‘Marui Video’ (2023) Story Recap And Ending, Explained

Marui Video, a Korean documentary directed by Yoon Joon-Hyeong, takes viewers on a captivating journey into the depths of a harrowing mystery. The focal point of this gripping tale lies in the discovery of the Marui Tape, a chilling artifact recovered from a crime scene back in 1962. Due to the sheer intensity of the violence depicted within, the tape was promptly shelved and forgotten. However, its hidden secrets would later resurface when a courageous filmmaking crew decided to unearth its contents, driven by their mission to uncover the truth behind the unexplained figure captured within the footage.

While Marui Video revolves around the existence of an authentic tape, it is important to note that the second half of the documentary is entirely fiction. In an audacious attempt to shed light on the events, the filmmakers craft a speculative narrative, presenting their own interpretation of what might have occurred.

Spoilers Ahead

The Spritwalker

In legal parlance, a Marui Video is a piece of film that was sealed from public access because it was deemed too graphic by prosecutors. This found footage movie revolves around one such tape. In 1962, a haunting murder transpired at an inn near Busan. The inn clerk, lured by sinister intentions, captured an intimate moment with his girlfriend before unleashing a brutal and horrific act upon her. The video’s level of savagery led authorities to bury it, shielding society from its grim reality. Yet, concealed within its frames lies an image that fascinated prosecutors for years—what could it be? Unveiling the eerie truth, the video reveals an apparition manifesting in the mirror, only to vanish moments later. This inexplicable occurrence gave rise to the belief that the tape itself is possessed. The haunting image portrays a young man adorned in a black uniform and hat, further heightening the sense of dread surrounding this unearthly recording. In their pursuit, documentary producer Kim Su-chan and his team left no stone unturned to locate the elusive Marui tape. However, their task was arduous, as evidence from closed cases is typically destroyed after 20 years. Intrigued by this story, which some deem an urban legend, Kim felt compelled to create a documentary that would uncover the truth behind the chilling events of 1962. Their investigation led them to the house of a deceased prosecutor, where, to their fortune, they stumbled upon the tape. Interestingly, the tape contained a recording of the original footage. Due to an unusual circumstance, the authorities were unable to make copies and instead resorted to recording the footage as it played on a television screen. But the most disturbing part of the tape was something else entirely. For a split second, a bizarre and hazy figure appeared in the footage. The figure was tall and thin, and it seemed to be made of smoke. It moved quickly and erratically, and it was gone before anyone could get a good look at it. Many called the figure a “Spritwalker.”

The Dark History

Kim and his team ventured into the inn room, where the mirror still stood, bearing witness to the dark history it had reflected. The property now served as long-term housing for day laborers, yet the room remained untouched, as its horrific past instilled fear in anyone contemplating its use. Kim and his team dispersed throughout the area, seeking any information that could shed light on the enigma they were unraveling. The trail led them to Cho Young Tae, the owner of the inn, who held key answers to their questions. As they delved deeper into the story, they discovered chilling tales from the neighbors. Many years prior, a disturbed man named Cho Kyung Ho had committed a heinous act, murdering his mother and sister, Eun Mi, in a house located in Ami, before ultimately taking his own life. Curiously, the house had come to be known as a haunted dwelling, entwined in a tapestry of spooky legends. Witnesses claimed to hear eerie voices, glimpse a young man mapping the garden, or even see his figure standing ominously in the window. Strangely enough, this man had lived with the family and vanished after the tragic incident. The shocking twist came when they unearthed the case files, which revealed that the man was none other than Cho Young Tae, the very owner of the inn. The records depicted him as Eun Mi’s father, who inherited the house in 1980. 

The film crew had an incredible stroke of luck when they stumbled upon a shaman who had previously performed a ritual in the infamous haunted house. Filled with curiosity, they decided to revisit the eerie location, accompanied by the shaman. With a display of ancient practices, the shaman conducted a ritual using the blood of a chicken, successfully establishing a connection with one of the lingering spirits. Meanwhile, the crew launched a parallel investigation to uncover the truth about Cho Kyung Ho’s biological father Cho Byung Sun, a war veteran who had passed away while residing in a nursing home. Their pursuit took an unexpected turn when they discovered that the nursing home had abruptly closed down. This unfortunate event occurred shortly after the director’s arrest on charges of embezzlement. Undeterred, the crew delved into the records found within the social work department, hoping to unveil clues regarding Cho Kyung Ho’s father. Their diligent efforts revealed a startling revelation – Cho Kyung Ho’s father was mysteriously missing from the nursing facility during its closure. As the crew continued their exploration, an uncanny observation caught their attention. Cho Byung Sun bore an uncanny resemblance to Cho Young Tae, the weird proprietor of the inn. This unexpected resemblance added a layer of complexity to their already perplexing investigation, leaving them pondering the potential significance of this peculiar coincidence.

‘Marui Video’ Ending

Complicating matters further, the investigation took an unsettling turn when one of the women involved began displaying increasingly erratic behavior by repeating a story about a man riding a bicycle and a whale. It became evident that she was somehow afflicted, seemingly possessed by a lingering spirit with a resolute purpose. The shaman, drawing upon her deep understanding of the spiritual realm, disclosed that this spirit would not find peace until its quest was fulfilled. Realizing the gravity of the situation, the shaman performed a solemn exorcism, aiming to sever the ties between the woman and the restless spirit known as Cho Kyung Ho. As the spirit released its hold on the woman, it guided the crew toward a revelation of great significance. Leading them to an undisclosed location, which turned out to be Cho Kyung Ho’s former residence, the crew stumbled upon a photograph nestled among forgotten memories. To their surprise, the picture depicted a harmonious family unit featuring none other than Cho Young Tae, the inn owner who had maintained his distant relationship with Cho Kyung Ho. Now, a startling possibility emerged- it appeared that the spirit of Cho Kyung Ho had materialized in the mirror, driven by a purpose—to expose a dark truth to the world. The spirit sought to unveil the sinister reality that their own father, hidden behind the facade of Cho Young Tae, had perpetrated a heinous act, massacring their entire family.

On the fateful night that followed, the woman, still under the influence of a spirit, committed a shocking act of violence by taking the life of her own cat before disappearing into the dense jungle. Determined to rescue her from this nightmarish ordeal, they tracked her every step. Tragically, their efforts led them into a violent confrontation, resulting in the loss of a cherished member of their team. Undeterred by the harrowing turn of events, Kim Su-chan pressed on, following the woman’s trail. His pursuit led him to a hidden cave concealed within the depths of the jungle. To his shock, the cave unveiled a chilling sight—a multitude of photographs featuring numerous young children, among them Cho Kyung Ho. However, before he could make sense of the eerie revelation, he found himself ambushed and viciously attacked, leaving his fate hanging in the balance. Yet, in a twist of fate, Kim Su-chan’s camera continued to roll, capturing an unexpected and chilling encounter. The footage revealed the possessed woman engaged in a disturbing conversation with his father, Cho Byung Sun. Gripped by a desperate need for answers, she pleaded with the unseen figure, demanding to know why he had annihilated their own family. Driven by a vengeful fury, she plunged a knife into his chest, exacting her revenge and finally bringing justice to the atrocities committed against her family. However, the woman’s actions did not come without consequences, as she was subsequently apprehended and charged with a double homicide. However, the woman maintained that she didn’t remember anything. The next day, Cho Byung Sun’s lifeless body was discovered concealed beneath the terrace of his own residence.

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