‘Kin’ Season 2, Episode 6: Recap & Ending: What Happened To Nikki? What Did Bren Do To Stop The Mess?

The previous episode of Kin depicted Kem’s passing away. Amanda learned about the killing via Bren, who told her that Anthony was present during it. Nikki was taken into custody for the crime of soliciting a murder, which we also witnessed. Let’s take a look at everything that went down in this episode. 

Spoilers Ahead

‘Kin’ Season 2 Episode 6: Story

The tension that has been building up since Kem’s death and Nikki’s arrest is what kicks off this episode. The entire Kinsella dynasty might fall apart if Nikki were to be taken into custody. Nikki was not suited for incarceration or questioning by the police in any capacity. Because of this, it was clear that sooner or later, she would divulge all of the information that she possesses, which is quite a lot. This is also concerning to Bren, so he has requested Viking to retrieve Kem’s sim from the trash can. It was not until the inspector notified Nikki about the problem while she was being interrogated that the primary reason behind her actions became apparent. As a result, it became clear that Nikki had been found guilty of urging Kem to kill the witness who may have assisted the authorities in putting Viking behind bars. Bren, with the assistance of Viking, has obtained Kem’s sim card and has placed a call to Kem’s residence using that number. After Kem’s wife answered the phone, she discovered that Bren had threatened her. He threatened her that if she continued to speak openly in front of the authorities, he would find her and kill her young daughter. 

On the other hand, while all of this is going on, we observe Nellie encouraging and directing her son to murder Michael Kinsella. Nellie believed that it would be the ideal time for them to launch their attack on the Kinsellas because the Russians had placed a very significant amount of money on his head. However, Michael was aware of the threat, but he was unaware that Nellie had already asked her boy to shoot him. Michael was unaware that Nellie had asked her boy to shoot him. Michael’s door was knocked on by Nellie’s son, but he was already out on a date with Molly when he arrived. Because they intend to kill one of the Kinsellas, they have made the decision to hunt down Eric, also known as Viking. We then witness Viking returning to the pub with Kem’s SIM card and parking the car outside of the establishment. One of Nellie’s sons went up to the vehicle and attached a GPS device so that it could be followed. Following Bren’s conversation with Kem’s wife over the phone, the remaining members of the Kinsella family left the bar and proceeded to their respective locations. After dropping Bren off, Eric headed in the direction of his house. When he finally arrived, the fight broke out since Nellie’s boys had been waiting for him there. On the other hand, Eric’s good fortune continued to shine as their rifle jammed in the middle of the struggle. Eric took out running in the direction of the backyard while Nellie’s kid continued walking away. Eric had no idea who had followed him to his house in order to kill him.

As a result of the growing distance between them, Amanda had the distinct impression that she was spending more time alone than ever before. Anthony started to have doubts about her judgment, and he even had a hunch that she was having an affair with Michael. Anthony was under the impression that something really nefarious was occurring within the home because Jimmy was no longer a resident there. Even when he phoned Jimmy and asked him all there was to know about it, Jimmy did not volunteer any information. Amanda pleaded with Anthony to avoid being involved in the criminal world, but he flatly disregarded her request and stated that he would do whatever he considered to be the right thing. Amanda, who was in a state of shock, visited Michael the following morning and witnessed Molly getting into the taxi. It was the very first time that she had seen her, and she quickly became aware that Michael had a girlfriend. Seeing herself in this predicament made her feel like an idiot since she knew in her heart that she always had a feeling for Michael, and he possessed it too. On the other hand, they went out together to sell fenethylline, which was something that we learned about in episode 4. They were able to find a buyer, and it is possible that they may soon be able to pay off Batuk’s debt.

In this episode, we witness Birdy and Frank becoming closer to one another. There was virtually no possibility of Frank getting involved in the family business to any significant degree. Even Birdy was uninterested in most of what was being said. However, she was only afraid of Bren, which is why she insisted that Frank keep his head clean despite the fact that she feared Bren. Frank’s ultimate goal was to walk away from his responsibilities and spend the rest of his life doing nothing but relaxing. Birdy insisted that he bring her along with them. Frank was of the same opinion, but Birdy pointed out that Bren would never allow her to leave. When Birdy returned to Bren’s house the following morning, she found Anna already there, demonstrating freestyle dancing in front of Bren. She had a complete comprehension of the situation. The night before, Bren had sent a message to Anna’s phone in which he informed her that she could pick up some presents from her grandfather at his home. There is no way for Anna to be aware of Bren’s motivations behind it. Bren was able to learn more about her freestyle dance once she came. He requested that she demonstrate some of it. She was unable to say no to the request made by the elderly man because he was also a member of the family. But when Birdy saw this, she immediately understood the nefarious motives behind Bren’s actions. She shared the news with Michael. Given that Michael has already warned Bren that he will kill him if he ever tries to get in touch with Anna, it will be very interesting to see what he does to Bren.

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