‘Love Village’ Season 1 Recap: Episodes 7 And 8

Netflix’s latest Japanese reality show, Love Village, has garnered widespread attention and experienced a surge in ratings since the release of its latest four episodes on May 9, 2023. The show introduces a compelling concept by providing an opportunity for individuals in the second half of their lives to seek love. The participants, ranging from 35 to over 60 years old, contribute to the show’s diverse and inclusive nature.

In the fifth and sixth episodes of Love Village, we are introduced to new housemates who bring fresh dynamics to the show. Totchan moves on from Tabo and develops an interest in Sakechan, while Anchovy speculates that both Totchan and Yukiemon have feelings for him. Okayo puts in the effort to pursue Junpei and finds renewed motivation to continue on the show, despite contemplating leaving. However, Junpei’s attention seems to be directed more toward Yukorin rather than Okayo. The dynamics become even more intriguing as Junpei, Tabo, and Sakechan all express interest in Yukorin. To give you a glimpse of what’s in store for these characters, let’s briefly recap the seventh and eighth episodes of Love Village.

Spoilers Ahead

‘Love Village’ Episodes 7 And 8: Recap

During a yoga session led by Yukorin, the housemates soak up the positive atmosphere and thoroughly enjoy themselves. Meanwhile, Junpei attempts to spend quality time with Yukorin, but Okayo takes the opportunity to have a private conversation with Junpei on a bench. In their heartfelt discussion, Okayo discovers Junpei’s preference for fashionable women. Motivated to impress him, Okayo approaches the other female housemates, urging them to dress her up and help her wear makeup. Eventually, Okayo emerges with a new look, hoping to captivate Junpei’s attention. However, Junpei appears unimpressed, failing to offer any compliments despite Okayo’s sincere efforts. Okayo’s genuine care for her housemates shines through, as she consistently lends a hand with daily activities and even manages the participants’ finances, given their limited budget for the month. Witnessing Okayo’s tears and distress elicits sympathy from both the hosts and viewers, recognizing her as one of the most humble and kind-hearted participants on the show.

Okayo begins to feel increasingly bothered by Junpei’s behavior, despite harboring strong feelings for him. Meanwhile, Minane skillfully captures a swallow, delighting in setting it free to enjoy the refreshing air. Finally, it’s great to see the attention shift to Minane, who graciously shares some of her exquisite writings. Then the female housemates eagerly engage in crafting bracelets for the male housemates, each selecting beads that reflect their personal tastes. The premise is simple: the male participants will unknowingly choose one bracelet they like without knowing which female housemate created it. However, a concern arises as there are five female participants but only four male participants, guaranteeing that someone’s bracelet will be left unselected.

Fate’s Twist: Unveiling A Brave Female Participant

As the male participants start choosing bracelets for themselves, the female participants look visibly upset, concerned that one participant’s bracelet will not be selected by anyone. Interestingly, Anchovy chooses the bracelet made by Yukiemon, reigniting feelings for Yukiemon within him. Tabo selects a bracelet made by Yukorin, and the intriguing part is that Yukorin has incorporated beads in Tabo’s favorite colors, which she learned from their conversation. However, Junpei ends up selecting a bracelet made by Minane, as Okayo’s bracelet has not been picked by anyone. Interestingly, Junpei displays a different side of himself as he holds Okayo’s bracelet for a long time, signifying his appreciation for Okayo. Okayo starts crying over her rejected bracelet, but her spirits are lifted upon seeing Junpei holding it for an extended period.

The dynamics between the characters take an intriguing turn when Yukorin starts spending more time with Tabo, clearly showing disinterest in Junpei. Meanwhile, Okayo finds her thoughts consumed by Junpei and decides to make a bold move during lunch by ringing the pink bell. Typically not one to initiate, Okayo’s strong affection for Junpei pushes her to become the first female participant to ring the bell. The sound of the bell captures everyone’s attention, revealing Okayo as the instigator. She then approaches Junpei, holding his hand and leading him to a picturesque location where they sit on a bench, mesmerized by a cascading waterfall. Overflowing with emotions, Okayo courageously expresses her true feelings and profound admiration for Junpei, even acknowledging the possibility of rejection. The eighth episode of Love Village ends in suspense, granting Junpei a day to contemplate his response. With the next set of four episodes scheduled for release on May 16, 2023, it is very clear that the audience will eagerly anticipate Junpei’s reply.


The seventh and eighth episodes of Love Village primarily center around the developing connection between Okayo and Junpei. It’s fascinating to witness Okayo, typically soft-spoken and reserved, become the first courageous female participant to ring the pink bell. This leaves the audience on a cliffhanger, eagerly anticipating the future of Okayo and Junpei. While Minane receives attention, it remains uncertain whether she will find a potential connection due to her age, which seems to be viewed negatively by other participants who see her more as a mentor than an actual participant seeking love. The introduction of new participants injects an exciting twist into the show, showcasing captivating segments. With the eighth episode leaving us curious about Junpei’s response, it will be intriguing to see what future episodes hold in store for the show’s viewers.

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