‘Jethica’ (2022) Story Recap And Ending, Explained

The comedy-horror blend genre is a unique and intriguing category of films that combines elements of both comedy and horror to create an entertaining and often unconventional cinematic experience. By juxtaposing humor and fear, these films aim to evoke a range of emotions from the audience, including laughter, suspense, and sometimes even terror.

Over the years, comedy-horror films have become increasingly popular, and many have achieved cult status. They offer filmmakers a creative playground to experiment with unconventional narratives, absurd situations, and a mix of genres. By blending comedy and horror, these films not only entertain but also challenge traditional storytelling conventions, offering a fresh and exciting approach to filmmaking.

Jethica, which was officially released on February 6, 2023, is a captivating movie that weaves together elements of accident, murder, stalking, and the intriguing perspective of unaware ghosts. This unique film seamlessly blends horror and comedy, resulting in a truly bizarre yet highly entertaining viewing experience. Throughout the movie, audiences are treated to thought-provoking scenes that challenge conventional thinking, encouraging them to contemplate different perspectives and form new understandings of right and wrong. Additionally, the film delves into the dangers of loneliness, highlighting how it can have perilous consequences. To provide you with a glimpse of what this distinctive film entails, here’s a brief recap.

Spoilers Ahead

‘Jethica’ Story

The movie Jethica begins by introducing Elena (Callie Hernandez), who engaged in an intimate moment with a man inside a car. During their conversation, Elena confesses that she has previously taken someone’s life. Curious, the man asks for details about the incident and the person she killed. In response, Elena begins recounting a brief narrative, transporting us through a flashback to a remote location in New Mexico. The surroundings are disorienting as Elena illuminates a dimly lit room in a trailer situated on her grandmother’s desolate property. Subsequently, Elena sets off in her car, traversing the empty roads that wind through her grandmother’s land. Suddenly, she encounters her peculiar and reserved friend Benny (Andy Faulkner). It appears that Elena frequently offers Benny a ride, as he seems to be her only friend in New Mexico.

As Elena fills her car with gas at a nearby station, she is taken aback when she spots her old school friend Jessica (Ashley Denise Robinson) in a state of distress. Excited to see each other after a long time, Elena invites Jessica to accompany her to her place. At first, Jessica refuses and heads toward her car. However, she suddenly changes her mind and agrees to go with Elena. As they engage in conversation, Jessica reveals that she is being followed by a stalker named Kevin (Will Madden), who has tracked her all the way from California to Santa Fe. To uplift Jessica’s mood, Elena decides to take her to a special place that showcases the unique side of New Mexico. Initially, Jessica enjoys the location, but her joy turns into confusion when she spots Kevin there. Sensing the danger, Elena quickly escorts Jessica back to her home, and both of them feel anxious.

A Side-Splitting Encounter Of Humans, Spirits, And Comedy Horror

After seeing Kevin’s pictures, Elena becomes convinced that the person she and Jessica encountered is none other than Kevin. However, Jessica stubbornly refuses to accept this, rushing towards her car with the intention of leaving the scene. Determined to uncover the truth, Elena stops Jessica in her tracks and implores her to explain why she denies the person’s identity as Kevin. In a shocking twist, Jessica reveals Kevin’s lifeless body lying in the back of her car. She confessed to killing Kevin on her front porch and was in the process of searching for a secluded spot to bury him before coincidentally meeting Elena. This revelation leads to the chilling realization that the individual they both saw must be the ghost of Kevin. Interestingly, Elena remains oddly unfazed by this revelation and unveils something bizarre: her grandmother was once a mystic and deeply romantic person. When Elena’s grandfather passed away, her grandmother cast a spell to bring him back as a ghost. Elena firmly believes that Kevin’s apparition is a result of that very spell lingering in the land.

Kevin’s spirit begins to communicate with fervor, desperately calling out for Jessica. It becomes evident that Kevin’s infatuation with her has transcended even death itself. Elena, understanding the gravity of the situation, explains to Jessica that there are limited avenues to resolve this predicament. The first option is to fulfill the ghost’s desires, which carries its own inherent risks. The second option is to seek out another ghost, as only a ghost can effectively deal with another ghost. Despite Kevin’s ghost is more of a persistent nuisance than a terrifying presence and incessantly vying for Jessica’s attention, Elena swiftly devises a plan. She embarks on a search for graves within her grandmother’s property, eventually discovering the burial site of a cowboy. Delving into the earth, Elena retrieves a bone and taps into her ancestral knowledge of mystical incantations taught to her by her grandmother. Miraculously, the ghostly figure of the cowboy materialized the following day. Elena beseeches the cowboy to vanquish Kevin’s ghost, but Kevin cleverly turns the tables and instead dispatches the cowboy, further complicating the situation.

‘Jethica’ Ending

Since Elena’s plan fails, the only choice left for Elena and Jessica is to comply with Kevin’s demands. Unbeknownst to Kevin, he has become a ghost, which surprises him even more, as he now believes he can protect Jessica for eternity. Nevertheless, Jessica confronts Kevin’s apparition, confessing that she was the one who killed him and expressing her disgust at being stalked by him. Upon comprehending the gravity of the situation, Kevin apologizes to Jessica and begins to walk away. Elena and Jessica feel a sense of relief, knowing that Kevin’s ghost will no longer haunt or trouble Jessica.

As the film unfolds, a startling revelation emerges when Kevin’s ghost and Benny, previously portrayed as Elena’s friend throughout the movie, collide. Approaching its climactic moments, Elena offers Benny a ride, and she confesses that she accidentally killed him, expressing her sincere apologies. Surprisingly, Benny discloses that it was not an accident but a deliberate act, intentionally positioning himself in front of Elena’s car. When Elena inquires about his motive, Benny simply shares that he is overwhelmed by loneliness. Subsequently, Kevin’s ghost and Benny’s ghost develop a friendship, relishing each other’s company. These two individuals, haunted by loneliness, ultimately find solace and companionship in the afterlife. The word “Jethica” may imply brightness, but it is undeniable that the dark humor and the dark side of the movie get perfectly contrasted with the brightness to create a unique blend of comedy and horror.

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