‘Dead Mount Death Play’ Episode 4: Recap And Review

The fourth episode of the Isekai anime series Dead Mount Death Play expands on the characters introduced in the previous episode. The Corpse God sinks deeper into the new world, and he is about to learn that peace won’t be as easy to get as he expected it to be.

Spoilers Ahead

Episode 4: The Mad Dog

Arase and Iwanome, the two cops from the Shinjuku Precinct, hone in on the case of the “human knot”: the men found rolled up in a concrete ball. The case seems to fall into the occult category. Almost all the previous troublemakers in this category are dead or in prison. Lemmings, the Grim Reaper, and the Fire Breathing Bug are the remaining suspects alive, according to Iwanome. He asserts confidently that all the mystery surrounding previous perpetrators evaporated as soon as they were caught, and behind the occultist activity was the presence of a simple and ordinary human. So this case of the human knot must be treated as solvable, and the man behind it must be caught. Only we, as viewers, know he couldn’t be more wrong in his assertions.

We return to the Corpse God, who manages to put Polka’s soul in a resurrected fish and frees up Takumi’s drone. Takumi is grateful to have his beloved drone back. The Corpse God feels at a loss for ‘mana,’ the energy he extracts from dead souls through which he generates his magic spells. An immediate replenishment of mana seems impossible as there aren’t many places, such as the yakuza torture building, where hundreds of men were tortured, so the density of mana available is naturally very high. The Corpse God, unaware of reality, is not too worried, as he thinks he can always replenish his mana using gems such as diamonds. These gemstones contain concentrated mana, and only a bucket of such stones would help him regain all the power he needs. Takumi is forced to burst his bubble. When the Corpse God sees the price of a single gem, his enthusiasm is deflated. Back in his world, the gemstones were so cheap that they could be bought using meager pocket money, but that isn’t the case here. He is then forced to concentrate on saving his energy.

The Corpse God and Misaki begin returning from the jewelry store but run into Arase. Arase hasn’t actually caught the Corpse God; he isn’t even aware of his existence as of yet. It turns out that he was after Takumi’s drone, which was following Misaki and the Corpse God. We get to know that Takumi was once caught by Arase, and he gave away the men from his previous gang to save his life. Arase and Takumi begin to banter but are suddenly interrupted by the Corpse God, who asks Arase to give the drone back. Arase senses something unusual about seeing a boy who couldn’t be a day older than sixteen and yet has the aura of a mob boss. Takumi knows that a battle between Arase and the Corpse God will surely result in an investigation into Clarissa’s business, and that will open Pandora’s box. To avoid such a fate, he calls Arase and asks him not to harass the two kids, as they are simply relatives of the workers in Clarissa’s bar. Arase, unconvinced, plans to investigate more and amused by Takumi’s daring will to negotiate with him, he belittles him in front of the kids, telling them all the sordid details about Takumi. Before this encounter could be dragged further, Misaki kicked Arase and ran off with the corpse god.

Things begin to get interesting for Arase when he finds that the shoe print he collected from Misaki’s kick matches that of the footprint found at the “human knot” crime scene. Iwanome, the other detective, visits Clarissa’s bar in relation to this new case. Having no warrant yet, he plays it cool and gets drunk at the bar. To complicate things further, Misaki and the Corpse God enter the bar at the same time, and Iwanome doesn’t miss the opportunity to grill the “kids.” When Arase comes to the bar, he sees Misaki and the Corpse God sitting with Iwanome. Clarissa understands that things are about to get explosive, but before anything can be done, the proceeding is disturbed by the arrival of the greatest assassin known on earth: Lemmings.

‘Dead Mount Death Play’ Episode 4: Ending: How Did Lemmings Arrive At Clarissa’s Bar?

In the previous episode, the disappearing man seen at the “human knot” scene was none other than Lemmings himself. He had already killed a man who was thought to be him. Lemmings are said to have superhuman qualities. For reasons unknown, he is interested in this case, which is why he breaks into Shinjuku’s precinct and learns that Arase has a match for the shoeprint. He follows Arase into Clarissa’s bar, and when Arase and Iwanome get ready to interrogate Misaki and the Corpse God, the hoodie-clad, masked assassin Lemmings appears out of nowhere and thwarts their plans.

Episode 4: Review

The episode has it all. The drama, the comedy, the light moments, as well as the heavy stuff. The character of the Corpse God is made to break the one-tone execution of his grim attitude and is allowed to have various other shades, such as enthusiasm, disappointment, and surprise, among others. The story moves nicely, progressing from the Corpse God to Iwanome and Arase. The introduction of lemmings is kept mysterious and is nicely woven into the plot. The upcoming episodes promise a great showdown among the characters.

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The episode has it all. The drama, the comedy, the light moments, as well as the heavy stuff. The character of the Corpse God is made to break the one-tone execution of his grim attitude and is allowed to have various other shades, such as enthusiasm, disappointment, and surprise, among others. 'Dead Mount Death Play' Episode 4: Recap And Review