‘Fear’ (2023) Story Recap And Ending, Explained

Fear is the latest movie directed by Deon Taylor, starring the likes of Tyler Abron, Jessica Allain, Mezi Atwood, Andrew Bachelor, Chanel Gaines, Iddo Goldberg, Annie Ilonzeh, Terrence Jenkins, Michele McCormick, Ruby Modine, T.I., and Joseph Sikora. 

The movie tells the story of a group of close-knit friends who embark on what they believe to be a relaxing weekend retreat at the idyllic Strawberry Lodge. However, what starts out as a carefree adventure soon transforms into a living nightmare as they become ensnared in a web of terror and manipulation that threatens to consume them all. 

Spoilers Ahead

A Weekend Gateway

Rom had a grand idea to lift his girlfriend’s spirits – a surprise weekend escape to a romantic rented house. As they journeyed, they heard the unsettling news about Angel Wilson’s disappearance, which greatly troubled Bianca. To ease her worries, Rom shared his plan for the weekend – a get-together with Bianca’s long-lost friends to celebrate her birthday. Bianca was elated to see her old buddies after years of being apart. The group, comprising Patty, Benny, Russ, and Lou, added to the joyous ambiance of the occasion. But unbeknownst to Bianca, Rom had planned to propose to her in front of her house, but anxiously, he kept the engagement ring safely tucked away in his pocket, expecting a perfect moment to get down on his knees and ask her to marry her. 

Rom is a true luminary in the world of literature, having crafted a remarkable career through his masterful exploration of mythology and conspiracy theories. His works have struck a chord with readers across the globe, earning him a legion of ardent followers who are charmed by his unique perspectives and spellbinding storytelling. Miss Wrenrich, the proprietress of the charming lodge, is an ardent admirer of Lou’s literary genius. Her admiration for his works runs so deep that she was over the moon when Rom and his friends, seeking a weekend of revelry, rented out the entire place.

As the weekend getaway unfolded, it became clear that Rom and Bianca’s relationship was fraught with tension. Bianca was visibly irked after discovering that Rom had been devoting much of his time to writing his latest book, leaving little time for them to spend together. Bianca’s frustration was reasonable, and Rom was acutely aware of the strain that his passion for writing was putting on their relationship. Later in the film, the pair hangs out with other characters over a campfire and participates in a game in which they each divulge their worst phobia. Little did they know, they were soon to be faced with their darkest fears. 

Fears Run Deep

In the dead of night, Rom wakes up to the sound of ghostly whispers echoing through the old lodge. Driven by curiosity, he decided to investigate the source of the eerie voices. In the attic, Rom discovered a hidden tunnel shrouded in thick cobwebs. Meanwhile, Benny had been digging into the history of the “Strawberry Lodge,” and what he uncovered was deeply unsettling. He learned that the lodge had a dark past and that Angel Wilson, the girl who had gone missing and was never found, had been seen near the woods surrounding the property. Benny’s discovery sent shivers down his spine, and he couldn’t help but feel that there was something sinister lurking beneath the surface of the seemingly idyllic lodge. Rom also came in contact with some unsettling images and notes concerning “The Gatekeeper,” who, upon the ritual of “la uva,” will be granted immortality.

To make matters worse, the group received alarming news about a deadly airborne contagion gas that was spreading rapidly throughout the world. Health officials issued strict warnings for everyone to stay indoors and seal their windows tightly to prevent exposure to the deadly gas. Amidst the chaos and confusion, Benny and a few others began to suspect that Lou was infected with the contagion and was putting everyone at risk. But Lou continues to insist that his allergic reactions are the sole cause of his persistent coughing. Kim decides to leave the house, and surprisingly Michael supports her decision when everyone votes against it. Serena, one of the girls, unfortunately, fell victim to the deadly contagion gas and began to experience its horrifying hallucinations. 

‘Fear’ Ending

Michael manages to convince Benny and Russ to lock Lou in the basement for their safety. Unfortunately, Russ was gravely injured in the process. Meanwhile, Rom quickly puts two and two together and realizes that the photographs he stumbled upon the night before are directly linked to the trouble they’re currently facing. It dawns on him that the pictures actually belonged to the unfortunate guests who were ruthlessly murdered in the very same lodge. Unfortunately, Lou meets a similarly grim fate as he is forced by some sinister voice to kill himself by cutting his throat. As Bianca and Lou began to unravel the dark and twisted secrets of the Strawberry Lodge, they began to realize that everything was happening exactly as it had been written in the notes the latter had discovered. They were being manipulated by sinister forces that were preying on their deepest fears and insecurities and using them to control and torment them. Serena’s fear of losing her mother’s necklace had become a reality, and Lou’s darkest fear of being betrayed and left behind eventually claimed his life.

Michael’s phobia of enclosed spaces became his coffin as he killed himself by smashing his face on the sink in a cramped bathroom with no one there to help him. In reality, the lodge is a portal of evil and has a gatekeeper who turns people’s deepest fear against them and feeds them to these portals. Miss Wrenrich, who initially allured Rom to the lodge by offering him a discount, is revealed to be the gatekeeper. The malevolent beings haunting the lodge seem to thrive on the guests’ deepest fears, using them as a means of torment. It appears that the only way to break free from this nightmarish cycle is to confront these fears and not allow them to control your actions. However, Benny, Lou, and Serena became the victim of their fear and were eventually killed.

Despite the overwhelming darkness that had consumed everyone, Bianca refused to lose faith. She clung to her beliefs and found the strength to break free of the nightmare. Drawing on her faith in God, she summoned the courage to face her fears head-on and managed to escape the haunting house. After breaking out of the house, Bianca receives a text from Kim, informing her that the news of the airborne virus had been fake all along, and the horror they had experienced was not the result of some uncontrollable contagion but the deliberate actions of the Strawberry Lodge and its gatekeeper.

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