‘Love Village’ Season 1 Recap: Episodes 1 And 2

The reality shows where participants come to find love typically revolve around the idea of creating a romantic connection between individuals who are seeking a partner. The show’s premise is centered on the idea that the participants are all single and looking for love, and they have come to the show in the hopes of finding their perfect match.

The central focus of a dating reality show is on the relationships that develop between the contestants and the drama that arises as they navigate the ups and downs of dating. Viewers are often captivated by the emotional intensity of the show as they watch the contestants form bonds, experience heartbreak, and ultimately either find love or leave the show empty-handed. Overall, love reality shows can be both entertaining and emotionally impactful, as they showcase the universal desire for love and companionship.

On May 2, 2023, Netflix’s new reality show titled Love Village debuted, featuring a unique twist. Unlike most shows of its kind that typically center around young men and women searching for love, Love Village follows a group of participants aged 35 to over 60. The show is filmed in a stunning, remote location in Japan, featuring a picturesque house surrounded by lush greenery and breathtaking landscapes. To give you a glimpse of what the series has in store, here’s a brief recap of the first two episodes.

Spoilers Ahead

‘Love Village’ Episodes 1 And 2: Recap

The hosts of this new Netflix reality show, Atsushi Tamura and Becky, have a unique approach that differs from typical reality show hosts. Instead of directly interacting with the participants, they simply observe their activities and discuss their own thoughts with each other. The show then introduces us to the first eight participants, consisting of four men and four women. The youngest participant is Tabo, a 35-year-old businessman, while the oldest is Johnny, a 60-year-old psychologist. Anchovy, a 46-year-old chef, and Hollywood, a 51-year-old who has worked as a stuntman and in other movie roles, round out the male participants. The female participants include Totchan, a 45-year-old therapist; Okayo, a 39-year-old convenience store clerk; Yukiemon, a 45-year-old barista; and Minane, a 60-year-old picture book author. All eight participants are in “Love Village” with the hope of finding potential love interests.

The premise of “Love Village” is straightforward: eight initial participants are tasked with living in a 152-year-old village built in 1870 in a remote area of Japan. The rules are strict but interesting: they must live on a limited budget for an entire month, and they can only use one laptop—no cell phones or television allowed. The aim is to socialize with as many people as possible and find their true love. When a participant finds their match, they must climb to the top of the hill to ring a pink bell. If the person they ring the bell for accepts their proposal, they can leave the village together, making way for new participants to take their place. However, if the person declines, the participant must leave the village alone. It is an exciting journey to see how each individual’s story unfolds, who will find fulfillment, and who will leave the village heartbroken.

Seeking A Soulmate In The Second Half Of Life

The participants get to know each other better through a variety of activities. One day, while harvesting, they realize that the 152-year-old house they’re staying in needs serious maintenance. To tackle the issue, the group hires a carpenter and works together to remodel the living room, kitchen, and other rooms. They even built a large dining table from a single chestnut tree to accommodate all eight participants. As they work, Totchan, a therapist, develops a keen interest in Tabo, the youngest participant, and a businessman. She spends more time with him, enjoying their conversations. Meanwhile, Hollywood initially takes a liking to Okayo but later shifts his attention to Yukiemon.

Totchan finds herself deeply attracted to Tabo and even describes her sexual feelings for him during her personal solo sessions with the “Love Village” team. As the participants continue to open up to each other, the group dynamics become more intriguing. However, Anchovy chooses to keep his identity as a chef a secret, fearing that the other participants will constantly ask him to cook for them, which could sideline his experience on the show. He also holds the belief that men who can cook may not be seen as attractive in relationships. Hosts Becky and Atsushi disagree, as they believe that women often appreciate men who can cook well. In the meantime, Johnny and Hollywood engage in a heated argument over whether or not Johnny’s use of sleeping pills is appropriate for a psychologist. Johnny explains that he has developed insomnia due to working late hours and sometimes needs medication to help him sleep. The argument comes to a close when Hollywood initially threatens to leave the house but ultimately decides to stay after the other participants convince him to do so. The second episode of “Love Village” ends with Hollywood and Johnny shaking hands to signify the resolution of their conflict.


Love Village is a new show that stands out by featuring older participants who are searching for perhaps their last chance at love instead of focusing on young participants. The show’s transitions and development are hit-and-miss. The animated videos used to complement the storytelling are effective and visually appealing. However, the show’s tendency to exaggerate the characters’ excitement and constant discussion of s*x out of context may not appeal to all audiences. The first two episodes introduce the eight participants and explore their past experiences and what they hope to find on the show. The first two episodes hint at the potential couple of Hollywood and Yukiemon and Totchan and Tabo, which is promising, and I think viewers are eager to see what future episodes will bring to the table.

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