‘Junkyard Dogs’ (2022) Story Recap And Ending, Explained

It is impossible to criticize a film with dogs. Watching movies about dogs releases significant amounts of dopamine, making you look at life with colored glasses. However, there are a few films that have set a benchmark for how beautiful and emotionally packed movies can be when it comes to our most-loved four-legged friend. To name a few, we have Marley and Me, Hachi: A Dog’s Tale, Eight Below, A Dog’s Purpose, 101 Dalmatians, and the list goes on. So, why can’t we get over these films? Primarily the love is auto-generated by the innocence of our furry friends. Furthermore, each story tells us how dogs can sense good and bad people, and they always unconditionally love their humans. So, pet parents, you can add another film to your list, Junkyard Dogs. We assure you that you will not be moved by the film, but yes, the dopamine we were talking about will be released. 

Spoilers Ahead

Houdini – The Magical Dog

Houdini was adopted by the Sullivan family. He was a master escape artist. The Sullivan family had three members – Monica (the mother), Ava and Dominik (children). The family treated Houdini as an important member of the family. The film begins with Houdini being dressed up for his special part, as his mother Monica is about to propose to Shane, her boyfriend. Monica was panicking as she had planned to propose (ideally, a man proposes, and that’s what Monica was scared about. Let’s keep aside the weird gender role aspect). As Shane comes over, Ava goes to escort him, and Dominik acts as a waiter and helps Shane settle down in the dining area. As Monica enters and sits down, Dominik serves them wine. The set-up was essentially like a French restaurant, the reason being Shane wanted to travel to France, but he could not. Houdini was the ring bearer and undoubtedly the cutest one. Sane was surprised and happy and readily accepted Monica’s proposal. 

That night, after everyone fell asleep, we met Houdini’s gang – Jackpot and Einstein. The trio was happy to know that Shane and Monica were to be married, and they were in a celebratory mood. However, to their suspicion, the mail truck was around the corner of the junkyard past midnight. They were suspicious and went ahead to inspect why they were out past their working hour. From what they heard, they understood that the mailman and his friend were planning to rob the area. The trio tried to scare them off. Houdini tore the sleeve off a man’s coat to scare the two men off. Ava and Dominik woke up by the loud barking and, from their bedroom window, saw the mail truck being chased by three dogs.

Mailmen With A Plan 

Crusher was the local mailman who always delivered things late. He also steals money from cards that come with the gifts. But he was a dumb person, and he hated dogs. His partner Jimmy Dean was behind bars for his stupidity. After his release, he came to meet Crusher, and knowing he had a job as a mailman, he planned something bigger, which would make them rich. Soon, they find out that Monica and Shane are to be married, and everyone on the block has RSVPed that they will be attending. This gave the duo a chance to rob more than one house. However, to their disappointment, the three dogs would get in their way. 

Dog Saved The Day

As the wedding preparations began, Crusher and Jimmy were also planning out their heist. Jimmy found out the Monica he was planning to rob was his high-school girlfriend. He began loitering around her house to get a better view. Houdini sniffed him and rushed out, followed by Dominik and Ava. The children knew Jimmy, their so-called new delivery man was not to be trusted. Houdini got aggressive and tore off Jimmy’s other sleeve. Monica was concerned about Houdini’s behavior and wanted to make sure he stayed inside. But there is no lock that Houdini could not unlock. So, he planned his great escape to make plans to stop the robbers. 

On the day of the wedding, Houdini was taken away to the venue by Monica. Throughout the journey, Houdini whimpered. But Monica was determined to have her dog close to her. Einstein and Jackpot were responsible for preventing the robbers from robbing the block. It was not easy for the duo without Houdini. Their task was made more difficult as Jimmy brought a dog training whistle to divert them and cage them. 

Houdini was also worried, knowing that his two friends would have to deal with the robbers without him. However, the master escapist found a way to free himself and ran back toward his house. He saw the two bad men were successful in captivating his friends. He knew it was on him now to prevent his neighborhood from being robbed. Houdini was successful in taking down the robbers and freeing his friends. 

‘Junkyard Dogs’ Ending

Monica and Shane were worried as they couldn’t find the children in the venue. They also saw that Houdini was missing. As they rushed to find the children, they found them looking for Houdini. As they approached the children, Ava and Dominik, they came to know that Houdini escaped and had gone home. As they drove back, they saw police cars in their area that informed them that the two acting mailmen had planned to loot the neighborhood but failed because of the dogs. 

The film is interesting, for we have dogs saving the day, but the animation is too poor. Even the ways the dogs prevented the robbery seemed too much exaggeration. In a nutshell, the film is a fun one-time watch with very little logic. It is, however, ideal for children below seven years and is a fun family film. 

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