‘Neelavelicham’ (2023) Movie Recap And Ending, Explained

The theme of a writer discovering a ghost’s past life is an intriguing and captivating concept that has been explored in various movies. This theme combines elements of mystery, the supernatural, and self-discovery, resulting in stories that often delve into the realms of the unknown while exploring the intricacies of human existence.

At its core, this theme revolves around a writer who becomes entangled in the life of a ghost, either by stumbling upon their past writings, encountering their spirit, or being haunted by their presence. As the writer delves deeper into the ghost’s history, they uncover secrets, unresolved mysteries, and forgotten truths from the past. This journey of discovery not only leads the writer to explore the ghost’s life but also compels them to confront their own fears, desires, and personal demons.

On April 20, 2023, Neelavelicham, a Malayalam film directed by Aashiq Abu, was released. The movie revolves around a writer who resides in a haunted house and unravels the hidden reality behind the alleged suicide of the house’s beloved daughter, a mystery known to the local community. Set in the captivating backdrop of 1960s India, the film beautifully captures the picturesque and nostalgic essence of the era. To provide you with a glimpse of what awaits, here is a brief recap.

Spoilers Ahead

‘Neelavelicham’ Story

The movie Neelavelicham commences by introducing Basheer (Tovino Thomas), a writer who decides to rent a spacious, secluded house with a notorious reputation for being haunted. Locals claim to have witnessed the ghostly apparition of Bhargavi (Rima Kallingal), the beloved daughter of the house, as the property is known as Bhargavi Nilayam. Upon entering the house, Basheer immediately notices its abandonment, with spider webs and layers of dust covering every corner. Determined to make it habitable, Basheer embarks on a cleaning spree but encounters a locked room that piques his curiosity. Despite his efforts, he cannot find the key, prompting him to tidy up the rest of the house before venturing out for provisions and to meet his nearby acquaintance.

After visiting the market, Basheer encounters the postman and a nearby eatery. He inquires about the possibility of food delivery to his current residence, but both establishments decline the request. Curiously, whenever Basheer mentions that he is staying at Bhargavi Nilayam, people react with fear and cast him peculiar glances. Undeterred, Basheer proceeds to meet his comrade, only to find that even his friend and friend’s roommates are taken aback by the news of his stay at Bhargavi Nilayam. Nonetheless, Basheer maintains a lighthearted attitude in the face of their shock and decides to return to the house, despite his friend’s offer to accommodate him. Upon arriving back at the residence, a strange occurrence unfolds. Basheer begins to sense the presence of Bhargavi, addressing her by name and seeking her permission to stay, emphasizing his pure intentions and his purpose of documenting Bhargavi’s story and the truth of what transpired.

A Ghost’s Unyielding Vengeance For Her Lover’s Demise

Surprisingly, Basheer stumbles upon the long-awaited key to the locked room. Unlocking the door reveals a treasure trove of Bhargavi’s personal belongings: her picture, letters, and various other items. Intrigued, Basheer becomes inspired to weave the story of Bhargavi. As Basheer immerses himself in the enigmatic Bhargavi Nilayam, peculiar occurrences unfold. One day, a man named Parikanni, seeking employment, mistakenly enters Bhargavi Nilayam. To his astonishment, he witnesses Bhargavi sitting on the veranda. However, when Basheer emerges, Parikanni mistakes Bhargavi for Basheer’s wife, and the dim lighting further unnerves him. Rather than dispelling the misunderstanding, Basheer allows Parikanni to stay in Bhargavi Nilayam. However, an eerie incident transpires as Basheer descends into a well to clean it, with Parikanni tightly gripping the rope. Suddenly, Parikanni loses his grip, causing Basheer to plummet. Filled with shock and anxiety, Parikanni rushes to Basheer’s friend’s house and informs him of the tragic incident, mentioning Bhargavi as Basheer’s wife. However, Basheer’s friend corrects him, revealing that she is a ghost. Startled, Parikanni loses consciousness. Upon regaining his senses, Parikanni is dumbfounded to find Basheer alive and unharmed. Basheer then explains that an inexplicable force levitated him and rescued him from the well even before he reached the water’s depths.

Once Parikanni becomes aware that the house is haunted, he adamantly refuses to return, leaving Basheer to venture back to Bhargavi Nilayam alone. Basheer diligently completes his writing and settles beside the well where Bhargavi tragically lost her life. As he begins to recite his tale, the film transports us back in time to when Bhargavi was alive. We witness her blossoming affection for Sasikumar (Roshan Mathew), a talented sitar player and musician who becomes her neighbour. The film captures their love story in a classic manner, portraying heartfelt exchanges through letters and Bhargavi’s gestures of care, such as presenting fruit baskets to Sasikumar. However, their romance encounters a stormy obstacle in the form of Nanukuttan (Shine Tom Chacko), Bhargavi’s possessive and enigmatic relative, who proposes marriage to her, casting a shadow over their relationship.

‘Neelavelicham’ Ending

As the story unfolds, we witness Nanukuttan’s increasing possessiveness towards Bhargavi, leading to his intense hatred for Sasikumar as he observes their growing closeness. Nanukuttan, infamous among the locals for his volatile temper and cruelty towards innocent animals, faces rejection when Bhargavi instantly declines his marriage proposal, further fueling his fury. However, a shocking revelation occurs one evening when Sasikumar boards a train to Lucknow and Nanukuttan approaches him, presenting a fruit basket supposedly from Bhargavi. Deceptively, Nanukuttan falsely claims to be traveling for a job interview. As they settle into the train journey, Sasikumar innocently consumes the fruits from the basket given by Nanukuttan. Tragically, the situation takes a dark turn as Sasikumar starts experiencing discomfort, and Nanukuttan, observing Sasikumar’s pain, becomes inexplicably elated. It becomes evident that Nanukuttan has poisoned the food, intending to ensure Sasikumar’s demise so that he can claim Bhargavi for himself.

After concluding the recitation of the story, Basheer eagerly awaits some form of acknowledgement from Bhargavi’s ghost. However, to his surprise, he realizes that Nanukuttan has been present throughout the entire narration. Nanukuttan, in a menacing tone, warns Basheer that the story must never be made public. Revealing his true colors, Nanukuttan admits to not only killing Sasikumar but also confesses to pushing Bhargavi into the well after she discovered his dark secret. Enraged, Nanukuttan violently tosses aside the pages containing Basheer’s written account and launches an attack. The ensuing confrontation between Basheer and Nanukuttan reaches a climax as Nanukuttan loses his footing and plummets into the well, while Bhargavi’s vengeful ghost ensures his demise, fulfilling her promise to avenge Sasikumar’s death. In a strange twist, Basheer witnesses the pages that were discarded into the well by Nanukuttan mysteriously rising to the surface, unscathed by the water. The film concludes with Bhargavi exacting revenge for her lover’s demise, and Basheer obtaining the story to share with the world.

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