‘Love Village’ Season 1 Recap: Episodes 11 And 12

Netflix’s Love Village has received a positive response following the heartwarming departure of the show’s first couple, as they set off on a new journey together. The show’s primary objective is to introduce numerous participants and assist them in finding their ideal partners. Each week, the series unveils a fresh set of episodes, allowing viewers to witness the evolving connections between the participants. Hosts Atsushi Tamura and Becky are skillfully overseeing the proceedings, closely observing the developments and conducting interviews with the participants in between show segments. Their involvement adds an extra layer of engagement to the show, making it more captivating.

The journey depicted in Love Village has been quite eventful. It all began with Yukiemon turning down Hollywood’s proposal, followed by Johnny’s unexpected departure from the show due to his profession. However, amidst these challenges, Junpei and Okayo emerged as a couple, bringing a newfound ray of hope to the remaining participants. As the show progresses, we witness Minane’s character development and her potential for a brighter future, especially with the arrival of Nakasan. Currently, the show finds itself in a balanced state, with an equal number of four male and four female participants. This sets the stage for three possible pairings: Totchan and Sakechan, Minane and Nakasan, as well as Tabo and Yukorin.

With the release of its new episodes on May 16, 2023, Love Village has garnered positive feedback from the audience. Junpei and Okayo’s fulfilling journey and Minane receiving the attention she deserves have been particularly well received. The eleventh and twelfth episodes promise to be intriguing as they unveil fresh opportunities for the participants to move closer to finding their ideal partners. To offer a glimpse of what awaits in these episodes, here’s a brief recap.

Spoilers Ahead

‘Love Village’ Episodes 11 And 12: Recap

Minane and Nakasan are discovering a growing fondness for each other’s company as they engage in conversations and partake in daily activities together. Minane’s journey has been quite a rollercoaster, surrounded by younger participants who tend to perceive her more as a nurturing figure than an equal. However, with Nakasan’s arrival, the dynamics have shifted, offering Minane a chance to forge a meaningful connection and perhaps find her last potential partner. Meanwhile, Tabo and Yukorin are relishing each other’s company even more as their chemistry intensifies with each passing day. Tabo’s interest in Yukorin is evident, and Yukorin has dropped a few hints indicating her reciprocal feelings. Their heartfelt conversations shared daily activities, and pursuit of joy make their story all the more captivating.

Totchan’s affection for Sakechan grows even stronger, and she diligently addresses any doubts that arise regarding her feelings for him. To help Sakechan stay hydrated, as he often forgets to drink enough water, Totchan presents him with a carefully labeled bottle, ensuring he maintains good health. This gesture exemplifies Totchan’s thoughtfulness and deep concern for Sakechan’s well-being. Despite being aware of Sakechan’s gift of special salt to Yukorin and his prolonged interest in her, Totchan remains resolute in her own affection for Sakechan. As a single mother, Totchan possesses a genuinely kind heart and has consistently expressed her desire for a genuine connection within the Love Village. She seeks a profound and lasting relationship, as she aims to embark on a serious commitment leading to marriage for the final time.

Embracing Destiny: Totchan’s Pursuit Of Personal Fulfillment

The participants gather around the campfire just outside the house, engaging in lively conversations and enjoying alcoholic beverages. Totchan finds herself seated next to Sakechan, while Yukiemon is next to Anchovy. Yukorin and Tabo sit together, and Minane and Nakasan also find a spot together to savor the warmth of the campfire. The housemates share a positive attitude towards expressing their thoughts and appreciate how the show enables them to meet individuals with diverse personalities, all united by the common goal of finding true love. Although the other housemates are not particularly fond of Yukiemon and Anchovy getting drunk, something unexpected starts to brew between them as they grow closer while basking in the campfire’s glow. Meanwhile, Totchan thoroughly enjoys Sakechan’s company, having already expressed her feelings for him during a solo interview session. Her actions reveal a deep passion for Sakechan. In a surprising twist of events, the following day, after much contemplation, Totchan decides to make a bold move. She grabs everyone’s attention by ringing the pink bell, and she proceeds to confess her feelings to Sakechan.

Totchan brings Sakechan to a picturesque location, where she opens up about her deep feelings for him and her desire to build a beautiful future together. The return of the couple piques everyone’s curiosity, and the housemates begin speculating about Totchan’s departure from the show, leaving them feeling slightly disheartened. The following day, Totchan arrives with her belongings, intending to share her final emotions with Sakechan. As Totchan starts pouring her heart out, the housemates are overcome with emotion. Amidst tears, Totchan anxiously awaits Sakechan’s response. Finally, Sakechan speaks, approaching the conversation with maturity and acknowledging Totchan’s unwavering support. He reveals his initial preference for a reserved partner like himself but admits to gradually appreciating Totchan’s vibrant and expressive personality. Sakechan expresses gratitude for Totchan’s thoughtful gifts and caring nature, recognizing them as signs of a true partner. Ultimately, Sakechan articulates his desire to embark on a life together with Totchan. They share a heartfelt kiss and bid farewell to their fellow housemates, leaving Love Village behind to embrace their shared happiness.


The eleventh and twelfth episodes of Love Village have effectively laid the groundwork for Totchan and Sakechan to depart as a joyful couple, becoming the second pair to do so on the show. With only six participants remaining, it becomes intriguing to witness how the new participants will inject fresh dynamics into the series. It also piques our curiosity to observe if Yukiemon and Anchovy will form a connection and become a couple. Additionally, it is evident from their individual interviews that either Tabo or Yukorin will soon trigger the pink bell, having confessed their feelings for each other. The show maintains a steady pace, and it holds promise to unveil captivating developments in the upcoming episodes.

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