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Most Searched And Anticipated Post-Credit Scenes Of All Marvel Movies According To Google Trends


A recent study conducted by Financial World found out the most searched topics around each MCU film and its post-credit scenes by analyzing Google Trends. The analysis revealed that the post-credit scene of “Avengers: Endgame” turned out to be the most searched and anticipated after-credits scene of all MCU movies.

“Avengers Endgame” was released in 2019 and concluded the infinity saga with itself. The study reveals that with its release, the largest spike in internet searches about its post-credit scenes has been recorded. Avengers Endgame turned out to be the only movie in the MCU that did not have a post-credit scene; only a metallic sound rang for a while, signifying Tony Stark’s death and how this entire franchise started off with “Ironman.” However, the fans were disappointed and searched for any deleted scenes or alternate endings, or post-credits, which resulted in a spike in internet searches. Seeing this, Marvel re-released the movie with an added deleted scene in the post-credits.

The second most anticipated post-credit scene was from the movie “Captain Marvel.” The fans couldn’t get enough of watching her being introduced to the world’s mightiest superheroes for the first time at the Avenger’s headquarters in New York. “Black Panther: Wakanda Forever” comes in the third position. The mid-credits scene of this film moved us internally. This scene reveals that the deceased king T’challa had a son with Nakia, whose existence is kept hidden from the world. The kid’s name is Toussaint, but this is just a ploy to keep his identity secret. His actual name is identical to that of his father, i.e., Prince T’challa. The fourth position in the most anticipated post-credit scene is attained by “Marvel’s The Avengers,” with Thanos merely smiling after hearing about Loki’s defeat and the Avengers eating silently at a Shawarma restaurant.

The fifth position in this list is attained by “Spider-Man: Far From Home,” with its mid-credits scene revealing the identity of Spider-Man’s altered ego, Peter Parker. “Spider-Man: No Way Home” has the post-credit scene of Eddie Brock returning to his own universe by Doctor Strange’s spell, leaving behind a remnant of the symbiote called Venom. This scene makes it the sixth most anticipated Marvel post-credits scene. The seventh position of the most anticipated post-credit scene is attained by “Black Widow,” where we see Yelena Belova visiting her sister Natasha’s grave and getting ready to take down Hawkeye for being responsible for Natasha’s death.

“Thor: Love and Thunder” received the eighth most anticipated mid and post-credit scene. We see Zeus sending his son Hercules to take revenge on Thor. And in the post-credit scene, we see Jane Foster entering Valhalla and being welcomed by Heimdall. The ninth position on this list is attained by “The Eternals.” In the mid-credit scene of The Eternals, we are introduced to Eros, the brother of Thanos. And in the post-credit scene, we see the Ebony Blade, which points towards the upcoming MCU movie “Blade.” The movie “Black Panther” ranks in the tenth position on this list. In this mid-credit scene, we see King T’Challa announcing that they will help the entire world with their resources. The post-credit scene in “The Incredible Hulk” turns out to be the least anticipated one of the entire MCU films. 

An executive of “Financial World” said that Marvel’s post-credit scenes used to feature small anecdotes, but as of now, if you miss a post-credit or mid-credit scene, you might miss out on some vital plot points of their upcoming projects. Kevin Feige, Marvel’s president, used these post or mid-credit scenes to provide incentives to the genuine fans of the studio and to make them see the artists who helped Marvel make that film. If you leave the theaters without watching these added clips, you’ll not be considered a true fan of the genre.

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Arkaprava Dutta
Arkaprava Dutta
Arkaprava Dutta is a film enthusiast who loves to watch everything. His passion is to write a screenplay for his own film one day. He is a small-time stand-up comedian and seeks validation through laughter. He prefers to analyze films with an open mind, be they commercial, artistic, or even B movies. He respects all cinema opinions and tries to take notes on a very good opposing viewpoint. He dreams of a better world where cinema can mediate differences between people of every race and religion.

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