their lives.  

‘Project Wolf Hunting’ Ending 

As Lee and Da-Yeon continue their search for a way to stop the super-strong individual from wreaking havoc on the ship, they come across the ship’s doctor. To their shock, the doctor reveals that the monster they are facing is actually a prototype of a new species created by Aeon Genetics. This species is far more powerful, intelligent, and agile than regular humans, and they were created as part of a secret genetic experiment. The pharmaceutical giant Aeon Genetics has been accused of conducting illegal human experimentation in secrecy. Upon digging further, the duo discovers a shocking truth about the Alpha known as Kim-Han-gyu. It turns out that he is over 100 years old and had fought alongside the Japanese army during World War II. After the war, Kim became a guinea pig for a secret project called the “Kemono Project,” which aimed to create genetically superior human weapons. Kim’s genetic makeup had undergone a radical transformation, as scientists had experimented with splicing his DNA with that of a wolf. The results were remarkable- Kim had developed an uncanny sense of smell and hearing far beyond the capabilities of ordinary humans. But that was just the beginning, as his physical strength had been amplified to levels ten times greater than the average person. Meanwhile, Aeon Genetics has also dispatched Oh-Dae-woong and their genetically-modified super-soldiers to intercept the vessel and take control of the Alpha, who has now lost an arm in a violent fight with Detective Lee-Seok-woo.  

It is also revealed that Lee-Do-il, one of the extradites, is the mastermind behind the entire incident. Lee himself is a genetically modified super-soldier who placed the Alpha on the ship as part of a plan to exact revenge on Oh-Dae-woong for murdering his wife. Lee’s own genetic modifications allowed him to hold his own against the all-powerful Alpha. The battle raged on, and Oh-Dae-Woong, who had also undergone genetic modification like the Alpha, engaged in a fierce struggle with his enemy. Despite the Alpha’s formidable strength, Oh-Dae-Woong was able to match him blow for blow, thanks to his own enhanced physical abilities. But Alpha dead Dae-Woong set his sights on Lee-Do-il and, without breaking a sweat, manages to incapacitate him. However, the tables turned on Oh-Dae-Woong when he made a fatal mistake – he taunted Lee for not being able to protect his wife and kid, unleashing a torrent of fury that led to his own downfall.

However, the story is far from over, as it is revealed that Lee-Do-il’s son is still alive, held captive by Chief Pyo in a secret facility. The final scene left audiences wondering what fate awaited the young boy and what new challenges lay ahead for a desperate father and husband looking for revenge. 

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