‘My Home Hero’ Episode 6: Recap, Review, And Ending, Explained

The sixth episode of My Home Hero places Tetsuo right in the middle of a convoluted situation where his chances of survival depend on Kyoichi finding out the truth behind Nobuto’s fake video.

Spoilers Ahead

Episode 6: Entertaining The Guest, Kasen Style

In the previous episode, Tetsuo ran into Yoshitatsu, Nobuto’s father, by accident while looking for clues to break into Nobuto’s online profile. The last episode made it clear that Yoshitatsu suspects Tetsuo is lying about his identity, but this new episode ditches that subplot for the time being. The episode begins with the most pressing issue for Tetsuo: retrieving Nobuto’s pet’s name.

He goes back after this encounter to his wife, Kasen. In the relaxed environment of his house, he remembers Yoshitatsu mentioning someone by the name of ‘Cap,’ who could have provided him (Yoshitatsu) with some solace in these disturbing times. Could this ‘Cap’ be Nobuto’s pet dog? Tetsuo immediately takes out Nobuto’s phone and punches in this name, hoping it will finally hack Nobuto’s online profile. Alas! This, too, turns out to be the wrong answer. Kasen guesses ‘Cap’ to be a moniker, a shortened version of a popular pet name, and begins to mention several names that could fit the bill. Voila! The name ‘Captain’ opens the door for Tetsuo and Kasen. Maybe their plan to deceive the mob by posting a fake video online will finally work now.

Well, it does, but only for a brief moment. Kyoichi decides he has had enough and picks Tetsuo up to finally kill him and pin Nobuto’s murder on him and his family. Tetsuo begs Kyoichi to let him live, and if not, at least provide him with a reason why and how he thinks that he killed Nobuto. Kyoichi obliges him with his deduction. He explains that Tetsuo never hired a private inspector but only a housekeeper, who told him about Nobuto’s intrusion in Reika’s apartment, after which Tetsuo murdered Nobuto. It wasn’t a bad deduction after all; we know what the truth is, and so does Tetsuo. He senses his end is near, but his trump card works just in time.

Kubo calls Kyoichi and tells him about an anonymous video online of a man that resembles Nobuto. A comment from Nobuto’s online profile is found in the comment section of that video. Kyoichi is surprised, but Tetsuo knows that his plan has been correctly set in motion. He didn’t, however, realize that the mob is no dummy when it comes to recognizing a fake video. Through a technology called “gait recognition,” they come to know that the man in the video couldn’t be Nobuto as their walking styles do not match.

Kyoichi, who had spared Tetsuo purely because of this new video popping up, doesn’t want to leave him out of his sight anymore. He takes Nobuto back to his house and asks him to show him the planter he had seen in his house way back when he had placed the surveillance devices in his house. Tetsuo takes the planter outside, hoping that Nobuto’s flesh has decomposed completely. It had, except that Nobuto’s blonde hair was his last to remain visible. He prays to the Almighty that Kyoichi doesn’t pay attention to this little detail in the planter’s mud. Out of the blue comes Kasen, who distracts Kyoichi and behaves as though Tetsuo is completely out of danger. Tetsuo fears that her little charade could cost them their lives, but Kasen manages to lure Kyoichi into her trap. She offers coffee to both and asks Kyoichi to relax because he is their guest. The scene takes an absurdly comical turn when Kyoichi runs to the washroom, and Tetsuo tries hacking into Kyoichi’s laptop, all the while facing the same problems as Kyoichi.

Reika returns to find Tetsuo relieving himself in his garden.

‘My Home Hero’ Episode 6: Ending Explained – What Happened To Tetsuo And Kyoichi?

Kasen knew about Tetsuo’s desire to hack into Kyoichi’s laptop to gain some leverage. His video recording of him confessing to the rival gang member was probably stored on Kyoichi’s laptop. Kasen’s genius plan was to serve a laxative-laden coffee to Kyoichi, but she was also aware of the fact that she had to serve the same coffee to both Tetsuo and Kyoichi in order to remove any doubts from his mind. This results in both Tetsuo and Kyoichi having an upset stomach, but Kyoichi can’t do anything about it because she has plausible deniability in the matter, meaning she could always point to the milk has gone bad; otherwise, why would she give the same coffee to her beloved husband?

Episode 6: Review

The episode didn’t follow up directly from the previous one, where Yoshitatsu realized Tetsuo was lying when he introduced himself as Tamada. It was quite a surprise that the episode built up Tetsuo and Yoshitatsu’s meeting but dropped that plot. Maybe the meeting was just a device to make Tetsuo feel bad for having killed Nobuto after he sees his father yearning for his return so intensely. Surely they are expected to collide later in the future. Kyoichi’s storyline is turning stale as the episodes go on, and something’s got to give if his existence in the series is to remain plausible as to how he has survived this long even after failing in his mission and disobeying Kubo. The toilet humor, in the end, seemed too much of a cop-out and deflated the show’s suspenseful energy. Hopefully, the upcoming episodes will make the necessary adjustments and set the tone right.

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