‘Love Village’ Season 1 Recap: Episodes 3 And 4

Dating reality shows have gained immense popularity in recent years, captivating audiences around the world. These shows revolve around the theme of love, showcasing a group of individuals who come together in a controlled environment to find romance, form connections, and ultimately pursue their quest for love. While the specific format and rules may vary, the underlying theme remains constant: the search for a genuine emotional connection.

Netflix’s Love Village, which premiered on May 2, 2023, has captured the attention of audiences with its intriguing new concept. The show features participants ranging from the ages of 35 to over 60, exploring the dynamics of relationships within this age group. One of the unique elements is the bell-ringing proposal, where a participant can propose to another, and if the proposal is accepted, they leave Love Village as a couple. However, if the proposal is rejected, the proposer must leave it alone. This dynamic ensures a constant influx of new participants to replace those who depart. The series begins with eight participants, evenly divided between four men and four women. The initial episodes have already shown the budding connections between Hollywood and Yukiemon, as well as Totchan and Tabo. Meanwhile, Johnny takes charge as the group’s leader, while Anchovy conceals his identity as a chef. The first two episodes set the stage for the show, and now it’s time to delve into the subsequent episodes. If you’re curious about what unfolds in episodes 3 and 4 of Love Village, here’s a brief recap.

Spoilers Ahead

‘Love Village’ Episodes 3 And 4: Recap

In the third episode of “Love Village,” we find Anchovy and Yukiemon engaging in a pleasant conversation while harvesting, followed by an unconventional pizza-making session where other participants join in to lend a hand. Anchovy, being a professional chef, impresses everyone with his culinary skills, and the participants thoroughly enjoy the delicious food he prepares. Interestingly, Anchovy had been in a decade-long relationship in the past that didn’t result in marriage, and since the breakup, he has remained single for sixteen long years. It will be fascinating to see if Anchovy can find love after such a prolonged period or if he will depart from the Love Village alone. Meanwhile, Hollywood and Yukiemon engage in a private conversation that starts off positively but quickly escalates into an argument, leading Yukiemon to walk away and join the others. Things take an intriguing turn when Yukiemon begins spending time with Anchovy, and even Totchan appears to be growing closer to Anchovy as Tabo doesn’t reciprocate Totchan’s feelings towards him.

The hosts of Love Village, Atsushi Tamura and Becky, find themselves thoroughly engrossed in the unfolding drama. Atsushi, being a comedian, peppers the moments with his trademark jokes, injecting humor into various segments. Amidst the unfolding events, Yukiemon is approached by Hollywood, who seeks a private conversation, leading to a more profound exchange where they open up about their respective pasts and the sorrowful memories of losing their mothers to cancer. Following dinner, Hollywood once again approaches Yukiemon privately, aiming to mend their hearts, and it becomes evident that their previous argument holds little significance to them anymore. The participants collaborated to pull off a delightful surprise for Hollywood on his 52nd birthday. Yukiemon presents him with a cake accompanied by a heartfelt card containing messages from everyone. Overwhelmed by this touching gesture from his housemates, Hollywood is moved to tears. Deep in thought, he starts to view Yukiemon as his ideal partner and decides to take a significant step by ringing the bell to propose. The sound of the bell reverberates through the house, leaving the other housemates stunned. Now the question lingers: What lies ahead for Hollywood? Will he leave the house alongside Yukiemon, or will he depart alone, nursing a broken heart?

Will Yukiemon Accept Hollywood’s Proposal?

After ringing the bell, Hollywood invites Yukiemon to join him for a romantic sunset viewing while gently holding her hand. As they engage in conversation, Hollywood expresses his heartfelt emotions to Yukiemon and grants her a day to contemplate whether she wishes to embark on a relationship with him or not. Later, Hollywood savors his final meal within the confines of the house, knowing that regardless of Yukiemon’s response, his departure is imminent. The following day, both the hosts and participants eagerly awaited Yukiemon’s decision. As Yukiemon approaches, Hollywood once again expresses his admiration and affection for her before the other housemates. Sadly, Yukiemon chooses to remain in the house, declining Hollywood’s proposal. Tears cascaded down the faces of the participants, with even host Atsushi Tamura shedding a few as he rooted for Hollywood. After the rejection, Hollywood embraces Yukiemon, bidding farewell to the participants with well-wishes and imparting a resolute message to exit the house like a hero.

Immediately following Hollywood’s departure from the house, the participants are struck with another shock when Johnny announces his decision to leave due to the demands of his work as a psychologist. With Hollywood and Johnny’s exits, their vacancies are promptly filled by Junpei, an interior designer, and Sakechan, a company employee. As the remaining participants extend a warm welcome to the newcomers, they are taken aback once again by the arrival of a captivating woman named Yukorin. Introducing herself as their new housemate, Yukorin adds an unexpected twist to the dynamic. The unfolding of the next set of four episodes of Season 1 of “Love Village,” set to release on May 9, 2023, promises to be an intriguing spectacle.


The initial episodes of Love Village effectively establish the show’s tone, while episodes 3 and 4 primarily delve into the fate of Hollywood. Although the buildup of tension leading to Yukiemon’s response is well executed, the show fails to fully showcase participants like Minane and Okayo, who come across as extras with minimal emphasis given to their backstories or their specific desires within Love Village. However, the unexpected entry of Yukorin adds a welcome touch of unpredictability, shifting the balance from four men and four women to five women and four men. The show’s host, Atsushi Tamura, known for his comedic identity, is seen shedding tears in each episode. While some may appreciate the authenticity of his reactions, others might perceive them as exaggerated for a more mature audience. Looking ahead, it is hoped that forthcoming episodes will place greater focus on Okayo and Minane, as well as the new participants, in order to introduce more enjoyable and delightful moments for the viewers to savor.

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