‘Dead Mount Death Play’ Episode 6: Recap And Review

The sixth episode of Dead Mount Death Play introduced several new characters and the Corpse God learned that he is surrounded by killers with superhuman abilities. He managed to keep his identity hidden, but it is clear that his days of chaos are far from over.

Spoilers Ahead

Episode 6: The Firestarter

In the previous episode, the Corpse God had promised Suzuka’s ghost to protect Kazuki and Shizuki. The twins were expecting their Uncle Polka’s return, unaware that Polka’s body was being used as a host by the Corpse God. The episode begins with the Corpse God reaching the exquisite Shinoyama Estate along with Misaki. The twins welcome him, but they are interrupted by Takeru, who sarcastically makes fun of his “soul-searching” vacation.

The dining table is set, and the Corpse God gets a good look at Polka’s relatives. He had already sensed the ghostly aura around Takeru. Other relatives apart from Takeru and the twins included Takeru’s wife, Kiri, and his sister, Sayo. A distant relative had also joined the lunch as he wanted to discuss something with Rozan Shinoyama, the head of the Shinoyama estate. Takeru discusses Misaki’s friendship with Polka, and she hides her real identity very cleverly.

The activities come to a standstill at the entrance of the patriarch Rozan, who emanates a commanding aura even at the age of 79. He calls Polka to meet him immediately, given that his youngest son has finally returned. They resume their conversation in a secluded cabin, where the Corpse God tries to make small talk with Rozan. He wrongly assumes that Rozan is easily fooled by his imitation of Polka. His illusion is shattered when Rozan fiercely places a sword on the corpse god’s neck, demanding that he tell him the truth. Did he look past Polka’s body and see his essence missing? The Corpse God is surprised by Rozan’s keen sense, but that doesn’t deter him from his actual mission: to protect Shizuki and Kazuki. He leaps away from Rozan, and we learn that Rozan wasn’t alone in his room after all. All throughout his conversation, a woman lay hidden in the room. Was this his wife or his mistress? Her identity is not revealed.

The Corpse God sensed the danger and ran towards the mansion, and his perception was correct once again. A fire had broken out in the mansion, and everybody was being evacuated. A bodyguard guided the twins toward an escape route. He was actually the Fire-breathing Bug, one of the most wanted criminals in Shinjuku, who was leading them to their doom. Shizuki and Kazuki could have died at his hands had it not been for Misaki. She fights him and gives the twins a chance to escape. The Corpse God reaches the scene and safely brings them out. Misaki tries to catch Firebug, but he escapes for the time being.

Arase and Iwanome have their own problems to solve back at the Shinjuku Police Division. Lemmings had returned, and the constant fires across town made it clear that the arsonist by the moniker ‘Fire-breathing Bug’ had also decided to create havoc in Shinjuku. Their only option now was to take the help of a killer in captivity, and that was why they turned to Sorimura, aka ‘Phantom Solitaire’. He had been in custody for a long time and didn’t hesitate to help the cops. When Arase shows him the video of the fire in the building, the same building from which the Corpse God had saved several children previously using his magic, Sorimura rejects their hypothesis that it was done by the fire-breathing bug.

Misaki and the Corpse God spot the killer again, but this time Lemmings arrives out of nowhere and catches him, and he is sent into police custody. A weird thing occurs that warrants further explanation. The killer, who was assumed to be the fire-breathing bug, spontaneously catches fire and explodes right in the police van. An umbrella-clad woman witnesses his death, and we get the intuition that probably the killer who just died was an impostor, and the woman calmly witnessing his death is the real fire-breathing bug. After the dust settled, the distant relative who came to discuss business with Rozan found himself kidnapped by Takeru, and it might have something to do with Suzuka’s death.

‘Dead Mount Death Play’ Episode 5: Ending: How Did Suzuka Die?

The distant relative and the impostor, fire-breathing Bug, had met in secret some time ago, and they discussed finishing off the twins in a fire and making it look like an accident. Suzuka overheard this plan and was killed as a result. Her ghost now wandered around, trying to protect the twins. The distant relative may simply be a patsy who might have been acting on behalf of somebody else. Takeru kidnaps him, determined to know the truth.

Episode 6: Review

The episode, filled with several characters, is a bit overwhelming because of the amount of information it dumps on the viewer in such a short span of time. It makes up for the series’ slow-burn approach in the previous episodes, but the acceleration takes a toll on the viewer’s attention. The character of Corpse God now seems secondary in the story, and the superhuman characters such as Lemmings, Fire-breathing Bug, or Phantom Solitaire seem to be gaining center stage, and even if not, I would love to see their clash together, as opposed to Corpse God’s arc to search for his peace. The episode is out now and is streaming on Crunchyroll.

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