‘Halfway To Halloween’ (2023) Story Recap And Ending, Explained

“The Boulet Brothers’ Halfway to Halloween,” directed by The Boulet Brothers -none other than the bewitching Dracmorda Boulet and her equally enigmatic counterpart, Swanthula Boulet.  is a harrowing (being sarcastic) and pre-Halloween special to prepare the devotees of death and the macabre for the big night. These shadowy figures have made their mark in the world of drag, rising to prominence as television personalities, writers, producers, and podcasters. 

The TV special packs a huge ensemble and features appearances from the likes of David Dastamalchian, Mathew Lillard, Emily Hamps, Kevin Smith, Jorge Garcia, Taran Killiam, Dana DeLorenzo, Beth Dover, Derek Mears, Felissa Rose, and more.

In the shadowy realm of the macabre, the Boulet Brothers, those enigmatic purveyors of the dark arts, found themselves perched upon their blood-red couch, wrapped in the inky blackness of their ceremonial gowns. The sinister backdrop, awash in a crimson hue reminiscent of the lifeblood drained from a vampire’s prey, set the stage for a most eerie spectacle. Amidst this ghastly scene, the disembodied heads of pumpkins leered with malevolent intent, heralding the approach of the dreaded “Halfway to Halloween.” For the Boulet Brothers, the coming of spring and summer is but a mere interlude between the shadowy seasons of Halloween. Their insatiable hunger for the macabre is what drives them to become the self-proclaimed sentinels of Sahaim. Through their dark artistry, they conjure a wicked feast of Halloween delights to satiate the hunger of all those who crave the forbidden. With their invitation extended to the most infamous of monsters, the night promises to be a sinister spectacle where werewolves, vampires, and grumpy witches lurk around every corner.

Spoilers Ahead

A Dinner And The Challenge

The episode unfolds with a scene at a neon-lit diner, setting the stage for what promises to be a thrilling ride. Gorge Garcia, in his role as Igor, a creepy lab assistant to many evil scientists, is joined by Kevin Smith as the menacing Frankenstein, Dana De Lorenzo as the haunting corpse bride, and Taran Keelam as the ferocious werewolf. The cast’s costumes are nothing short of spectacular, adding to the quirky and exciting Halloween vibe. The group had come together to share a macabre feast and discuss the wickedness of their diabolical bosses. Igor had recently quit his job as a lab assistant and was forced to move back in with his equally malevolent parents, much to his chagrin. Frankenstein could relate all too well, as he, too, had his fair share of dealings with nefarious scientists. As the night wore on, the group of four found themselves presented with a twisted challenge. In order to win a prize of $500, they must resist the primal urge to take a life for the entire duration of the night. The focus then shifts to a Gothic advertisement for Easy Cake Cremation Oven, featuring the devil himself as its spokesperson. The ad offers a tongue-in-cheek solution for those who struggle with the unpleasant task of disposing of a dead body, claiming that with the Easy Cake Cremation oven, all you have to do is kill your parents, dismember their body, set the oven to a scorching 1600 F, and voila, your problems are solved.

The Tapestry Of Halloween Horrors

After the chilling advertisement, the Boulet Brothers summoned the dark and macabre Twin Temple duo. The haunting melodies and dark lyrics of Twin Temple’s iconic Babalon song sent a chill down the spines of all those in attendance, proving that Halloween can be celebrated anytime and anywhere. It was a performance that would not be forgotten any time soon. The next segment of the event whisked Holloween enthusiasts away to Camp Arawack, or Camp Happy Trail, a place where fun, friends, and adventure were in short supply. However, the camp counselors were experts at dealing with unruly children who made their parents’ lives miserable with constant arguing and disobedience. They even had a Master’s degree in creative punishment, from archery gone wrong to accidental ax slips and even drowning! And if the parents had any special requests for how they wanted their little monsters to suffer, Camp Arawack was more than happy to oblige. But don’t worry; it’s all good fun, right? 

The next act delves into the tale of a devoted puppet maker and his adoring wife. The puppeteer poured his heart and soul into his creations, and his wife stood by his side through thick and thin, supporting his struggling business. But beneath her angelic facade, the wife had a sinister plan brewing. Slowly but surely, she began to lace her husband’s tea with poison, all in the name of greed and the insurance payout that awaited her after his untimely demise. Unfortunately for the wife, the puppets her husband had created came to life and sought revenge for his untimely death. With cold, lifeless eyes and sharp wooden limbs, they cornered her in the workshop and began their macabre ritual. As she screamed and pleaded for mercy, the puppets showed none, mercilessly transforming her into one of their own kind, a puppet.

Following that, the show features an entertaining solo from a Russian artist who has traveled thousands of miles to perform a hilarious parody song about her love for “Ravioli,” a seemingly innocent choice of food. However, out of nowhere, she began strangling people with her intestines. Meanwhile, the spooky chef on stage is cooking up some outrageous Halloween treats, including “brain” cupcakes and “fingers” made of candy. The audience is in for a ghoulishly good time! Not to mention the ominous tower card reader who always seems to have the same answer for every caller: “You’re going to die.” Her spooky predictions left everyone shaking with fear, wondering if their fate was already sealed.

The concluding segment raises the stakes, where we see a couple who have invited a lumberjack and a serial killer lookalike to have an erotic threesome. But as it turns out, the innocent-looking husband and wife were indeed serial killers who lured strangers with the promises of a good time and dismembered their limbs with an Ash Vs. Evil Dead-style chainsaw.

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