‘Death Roulette’ (2023) Story Recap And Ending, Explained

Humans are capable of the most inhuman forms of violence. The seven sins that the Catholic Bible warns us of are what turn men into devils. The film Death Roulette is an interesting thriller film that takes on crimes that are brutal in nature. Also, very effectively, the film highlights how the seven sins come together to mark the beginning of the end of mankind. Manolo Cardona’s directorial debut is bound to make you sweat. The film is brilliant in many ways, although there is certainly room for improvement as well. However, without further delay, let us introduce the characters in the film.

Spoilers Ahead

Maribel Verdu As Marta

Marta is probably the most iconic character in the film. She is proud of the wealth that she did not earn. She is a woman who suffers from anxiety but would not bend down and get help. Pride and power are two things she bowed before. She grew up with a troubled older sister, Patricia. Their father used to treat Patricia with shock therapy. Primarily, it appeared that her sister was getting better. However, her symptoms of lunacy returned, and she was sent away to an asylum. Unfortunately, Patricia was raped by someone in the asylum, and she got pregnant. As Marta had a difficult childhood and teenage years because she had a mentally unstable sister; after her marriage, she refused to take care of any of Patricia’s needs. Marta was so self-conscious that she gave away her sister’s son to the midwife. She wanted nothing to do with her sister or her son. Not just that, Marta knew throughout her marital life that her husband was a wretched man. His lust gets the better of him. He had assaulted multiple women, but Marta convinced herself that her husband was having consensual affairs. This portrayal of undying love for her husband did not feel genuine. It seemed that her greed for a lavish lifestyle and money forced her to stick with a man who had no moral compass. Marta’s character gets darker in the end when the audience finds out that Esteban (her husband) even sexually assaulted their own daughter. Marta knew, yet she never walked out on him, threatened him, or protected their child. Even in the end, Marta couldn’t pull the trigger on her husband. Finally, Marta was forced into an asylum setting, where she was receiving shock therapy. Somehow, her punishment seems insufficient, considering what she did and endured to live a lavish life.

Juan Carlos Remolina As Esteban

Till the very end, Esteban seemed to be a scared guy who was filthy rich. Seeing that he was the only one kidnapped with a family, we did not think he was capable of major crimes other than embezzlement. He seemed to love his wife and daughter. However, his very image began to slowly peel off when we learned that he had multiple extramarital relationships. While it was sure that he and his wife had secrets that they had hidden from their daughter, it never occurred to them that behind the façade of a family man, Esteban was a man lured by lust. The moment he chose himself to save his wife and daughter, Esteban seemed like a kind-hearted man. However, we discovered his violent side when he put the dagger through Armando’s heart. Finally, we came to know what the man truly was; there was nothing but disgust for him. A pedophile and serial sexual offender who even victimized his own daughter. Marta and Esteban are a couple who depict two mortal sins: greed and lust.

Fernando Becerril As Jose

Jose was the first person in the group to be shot dead. He was an elderly man in his seventies. He was tortured, and he was bleeding. There were three rules for playing the game: first, the group members had to vote for someone who would die; second, the person who would be elected would have to agree to die; and third, no one could volunteer. As the group was fighting amongst themselves, Jose volunteered to die. Jose confessed that he had done something that he was ashamed of and would not want to talk about it. In a way, Jose can be seen as the sloth of the group, and that was his sin.

Adriana Paz As Teresa

Teresa was a flight attendant and a mother. She was addicted to a drug, and she showed every symptom of withdrawal. She was anxious, and she was sweating. She kept looking for someone to take the fall. In the second level of the game, we found out about her addiction. On the third level, while they were given food to eat, Teresa found a small box with her drug. She tried very hard not to gulp it down the moment she touched it. However, she finally gave in to the temptation of the drug. Teresa, in a way, resembles gluttony. It was finally, when Teresa was hit by the murderer, that we saw who he truly was.

Dagoberto Gama As Armando

Armando stands as the flagbearer of pride. He was a doctor by profession who thought his life was worth more than anyone else in the group. He was so proud of his profession that he kept on voting other people for death. Finally, in the second stage of the game, we knew what the man did. He performed a risky operation, knowing that he would not be successful. He was asked by the nurses and the other doctors not to perform the operation. But his pride was higher, and he paid no heed to them. Finally, the patient, who was the murderer’s mother, died on the operating table. However, the revelation of the mistake did not weaken his pride. He haughtily admits that, in his career, this was his one mistake. The death of Armando was a pathetic one. He basically instructed Esteban on how to put the dagger through his heart, which would provide him with a quick and swift death.

Carla Adell As Lupe

Lupe was the daughter of Esteban and Marta. She was the second person to wake up in the room after Simon. Lupe seemed to be a timid girl with a heart as pure as gold. She was the first one to protest when Jose volunteered. She said that voting should not be based on age; she was polite to Jose. Later, we learn that she had falsified her high school diploma. However, she was more modest and down-to-earth than her parents. She seemed unaware of her parents’ secrets. She was angry and ashamed to find out about her father’s multiple relationships aside from his marriage. However, we finally learned that she was one of the people who planned the death roulette. It was to face her parents and tell them how she felt about being physically assaulted by her father. Furthermore, the mother knew how the father treated her, yet she kept silent for selfish reasons. Lupe defines wrath. 

Manolo Cardona As Simon

Simon introduced himself as a policeman, while in fact, he was the one who planned the death roulette. Lupe and Simon were cousins. Simon was the child of Patricia, Marta’s sister, who was impregnated by her rapist. The rapist was Jose. Simon was left with the midwife, whom he considered his mother; Armando murdered her on the operating table. Simon’s foster mother was initially hit by a car that was driven by Teresa, who was under the influence of drugs and left her alone on the street. He brought everyone under one roof, who had denied him the pleasure of a family. Simon had to bring in Marta and her husband for their unapologetically self-consumed behavior. He represents envy, another mortal sin. Although the reasons behind his rage and envy were justified, he had no right to kill or torture them. However, Lupe’s wrath and his envious self turned him into a true monster. However, he loved his cousin and shot her assaulter father from point-blank range so that he never got to hurt Lupe or anyone like her ever again.

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