‘Love Village’ Season 1 Recap: Episodes 5 And 6

Netflix’s Love Village is a dating reality show that has recently gained massive popularity among people around the world. This reality dating show has a different approach and a good technique of using animated video transitions between the segments, which makes it interesting for the viewers.

In the fourth episode of Love Village, we witnessed Hollywood taking the initiative by being the first to ring the pink bell and express his feelings to Yukiemon. Unfortunately, his confession was met with rejection, leading him to leave Love Village alone, as per the show’s rules. With the arrival of Yukorin, Sakechan, and Junpei as the new housemates, the dynamics between the old and new participants promise to be intriguing. To give you a glimpse of what unfolds in episodes 5 and 6 of Love Village, here’s a concise recap.

Spoilers Ahead

‘Love Village’ Episodes 5 And 6: Recap

The new housemates take turns introducing themselves to the existing residents. Junpei, a skilled interior designer, and carpenter, manages his father’s business. Sakechan, a former lawyer, now works as a company employee. Then there’s the unexpected arrival of Yukorin, a charismatic and beautiful yoga instructor who seeks a serious connection leading to marriage, having never been married before. Among the female participants, she is the youngest. Both Tabo and Junpei find themselves drawn to Yukorin, seeking opportunities to spend more time with her. This development deeply upsets Totchan, who has an affection for Tabo, as she witnesses him overlooking her completely in favor of Yukorin. Meanwhile, Junpei also begins to make his move, seizing the chance to bond with Yukorin while renovating the house. With the formation of a love triangle between Tabo, Junpei, and Yukorin, the outcome becomes an intriguing question to explore.

Sakechan reveals his motivation for coming to Love Village as a reserved individual who cherishes his personal space. He seeks a partner who can understand his emotions and provide support. Meanwhile, Totchan impresses the housemates with her exceptional French fries, and Sakechan openly compliments the dish, bringing joy to Totchan. Intriguingly, Totchan begins to take notice of Sakechan and initiates a conversation to get to know him better. They discover a shared passion for reading books, leading Totchan to offer one of her books to Sakechan. The focus gradually shifts for Totchan from Tabo to Sakechan. Anchovy, the chef, conjures up an imagined theory that both Totchan and Yukorin are interested in him, which is far from the truth. On the other hand, Anchovy engages in a conversation with Totchan, realizing her growing distance. Despite Totchan’s lack of interest in being romantically involved with Anchovy, he misinterprets her actions and believes she likes him. Totchan, now concentrating on Sakechan, invites him for a private conversation, and they engage in a meaningful conversation that clearly showcases an initial connection between them.

The Dynamic Connections Reshaping Expectations

In the opening scenes of the sixth episode of Love Village, the focus shifts to Okayo. Unlike the energetic and animated female participants like Yukiemon and Totchan, Okayo is an introvert who lacks confidence and often compares herself to others. Despite her reserved nature, she actively helps the housemates and tirelessly carries out tasks, even when her efforts go unnoticed. It’s a commendable trait that highlights her selflessness. Okayo opens up about her past, revealing that she married at the age of 21, but the marriage tragically ended after just one year, resulting in a divorce. Her participation in Love Village stems from her desire to find a supportive partner who will cherish her. However, Okayo experiences moments of sadness and homesickness, causing her to question her purpose on the show. Interestingly, just as she contemplates leaving, her encounter with Junpei sparks a newfound motivation to stay. As Okayo begins conversing with him, she rediscovers a sense of purpose that had been missing, leading her to decide to remain in the show.

Totchan decides to spend more time with Sakechan in order to get to know him better. She gives him a note in which she shares one of her healing techniques. Meanwhile, Okayo is taken aback when she witnesses Junpei choosing Yukorin over her to accompany him on a renovation task. This choice deeply upsets Okayo as she senses Junpei’s growing interest in Yukorin. During a particularly intense thunderstorm, the housemates become frightened. When Yukorin expresses her fear, Junpei comforts her by holding her, although Yukorin feels slightly uncomfortable and mentions it in a solo interview segment. Observing Junpei growing closer to Yukorin, Okayo bursts into tears, once again comparing herself to Yukorin and feeling inadequate in terms of beauty and attractiveness. As a surprising twist, Sakechan starts developing feelings for Yukorin after having a conversation with her, realizing that they both share a preference for composure rather than excessive self-expression. With three out of the four male participants now interested in Yukorin, Totchan, and Okayo find themselves unsure of how to proceed. The future episodes seem very promising and intriguing as they navigate this new dynamic.


The fifth and sixth episodes of Love Village present intriguing perspectives from the new participants. Also, it’s great to see Okayo getting proper attention, and the sixth episode showcases a long-awaited glimpse into Okayo’s expectations for the show. However, despite six episodes having passed, Minane still lacks proper development, often going unnoticed. Perhaps this is due to her status as the oldest participant, which might make it difficult for her to find a fitting role in starting her own narrative within the show. The effective use of animated video transitions continues to leave a positive impact, while hosts Atsushi Tamura and Becky appear more active, with Atsushi even sharing his theory about a potential compatible match between Sakechan and Okayo, as they both are introverted individuals. Yukorin’s surprising entrance adds a significant twist, as nearly all male participants, except Anchovy, express interest in her. The forthcoming episodes are bound to delve into this ongoing situation, leaving us curious as to whether any participant will ring the pink bell or not.

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