‘Gringa’ (2023) Story Recap And Ending, Explained

Gringa is a coming-of-age film that follows the story of a teenage girl named Marge and her relationship with her mother, Mini Marge, and her dog, Puker. Marge leads a solitary life, residing in houses that are up for sale under Mini Marge’s management as a realtor. Throughout the film, Marge faces challenges, particularly in her attempts to play football, as she is subjected to mockery from her classmates. Despite the difficulties Marge encounters, her mother remains a source of support and encouragement. Mini Marge promises to rectify their situation and improve their lives.

However, the movie takes a significant turn when Mini Marge unexpectedly passes away, leaving Marge devastated and alone. In an attempt to restore her family, Marge embarks on a journey to locate her father in Mexico.

Spoilers Ahead 

How Does Mini Marge’s Death Affect Marge?

Mini Marge represents a modern and supportive mother with whom Marge can openly discuss anything. Mini Marge is aware of the challenges Marge faces, including the pain of losing her father, Jackson, when she was just two years old. However, Mini Marge is hesitant about Marge meeting her father, as she herself experienced the heartbreak of being left behind by him. Tragedy strikes when Mini Marge gets into an accident after successfully closing her first house deal, leaving Marge all alone. Marge is forced to move in with her grandparents, where she confronts a complex dilemma. She discovers that her father is in Mexico, which adds another layer of emotional turmoil to her already fragile state.

Marge finds herself torn between depending on her grandparents and Jackson. Marge’s grandparents had always ridiculed Mini Marge for marrying Jackson. This internal struggle intensifies as Marge grapples with the pain of losing her mother and the desire to fill the void left by her absent father. Well, Marge’s pain and confusion are deeply rooted. Her mother’s death amplifies her longing for a complete family and heightens Marge’s emotional vulnerability. But Marge must navigate the complex emotions associated with her choices and confront the question of whom to trust and rely on.

Does Marge Meet Her Father?

As Marge arrives in Mexico and reunites with her father, Jackson, she is met with mixed emotions and uncertainty. Jackson, unsure about taking on the responsibility of being a father, introduces Marge to his girlfriend, Elsa. Surprisingly, Marge and Elsa establish a positive rapport, forming a connection that eases some of the initial tension. When Marge expresses her desire to live with Jackson, he hesitates and tries to deny her request. However, Elsa intervenes and manages to convince Jackson to give it a try. Reluctantly, Jackson agrees, and Marge moves into his dilapidated shack.

Living with Jackson proves to be a significant challenge for Marge. He is a chronic drinker, and the effects of his alcoholism are evident in the state of their living conditions. The shack is in disrepair, with broken items scattered around, and the food available is stale and insufficient.

Why Is Jackson Afraid To Be A Father?

Despite his initial doubts and insecurities as a father, Jackson begins to develop a genuine interest in his daughter’s life and well-being. He recognizes the opportunity for redemption and a chance to make amends for the mistakes he made in the past. The film delves into Jackson’s backstory, revealing that he had a promising career but fell victim to the destructive habit of alcohol consumption. This habit led to two car accidents that not only damaged his career but also resulted in his arrest. These past events serve as a constant reminder to Jackson of his own shortcomings, adding to his fear and uncertainty about assuming the responsibility of fatherhood.

However, despite these doubts, Jackson refuses to give up on his newfound role as a father. He gradually overcomes his apprehensions and actively involves himself in Marge’s life. He takes Marge everywhere, immersing himself in her activities and experiences, demonstrating a growing commitment to being present and supportive.

How Do Jackson And Marge Change Each Other’s Lives?

As Jackson takes on the role of a football coach, he sees an opportunity to bond with his daughter Marge by involving her in the team. Initially, Marge faces resistance from her teammates, who may be skeptical or unsupportive of her presence. However, as time progresses, Marge’s dedication and improvement on the field earn her respect from her peers, gradually transforming her into a skilled football player. During this period, Marge also finds companionship and a new boyfriend named Chilo. Together, they explore another passion of Marge’s- surfing.

Amidst these positive developments, Marge’s relationship with her father, Jackson, begins to evolve as well. He shows signs of improvement and demonstrates a genuine desire to be a better father. Jackson makes a promise to Marge that he will quit drinking, a significant step toward rebuilding trust and strengthening their bond. However, the film takes a heartbreaking turn when Marge discovers that Jackson has broken his promise.

Do Marge And Jackson Reconcile?

At Azucena’s (Marge’s friend’s) fifteenth birthday party, Jackson succumbs to the temptation of alcohol after being offered a drink. This leads to him drinking excessively throughout the night. Meanwhile, Marge experiences two heartbreaking revelations: she discovers that her boyfriend, Chilo, has been cheating on her, and her father has broken his promise to quit drinking. Overwhelmed by these betrayals, Marge decides to leave her home with Azucena. However, Marge’s attempts to leave Mexico are hindered by her lack of a passport. Seeking refuge, they end up at a club and are taken to a dangerous desert location by a man who intends to harm them.

Fortunately, Marge and Azucena manage to escape and seek medical attention for Marge’s injuries at a nearby hospital. As Marge steps outside the hospital, she is surprised to find her father, Jackson, waiting for her. Azucena had called him, understanding that it was the right thing to do. In a moment of reconciliation, Marge decides to give her father another chance and returns home with him. As the days pass, Jackson receives the exciting news that his football team has been selected to represent Nayarit in the prestigious Friendship Cup in Tijuana.

This achievement fills him with joy and a sense of pride. However, for Marge, this tournament presents a unique challenge as she will be playing against her former classmates and teammates, who have always ridiculed her. In a display of determination, Marge shines on the field. She delivers an outstanding performance, scoring two goals during the match and leading her team to victory.

‘Gringa’ Ending

In the end, Marge finds her happily ever after as she achieves everything she has desired. Even though her mother is no longer present, her absence is filled with the love and support of her father, Jackson, and his girlfriend, Elsa. Marge becomes a catalyst for change in Jackson’s life, helping him realize the importance of being a father and inspiring him to embrace his role with love and dedication. Jackson undergoes a profound transformation, shedding his past life of drinking and aimlessness. He emerges as a good-hearted man who is admired by many for his selflessness and willingness to help others without expecting anything in return.

Marge’s arrival sparks a newfound purpose in Jackson’s life, and he rediscovers the joy and fulfillment that come from being a father. Meanwhile, Marge remains steadfast in her character, and her father fills the void in her heart, proving to her that she is incredibly special and loved. Their relationship becomes a source of hope and strength for each other, demonstrating the powerful and beautiful bond between a father and daughter.

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