‘My Home Hero’ Episode 7: Recap, Review, And Ending, Explained

The new episode of My Home Hero adds to the lethal drama happening in Tetsuo’s life. Kyoichi is determined to regain his gang’s respect by solving Nobuto’s case. The only option remaining for him is to pin Nobuto’s murder on Tetsuo, but when he involves Reika in this plan as well,  Tetsuo and Kasen take some desperate measures.

Spoilers Ahead

Episode 7: Mother And Mother

In the previous episode, Reika had returned from college and saw Kyoichi at Tetsuo’s house. This episode begins with Tetsuo trying to explain Kyoichi’s identity to Reika while he is occupied in the restroom. Kasen, unable to find a better adjective to describe Kyoichi, blurts out the term “womanizer” to make some sense of the situation. Kasen and Tetsuo try to make Reika believe that the man in their house is simply a colleague and they were just trying to understand Nobuto’s inner-workings so that they can keep the misogynists and abusers away from her in the future. 

Tetsuo leaves with Kyoichi, and Kasen begins hacking into Kyoichi’s emails, as advised by Tetsuo. He had already installed a keylogger on Kyoichi’s system, so each letter he typed on his laptop would show on Kasen’s system. Tetsuo had asked Kasen to look for Kyoichi’s address once she got Kyoichi’s password, which is exactly what she does. She does find his address but also comes across something rather disturbing. She discovers several emails detailing Kyoichi’s plan to torture and murder Tetsuo and pin Nobuto’s murder on him. She panics and formulates her own plan of action to alter this deadly fate.

On the one hand, Kasen and Tetsuo are somehow trying to get away with Nobuto’s murder, while on the other hand, Reika finds herself seduced into Kyoichi’s diabolical plans. Before leaving, Kyoichi had left a note in Reika’s shoe mentioning his contact details and also hinting that her parents were hiding something from her. Reika is convinced that his parents were correct—Kyoichi is indeed a sleazy womanizer. How dare he leave some shady note in a girl’s shoe? As convinced as she may be, she also suspects her parents to be acting a little awkward ever since Nobuto disappeared. Could Kyoichi have some knowledge about his whereabouts? Have her parents been keeping that information from her? These questions engulf her mind, and she contacts Kyoichi.

Before she mailed Kyoichi, he had been busy dealing with her father, Tetsuo. After leaving Tetsuo’s house, they had gone straight to Reika’s apartment, where he began to set up his devices to finally do away with Tetsuo. Tetsuo watched his doom approach. The only thing working in his favor was “Plan B,” which was to be executed by Kasen. Her only advantage was that she could listen to Kyoichi and Tetsuo’s conversations through a bluetooth hidden in Tetsuo’s hat and could also read Kyoichi’s messages and emails thanks to the keylogger.

Kasen finds the address which leads to Kyoichi’s house but it turns out to be his ancestral home where Kasen meets his sweet mother, who has grown old and depends only on Kyoichi for her needs. She seems unaware of Kyoichi’s involvement with the Yakuza. These factors make Kasen modify the “Plan B.” While returning from Kyoichi’s ancestral house, she reads his emails and suspects him of messaging Reika. She immediately warns Reika never to contact Kyoichi. Reika, unaware that Kasen can read their conversation, lies to her in order to find out the truth behind Nobuto’s disappearance, and continues her conversation with Kyoichi. Kyoichi asks Reika to meet him personally so he can reveal to her what her parents have kept hidden. It turns out to be an offer she couldn’t refuse.

Meanwhile, Tetsuo is left handcuffed in Reika’s apartment. Although he manages to get out of it before Kasen arrives, time seems to be running out for him. He decides to visit Kyoichi’s apartment, execute Plan B and return back in the nick of time before Kyoichi comes to check up on him. Meanwhile, Kasen decides to track down Reika to stop her meeting with Kyoichi. Tetsuo reaches Kyoichi’s apartment but freezes, seeing Kyoichi standing in the lift.

‘My Home Hero’ Episode 7: Ending Explained – What Was ‘Plan B’?

Kasen visited Kyoichi’s ancestral home to execute her Plan B, as discussed with Tetsuo. ‘Plan B’ was Tetsuo’s last attempt to save himself and his family, just in case the plan to upload Nobuto’s video failed. Tetsuo still had Nobuto’s bones and his phone with him, and whoever was found with this evidence would be suspected of Nobuto’s murder. Plan B was to plant these remains in Kyoichi’s house, making him the prime suspect in Nobuto’s murder. The first address discovered by Kasen was Kyoichi’s ancestral home, where his mother lived, but the problem with planting the evidence there was that Kyoichi rarely visited his ancestral home. If the evidence was to work, it had to be planted in Kyoichi’s apartment. Tetsuo manages to find Kyoichi’s apartment and his room number but freezes seeing Kyoichi coming out of the lift.

Episode 7: Review

The episode began as a slow burn but gradually morphed into a race-against-time thriller. The constant shifts to different perspectives were very well managed and made the episode extremely engaging. The conversation between Kasen and Kyoichi’s mother was the highlight of the episode and provided an emotional core to the whole show. Kyoichi’s mother was a sweet lady unaware of her son’s criminal affairs, and Kasen was a mother herself who wanted to protect her daughter. Neither one of them is at fault, but Kasen has to not let the emotion get the better of her. This emotional tension makes the episode poignant yet exciting.

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