‘Meter’ (2023) Story Recap And Ending, Explained

Meter revolves around the life of a young man named Arjun, whose journey begins with the dreams and aspirations of his father, Venkat, a dedicated and honest police officer. Inspired by Venkat’s ideals, Arjun sets out to follow in his footsteps but soon realizes that his father’s honesty comes at a great cost. The system that should embrace Venkat’s integrity instead transfers him from one posting to another, subjecting him to humiliation for simply doing what is right. Witnessing this injustice, Arjun’s heart fills with resentment towards the position of a police officer.

However, Arjun’s perspective changes dramatically when a tragic incident occurs, and Venkat finds himself in a coma due to a careless mistake- a mistake Arjun blames himself. This incident serves as a wake-up call for Arjun, leading him to realize the importance of his father’s efforts to do the right thing and uphold justice.

Spoilers Ahead

Arjun’s Mission To Fail

As the years go by, Venkat’s aspiration to see Arjun become a police officer only intensifies. Despite Arjun’s personal reservations and resentment towards the position, he doesn’t want to disappoint his father. In order to avoid confrontation and maintain a facade, Arjun pretends to appear for all the police officer selection tests but then fabricates reasons and lies to Venkat about failing them. However, one day, Venkat grows tired of Arjun’s repeated failures and decides to take matters into his own hands. He accompanies Arjun to the selections, determined to ensure his son’s success. To Arjun’s surprise and dismay, his biggest nightmare becomes a reality as he actually passes the selection process and becomes a sub-inspector at the Punjagutta police station in Hyderabad.

As Arjun becomes a sub-inspector, his initial inclination is to find a way to get himself dismissed from the position. He devises various plans and attempts to carry them out in the hopes of undermining his own credibility as a police officer. However, despite his intentions, Arjun’s efforts inadvertently led to unexpected outcomes. Unbeknownst to Arjun, his actions end up aiding the other police officers in uncovering a serious drug scandal and a planned bombing. Arjun stumbles upon crucial evidence that disrupts criminal activities and provides valuable information to his fellow officers. The result of these unforeseen consequences is that the media and the entire police force interpret Arjun’s actions as a well-thought-out and secret plan devised by him to put an end to the criminal organizations plaguing the city.

A Confrontation With Kantam Baireddy

Kantam Baireddy is the main antagonist, a highly influential and manipulative character who wields his power as the Home Minister to control others. Even higher-ranking officials fear going against his orders due to the repercussions. However, Arjun unintentionally becomes a thorn in Baireddy’s side as he inadvertently exposes various scandals involving drugs, prostitution, and other illegal activities. This draws the attention of Baireddy, who realizes that Arjun poses a threat to his reputation and influence.

To address the situation, Baireddy decides to meet Arjun personally. Initially, Baireddy plans to eliminate Arjun as a way to eliminate the problem he poses. But Arjun, sensing a significant opportunity, proposes a deal to Baireddy. Arjun requests that Baireddy dismiss him from his position as a police officer, fulfilling his long-held desire to be free. Impressed by Arjun’s audacity and appreciating his help during an income tax raid, Baireddy agrees to fulfill Arjun’s request.

Arjun’s Quest For Redemption

In a dramatic turn of events, Arjun is given a task by Baireddy to kill a person named Karthik, whom Baireddy claims is a criminal. Initially skeptical, Arjun reluctantly carries out the command, only to realize that he has shot his own father, who was accompanying Karthik. As if the situation couldn’t get any worse, Karthik is killed in a truck accident. Overwhelmed with guilt and devastated by the harm inflicted upon his father, Arjun rushes him to the hospital. In a desperate attempt to rectify the situation, Arjun reaches out to Baireddy, seeking help as he requests that Baireddy give his job back. However, Baireddy reveals a startling truth: Arjun never actually had the job in the first place. Baireddy explains that due to a printing mistake, Arjun’s name mistakenly appeared as the selected candidate for the job. The revelation hits Arjun hard as he realizes that he has been living under a false illusion.

As Arjun learns about the truth behind his job placement and the manipulation orchestrated by Baireddy, he decides to use the power of the media and the public’s admiration to his advantage. He understands that if it is revealed that a mistake was made in the selection process, the higher-ranking officials would face the consequences, and the reputation of the police department would be tarnished. Arjun leverages the support and trust he has garnered from the common public to create a strong public image as an honest and dedicated police officer. As time passes, Arjun embraces his role as a police officer and uses his position to help people in need. His dedication to the welfare of the public becomes evident through his actions, whether it is solving cases, standing up against corruption, or providing assistance to those who are marginalized or oppressed.

Karthik’s Sacrifice

Baireddy calls Arjun to his office, intending to ask Arjun about his demands. Arjun seized this opportunity and demanded that Baireddy reinstate the 3000 individuals who were wrongfully dismissed from the police selection process. As the story unfolds, it is revealed that Karthik, one of the dismissed individuals, previously worked as a driver for the former Director General of Police (DGP). Karthik had actually passed the selection process based on his own merit. Baireddy, driven by his desire to have his own men in key positions, attempted to rig the selection process. However, the DGP, committed to upholding fairness, refused to comply with Baireddy’s request. Frustrated by the DGP’s refusal, Baireddy resorted to extreme measures, resulting in the tragic death of the DGP.

Karthik discovered all the crucial information that could expose Baireddy’s true colors to the public. He intends to reveal Baireddy’s corruption and manipulations to the world. As the story progresses, it is revealed that Venkat, Arjun’s father, had an unexpected encounter with Karthik on the night when Kartik was killed. Venkat encountered Karthik while attempting to escape Baireddy’s goons, and that’s when Arjun shot his father under the mistaken belief that he was targeting a criminal.

‘Meter’ Ending

Baireddy resorts to a desperate measure and decides to kidnap Arjun’s father, intending to retrieve the information he possesses about the 3000 individuals who were wrongfully dismissed. Baireddy is aware that if this information reaches the governor, it could lead to his imprisonment. In response, Arjun takes action to save his father and confronts Baireddy. Understanding the leverage he now holds, Arjun proposes a deal to Baireddy. He offers to protect Baireddy’s reputation by ensuring the information remains confidential in exchange for an appointment for all the 3000 people who lost their jobs.

To strengthen his position and deceive Baireddy, Arjun presents a fake application that demonstrates a fictitious mechanism to transfer all votes to Baireddy’s party, regardless of how people actually vote. Baireddy, impressed by the illusion of guaranteed support, is amazed by Arjun’s ingenuity and agrees to the deal. As the truth dawns on Baireddy, he realizes that he has been outsmarted by Arjun. It becomes evident that Arjun’s ploy was successful, as all 3000 individuals have been reinstated in their jobs. Moreover, the evidence against Baireddy regarding the recruitment scam and his involvement in multiple crimes surfaces, leaving him with no escape from the consequences of his actions.

In the gripping conclusion of the story, Arjun’s relentless pursuit and determination to right the wrongs committed by Baireddy come to fruition. With Baireddy’s arrest for his involvement in the recruitment scam and other crimes, the movie reaches its climax. Arjun is hailed as a hero by the public and revered for his honesty and courage. Meanwhile, Venkat is proud of his son. Throughout the movie, Venkat’s journey showcases the pain and guilt he experiences, knowing that his actions are never appreciated. Yet, the movie also highlights his unwavering love and support for his son, as he plays a very important role in unraveling the truth. Ultimately, Meter serves as a reminder of the enduring bond between a father and a son. It reinforces the idea that even in the face of adversity and personal setbacks, the family remains a source of strength for everyone.

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