‘Love Village’ Season 1 Recap: Episodes 9 And 10

Netflix’s Love Village has already released three sets of four episodes each since its release on May 2, 2023, and the show is gaining significant popularity and capturing the attention of viewers. The continuous quest for love and its portrayal appeal to people across all age groups, especially when presented on a platform as renowned as Netflix, one of the world’s most popular streaming services. This reality show cleverly showcases the characters’ past lives, offering glimpses into their backgrounds and highlighting their expectations as they embark on a journey to find their perfect partners.

In recent episodes of Love Village, we witnessed the evolving bond between Junpei and Okayo as they spent more time together, engaging in frequent interactions while renovating the house. Okayo, known for her reserved nature, emerged as a standout character who contributed significantly to the dynamics among the housemates on the reality show. Meanwhile, Junpei finds himself torn between Okayo and Yukorin as he displays interest in both of them. Interestingly, Yukorin drops subtle hints of potential interest in Tabo through the bracelet she made with Tabo’s favorite colors. Additionally, Totchan remains captivated by Sakechan, while Sakechan reciprocates his interest in Yukorin. This intricate web of connections within Love Village adds complexity to the show and captures the attention of viewers as multiple male participants vie for the affections of a single female contestant.

In episode eight, we witness Okayo’s courageous act of ringing the pink bell to confess her feelings to Junpei. With the release of the subsequent four episodes, it becomes intriguing to discover Junpei’s response to her heartfelt proposal. To provide you with a glimpse of the upcoming events in Love Village, here’s a brief recap of episodes nine and ten.

Spoilers Ahead

‘Love Village’ Episodes 9 And 10: Recap

The ninth episode of Love Village sets a serious tone as it unveils Junpei’s response to Okayo’s proposal. Okayo, who has been unwavering in her affection for Junpei, had previously poured her heart out to him during a heartfelt conversation after ringing the pink bell. As tension mounts, Okayo gathers her belongings, prepared to depart from Love Village, as one of the rules of the show dictates that the bell ringer must leave, regardless of the response received from the one they confess to. In front of all the housemates, Okayo courageously confesses her feelings once again, her tears flowing as she grapples with the possibility of rejection from the man she truly cares for. Surprisingly, Junpei begins to express his emotions. Initially, he lavishes Okayo with praise, recounting her assistance in house renovations despite her lack of expertise and her efforts to engage in pleasant conversations. However, Junpei does something unimaginable. He steps in front of Yukorin. This pivotal moment intensifies the tension for both the hosts and the audience, as it appears he may worsen the situation by approaching Yukorin.

As Junpei approaches Yukorin, Okayo is taken aback by his sudden departure from their conversation. However, to everyone’s surprise, Junpei reveals that he isn’t actually heading toward Yukorin; instead, he requests Sakechan to bring him scissors. In a startling revelation, Junpei explains that during a previous conversation with Okayo, he had mentioned his willingness to cut off his long, distinctive hair lock if he found the right partner. Overwhelmed with joy, Okayo immediately understands his intentions, and tears begin to flow. Junpei stands before Okayo, inviting her to cut the hair lock and emphasizing his deep conviction in his feelings for her. In a peculiar yet romantic twist, Junpei and Okayo share a passionate kiss, bidding farewell to their fellow housemates as they joyfully depart from “Love Village,” embarking on a beautiful journey together as the first couple to leave the show.

Love’s Unexpected Arrival: Minane’s Exciting Encounter With A Promising New Love Story

The departure of Junpei and Okayo leaves the remaining housemates already yearning for their presence. Minane, particularly affected by Okayo’s absence, becomes visibly upset, as they used to spend a significant amount of time together. This marks the first time in the show that we gain insight into Minane’s personal life. She opens up about her unfortunate experiences with past marriages, recounting how she was betrayed in her first marriage and her second marriage ended in a deeply unfortunate manner due to the significant age gap that eroded the affection her ex-husband once had for her. Just as Minane contemplates whether to stay on the show or leave, a new housemate named Nakasan, a sixty-year-old businessman, arrives. His introduction is met with immediate fondness from everyone present. This arrival signals a long-awaited connection for Minane, as she finally has someone in the house who is from her own age group. Recognizing the opportunity, Minane begins engaging in conversations with Nakasan, providing a fresh and promising prospect for her.

Totchan begins to search for new avenues to capture Sakechan’s attention, but the situation becomes more complex when Yukiemon becomes involved in a conversation with Sakechan while they are harvesting together. Meanwhile, Tabo opens up about the difficulty of trusting others, as his role model and business partner betrayed him by stealing his money and disappearing without a trace. Tabo is still awaiting any information from the police and the return of his substantial sum of money. Despite these challenges, it is evident that Tabo and Yukorin are enjoying each other’s company and developing a liking for one another. As Minane and Nakasan forge a steady connection, the growing bond between Tabo and Yukorin adds an intriguing element to the upcoming episodes. It will be interesting to witness how their relationship evolves further. Additionally, the direction of Sakechan and Totchan’s connection holds promise for future developments as well.


In the ninth and tenth episodes of Love Village, the show introduces a refreshing variety by featuring its first-ever couple, Junpei and Okayo. It’s delightful to witness Minane receiving well-deserved attention as she shares incidents from her past and now has an opportunity to connect with someone her own age, thanks to the arrival of Nakasan. While Yukiemon and Anchovy remain uncertain about their future direction, they receive relatively less screen time, but it appears they will have their moments in upcoming episodes. The show captivates viewers with the departure of the first pair and the intriguing current situation. It will be fascinating to observe how the forthcoming episodes delve into the connections between the housemates.

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