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Most Anticipated Comedy Films Of 2023 That You Must Watch


Comedy is primarily a sweet, lighthearted drama designed to entertain, amuse, and make people laugh. The discipline involves the over-dramatization of funny scenarios to make the audience laugh and enjoy themselves. The comedy genre in films has a number of subcategories. There is slapstick comedy, which involves the display of certain visuals or actions that make people laugh. For instance, people laughed when the child actor in “Home Alone” fooled the thieves by throwing paint on them, and they tumbled on the floor in a comical way. Other types of comedy include romantic comedies, social comedies, and others. Movies such as “Breakfast at Tiffany’s,” “La La Land,” “Her,” “Last Christmas,” and “Amsterdam” are all romantic comedies. Additionally, there are comedy dramas or dramedies that will reveal all sorts of emotional stories that can involve parents, siblings, or friends, such as “A Dog’s Purpose,” “Jerry Maguire,” “The Devil Wears Prada,” and others.

People love to watch drama films with family members in their homes’ cozy and safe spaces to create beautiful memories. Some of us always remember the time we watched fine films during our growing-up years, such as “The High School Musical” series, “Bride Wars,” “The Ugly Truth,” and others. If you want to see romantic comedies, dramas, or action comedies, check out the list of the most exciting films that will be released next year.

The House Party

HBO will bring the most anticipated remake of 2023, “The House Party.” The well-known director, Calmatic, received several awards for his previous work. The filmmaker earlier did “White Men Can’t Jump.” Fans will not have to wait long, as the film will be released in theaters in January 2023. According to the makers, the new film will not be a sequel to the first; in contrast, it will have a modern take on the old House Party. Tosin Cole, who appeared in the 2019 film “Resolution” and the television drama “Doctor Who,” will play the lead in the 2023 remake. Furthermore, there will be “Almost Christmas” DC Young Fly. Moreover, the trailer revealed the presence of many talented musicians, such as Snoop Dogg, Lil Wayne, and others. The plot revolves around the premise that the two best friends who work as cleaners at a large house lose their jobs. They are interested in becoming club promoters and host large parties to connect with the reputed people in the city. Thereafter, they organize the biggest party of the year at the house where they previously worked.

When You Finish Saving The World

Jesse Eisenberg’s most moving and beautiful story is sure to move you to your core. The mother-son relationship is the subject of this tale. It is comparable to any parent-child interaction in the technology-driven society of today, where parents are focused on their careers, and youngsters are preoccupied with their phones and the internet. Additionally, parents are barely aware of what is happening in their child’s life and only become conscious of their negligence when something serious happens. Finn Wolfhard from “Stranger Things” will play the son in the movie, which stars the versatile and wonderful Julianne Moore as the mother. Despite being the mother, Moore spends less time with her own child and more time with victims of domestic abuse and teenagers who are similar in age to her son. Additionally, the son is struggling with relationships, puberty, and other concerns. He would rather see a counselor than talk to his mother about his problems. The video elegantly shows their bond growing as they each gain the ability to comprehend one another and communicate their emotions.

Shotgun Wedding

The 2023 film “Shotgun Wedding” is an expected romantic comedy that will be directed by the versatile Jason Moore, who earlier produced “Pitch Perfect 2” and “The Voice.” The movie is an original Prime video and will be released on the streaming platform Amazon Prime in various parts of the world in early January next year. Jennifer Lopez, who recently worked in “Marry Me” and “Hustlers,” will be seen in the lead role of Darcy. Furthermore, Josh Duhamel from “Bandit” and “Blackout” will be seen in the role of Tom, the lead opposite Darcy. Moreover, Sonia Braga, the Brazilian actress from “The Kiss of the Spider Woman,” will be seen in the role of Renata. Also, charming Jennifer Coolidge from “The Legally Blonde” and “The White Lotus” will be seen as Carol. The movie’s premise is that Tom and his girlfriend, Darcy, are engaged and getting married. Their relatives disagree with them and frequently get in their way. In addition, after everything is prepared, they choose not to exchange vows and call off the wedding. The guests who had arrived for the wedding ceremony were suddenly abducted by the kidnappers. The future bride and groom must work together to foil the intruders’ plan and free the family members in order to safeguard the family. It is a fun family movie that you can definitely see with your parents.

Magic Mike’s Last Dance

The captivating “Magic Mike’s Last Dance” will be directed by Steven Soderbergh, the renowned director, and producer of numerous blockbusters like “Magic Mike,” “Side Effects,” “Logan Lucky,” and many others. In the trailer, Channing Tatum and Salma Hayek can both be seen in a romantic sequence. Reid Carolin, who has written numerous films, including the 2010 film “Earth Made of Glass,” is the author of the screenplay. “Magic Mike’s Last Dance” will be a drama with a satisfying conclusion. Warner Bros. plans to release the film in February 2023 for a theatrical release. The dance master who missed the opportunity to work his magic on stage is the subject of the tale. He meets a wealthy woman while working as a bartender in Florida and starts an affair with her. She gives him the opportunity to accomplish his goals, but there is a condition. This film is worth seeing because of its gorgeous dancing and romance.

Cocaine Bear

The upcoming peculiar comedy “Cocaine Bear” is directed by Elizabeth Banks. The movie will be shown in theaters in February 2023. Banks is an actor turned director who worked in “Pitch Perfect 2,” “Charlie’s Angels,” and other films. The plot of the film has been influenced by a story from the 1980s in which a wild bear eats cocaine that was thrown into the forest by smugglers. The movie is known as the last work of veteran star Ray Liotta, who passed away in May 2022. According to New York Times clippings, in 1985, a wild animal opened a packet of cocaine thrown from a plane in the jungle. The investigators found the drug in the blood of the animal, which died after consuming the highly addictive substance. Moreover, the smuggler who was involved also died in an accident thereafter. The trailer for the film reveals the mayhem created by the bear. As the scene starts, people are running, and paramedics are attacked. Also, there is a couple looking for their children who got lost during a safari ride. The actual story was not at all as dramatic as the on-screen version. The movie clips show people running in fear and terror because a wild animal is high on cocaine. The movie will be full of fun, adventure, and action.

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Harman Grewal
Harman Grewal
Harman Grewal earned a master's in psychology from Panjab University. She began her career as a researcher and lecturer in academia before transitioning into a full-time academic and content writer. She is a passionate film enthusiast whose interest in the entertainment industry dates back to her early years. She treasures the times she spent with her family watching movies and TV shows. Her training and experience piqued her interest in imaginary characters in movies. She recently completed an online screenwriting course to write for a film one day.

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