‘Jury Duty’ Season 1: Recap: Episode 7 And 8

The final two episodes of the first season are here for “Jury Duty,” directed by Lee Eisenberg and Gene Stupnitsky, which revolves around a mock trial. Noah finds love in episode 5, while Marsden loses his desired movie role in episode 6. Read the article to find out what happens at the season’s end.

Spoilers Ahead

Liable Or Not?

Episode 7 begins with a scene in the deliberation room where Ronald talks about the hard decision he has to take as a jury foreperson, and somebody is not going to like it. The bailiff comes in and tells the jury members to look at all the evidence and come to a unanimous decision. Ronald begins to take in votes, and half of the jurors find the defendant liable while the other half does not. Each jury comes with their probable explanations, and at that moment, the bailiff comes in with the toxicology report. While the jurors are arguing about a possible decision, a funny incident occurs where Marsden is seen using a juicer amidst the argument. From the report, everyone finds out he was not drunk on the day of the incident.

Ronald further confirms that it was not his negligence that led to the accident but the poor working conditions of the factory, which led him to pass out and highlight the remaining markings of barrels they saw in the factory. Todd and Lonnie further weigh in on the presence of harmful chemicals in the factory. A round of voting again occurs, and except for one person, everyone finds the defendant not liable. Ross asks Ronald for a break, and he agrees. In the meantime, Jeannie asks Ronald to talk to Ross, as she and a few others think that Ross is not in the right mental state. Ronald talks to Ross, and the delicate situation is handled. Again, a round of voting occurs, and all the jurors find the defendant not liable. The scene shifts to the courtroom, where Ronald reads the verdict, and the defendant looks thrilled. Ronald is called into the witness box, and the judge tells him that this is not a real case.

Ronald’s Realisation

The scene opens with Ronald’s face in absolute astonishment. The judge tells Ronald how this whole project was carefully planned and that everyone here except for him is an actor. Though this was not a real case, how Ronald handled the case from the beginning is of immense importance, from helping an odd soul like Todd to putting up with the pompous nature of Marsden. The judge closes the case and rewards Ronald with $100,000 as a token for his kindness and his strength of character. Everyone congratulates Ronald and hugs him, but he is still in a state of bewilderment. Ronald is taken to the room where the directors and technicians are present, and everyone claps in unison, lauding his performance. The executive producer is seen showing Ronald how they planned everything from the first day. The technicians are seen laughing out loud when Ronald makes the Family Guy remark to Noah. There were several cameras placed in different positions in the courtroom and other places to capture Ronald’s act.

Marsden says it was a journey for both Ronald and all the actors, as they did not know how he would react to certain things. Todd and Jeannie then tell about their role in the project, and Ronald also learns that Noah’s real girlfriend is Heidi, who was on the phone and was also a part of the project. Ken’s real name is revealed as Ron, and Todd tells that he is not really into technology, listening to which everyone bursts out in laughter, including Ronald. Todd says that he thought things would go out of the window when he came wearing the chair pants, but things went the opposite way as Ronald was quite supportive of this venture. Ronald expresses how the judge and the defendant’s counsel did a phenomenal job, while Jeannie says that they watched the hilarious animation evidence by the counsel for the first time with Ronald. When Ronald thought that everyone was in their room as they did not get their COVID result back, the production went for practice with all the actors at the factory. Vanessa claims that they had a great time in the restaurant and how no one was allowed to order any alcohol if Ronald did not. The bathroom clogging scene and the love affair between Jeannie and Noah are brought to the table, and all of them burst out in laughter after seeing how things were staged. The episode and the season end on a happy note, with pictures of Ronald and the crew seen hanging out together even after the project is over.


The last two episodes were meant to bring closure to this project, and the way they did so was really pitch-perfect. What is really intriguing is how Ronald handled himself after hearing that the whole trial was fake and all the others present along with him were actors. A sense of happiness, amazement, discovery, and a lot of laughter were the key ingredients of these episodes.

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