‘My Home Hero’ Episode 5: Recap, Review, And Ending, Explained

The fifth episode of My Home Hero finally makes Tetsuo cross paths with Nobuto’s father Yoshitatsu Matori as he realizes that the only way out of this hell is to make it look like Nobuto is alive. 

Spoilers Ahead

Episode 5: Are You Happy?

In the previous episode, Tosu Tetsuo found himself in a cross war between rival gangs. Kyoichi was shot and Tetsuo managed to save him by hiding in a nearby jungle. A man from the rival gang spots Tetsuo and a gunshot is heard. This episode begins and sheds mystery on who got shot. Both Tetsuo and Kyoichi were safe. It was the member of the rival gang who got shot. But by who?

Kyoichi had disobeyed Kubo’s orders to leave Tetsuo and his family alone and concentrate on finding Nobuto. Kubo and his gang follow Kyoichi and arrive before the man is able to shoot him or Tetsuo. He tortures Kyoichi as punishment for disobeying him. Tetsuo, however strong willed he may be, isnt able to endure the sight of this inhuman torture and faints. When he regains consciousness, Kubo frames him for the murder of the man he(Kubo) had just shot, in hopes of blackmailing his parents for the same money Nobuto was after. Kyoichi survives, but how much longer can he last given that Nobuto’s whereabouts are still unknown?

Poor Tetsuo, shell shocked by what transpired, reaches home. He lies at first, when Kasen asks him about his disturbed appearance but when she invokes her right to know what was bothering him, he tells her the whole truth. With death inching closer towards the family, Tetsuo decides to involve an old friend into the matter.

Tetsuo realizes that the only way out now was to make it seem that Nobuto is alive and out on the run. He requires two things to successfully execute this illusion: Nobuto’s online profile’s password and an actor whom he can make to appear like Nobuto.

Twenty years ago, when Kasen and Tetsuo were in university , they knew of a man named Tabata who was eager to become an actor. They search him up online and find him running his own agency. Kasen takes up the responsibility of contacting him and getting a video recording of him in a way as discussed with Tetsuo. Kasen meets Tabata and sees that he hasn’t changed one bit. Still as upbeat as he was during their academic days. She tricks him into the project citing that the video is for a ceremony where she and Tetsuo are going to prank the guests. Tabata shows signs of fondness for Kasen, who chose to marry the geeky Tetsuo. He asks a question which throws Kasen off : “Are you happy?”

Kasen remembers all the hardship she now faces with Tetsuo and begins feeling dejected and confused, but before this emotion totally overwhelms her, she remembers Tetsuo’s bloodied face from the time when he got beaten up by her family for trying to marry her. She reminds herself of how Tetsuo courageously stuck with her and ultimately married her and they made a small family when they had Reika.

While Kasen is busy dealing with Tabata, Tetsuo is busy trying to break into Nobuto’s online profile. He takes Hibiki’s help and asks her to bring him Nobuto’s old phone he had left with her. Pulling the wool over Kubo’s eyes, he manages to be inconspicuous while dealing with Hibiki and gets the phone. 

Before going home, he visits a bar Nobuto frequented and a man already sitting on the counter, starts to ask Tetsuo a series of questions, the most pertinent of them being what Tetsuo would do if somebody harmed his child. Tetsuo doesnt know but we are aware that the man sitting beside him is Nobuto’s father Yoshitatsu. Tetsuo, when asked to introduce himself, does not reveal his real identity. Instead he introduces himself as Tabata and after much pondering Yoshitatsu senses he is lying.

‘My Home Hero’ Episode 5: Ending Explained – Why Did Nobuto Go To The Bar Nobuto Frequented?

Tetsuo needed Nobuto’s pet’s name in order to securely log in Nobuto’s online profile. He asks both Hibiki and Reika if they had any knowledge about it but neither of them are able to help. He then tries to get the information from one of Kubo’s men but only manages to know that Nobuto had no pets to speak of. He infers from this information that the pet would have to be one from his childhood, which is why he visited the bar. He thought he could get some information from the old bartender but has a run with Yoshitatsu himself, who sat there grieving his missing son, growing vengeful by every passing minute.

Episode 5: Review 

The fifth episode finds itself in a deadlock in the beginning. First in a rare but reasonable occurrence, Kubo arrives with his men just in time to save Kyoichi and Tetsuo from the rival gang. Later, in a deus ex machina twist,  a completely new character of Tabata had to be introduced to get Tetsuo and Kasen out of trouble. This only goes to show that the show had got itself into a contortion that it could not manage to get out of and introduced someone totally random. The show even needed to show a flashback to hurriedly establish Tabata’s character. The show would have regained its original intensity if Tetsuo wasn’t given this luxury to call for outside help. Now that Tabata’s name has been used by Tetsuo infront of Yoshitatsu, we can expect the real Tabata to get into some trouble as well.

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