‘Koning Worst’ (2022) Story Recap And Ending, Explained

The Netherlands has a rich history of producing animated films, with many notable filmmakers and studios making significant contributions to the art form. Dutch animated films are renowned for their visually stunning animation and captivating storylines. From the heart-wrenching Father and Daughter to the sci-fi classic Fantastic Planet, and the surreal and visually striking The Monster of Nix to the whimsical and humorous The Cat Came Back, there is no shortage of outstanding Dutch animated films to enjoy. These films represent just a small sample of the impressive body of work produced by talented Dutch filmmakers and studios throughout the years.

Today, Dutch animation remains a vital and dynamic part of the global animation scene, with many talented filmmakers and studios producing innovative and visually stunning work. In recent years, Dutch animated films such as The Red Turtle and Loving Vincent have received international acclaim and helped to raise the profile of Dutch animation even further.

In Koning Worst, a Dutch animated film directed by Mascha Halberstad, a skilled butcher in the old village of Mopple runs his store with pride for many years. However, his world is turned upside down when a rival butcher opens a shop right across from his store. The film was released on October 13, 2022. To give you an idea of what unfolds in this intriguing tale, here’s a brief recap:

Spoilers Ahead

‘Koning’s Worst’ Story

The opening scene of the animated movie Koning Worst introduces us to Tuitjes, a skilled butcher who has won the annual competition in the quaint village of Mopple for the past ten years. Tuitjes’ daughter, Greetjes, is a young girl who works alongside her father in the butcher shop. Greetjes has a crush on a regular customer named Nol, who happens to be her former classmate. The early scenes of the short animated film depict the relationship between Greetjes and Nol.

As the animated short film unfolds, we witness an Italian butcher named Smakkerelli setting up his shop in front of Tuitjes’ own store, which quickly catches the eye of the local villagers. However, Tuitjes becomes increasingly irked by the prospect of his business being negatively impacted. He confides in his daughter and attempts to evaluate the situation at hand.

Butcher Brawl: The Sausage Kings Of Mopple

The residents of the old village of Mopple have taken a liking to Smakkerelli’s products, and he appears to be a skilled butcher who knows how to please his customers. However, Tuitjes observes Smakkerelli’s success and becomes infuriated as his own business is impacted by the Italian butcher’s presence. Meanwhile, Nol, a regular customer of Tuitjes’ shop, stops showing up, which causes concern for Greetjes. Despite Tuitjes’ efforts to compete, Smakkerelli’s shop continues to gain popularity. In fact, even Tuitjes’ wife secretly buys items from Smakkerelli’s store, which only further fuels Tuitjes’ frustration and anger.

Tuitjes finds it difficult to control his emotions as he becomes increasingly frustrated with Smakkerelli’s growing popularity and his own declining business and reputation. After successfully running his business for the past decade, Tuitjes openly accuses Smakkerelli of causing harm to his business. Eventually, the two butchers agree to compete against each other in the annual competition to determine who is the best and whose shop will become the preferred destination for the villagers. Meanwhile, Greetjes discovers that Nol has joined Smakkerelli’s shop as an assistant. When she confronts him about it, Nol asks her out on a date, which she accepts. During their date, Nol reveals a secret: that Smakkerelli is not actually an Italian butcher and that he adopted the name to attract attention from the locals.

‘Koning Worst’ Ending

Tuitjes devises a wicked plan to win the annual competition by sneaking into Smakkerelli’s shop and tampering with his food items, which Smakkerelli had prepared for the competition. While carrying out his devious scheme, Tuitjes eavesdrops on a conversation between Nol and Greetjes and learns that Smakkerelli is not actually Italian, despite promoting his store as an Italian specialty shop. Meanwhile, the bond between Greetjes and Nol strengthens as they continue to enjoy each other’s company. Despite Smakkerelli’s false identity, he is a skilled and talented butcher, while Tuitjes has been the top butcher for years but has resorted to unethical tactics to gain an advantage in the competition.

Towards the end of the short animated film, we are shown glimpses of the annual competition to decide the sausage king in Mopple. The villagers are delighted by Tuitjes’ delectable offerings, but their joy turns into rage when they discover a rat tail in the food at Smakkerelli’s counter. Realizing that Tuitjes is responsible, Smakkerelli confronts him and launches a physical attack, transforming the once-peaceful village into a violent battleground. Meanwhile, Nol becomes convinced that Greetjes has betrayed his trust by revealing a secret to her father about Smakkerelli not being Italian, causing him to flee the competition. However, Greetjes manages to track down Nol and assuages his doubts by proving her loyalty and reconciling the couple. In the aftermath of the altercation, Tuitjes leaves a letter for his wife, announcing that he will be leaving Mopple to pursue self-discovery and showcase his exceptional butchery skills to the world, as he believes that the small village only needs one butcher, and Smakkerelli can have his shop.

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