‘Dead Mount Death Play’ Episode 3: Recap And Review

The third episode of the new anime Dead Mount Death Play firmly places the Corpse God in the new world, and he begins his quest to find the peace he so fiercely desires. But does the fate of a necromancer hide peace at the end?

Spoilers Ahead

Episode 3: The Necromancer

In the previous episode, Clarissa, the head of the organization, mediating between assassins and clients, decided to keep the Corpse God on her payroll and appointed the now-zombie Misaki and the tech guy Takumi to work under him.

The episode begins, and we see the Corpse God educating himself on the new world he finds himself in. Takumi and Misaki are busy doing things suited to their personalities. Misaki is thrilled to have had the experience of being resurrected into a zombie. Takumi is busy setting up his gadgets and other instruments to operate from this new space. The Corpse God has only one thing in mind, which bothers him: to find out who ordered the hit on Polka, whose body he is currently using as host. Without eliminating those factors, he knows he cannot achieve the real peace that he so desires. There will always be the threat of an assassination looming over Polka now that he is a vessel for the Corpse God.

Takumi, as is naturally expected of a mortal, is a little fearful of the corpse god as he sees what he is capable of. Unsure of his morality regarding human lives, he decides to always be wary of him. He questions him, however, about whether he knows Polka’s family, for they might be on the lookout for their son. The Corpse God tells Takumi that he is aware of them only by memory and has sent them a postcard about Polka’s outing on tour throughout his summer holidays. This way, they will abstain from worrying and will not look out for Polka, at least for the time being.

With these trivialities taken care of, Corpse God is told of an assassin by the name of Lemmings who could be able to kill him. He notes his name in his mind and tells Takumi that he put Polka’s ghost in his drone camera and will keep it till he can find a new vessel for the ghost. Takumi is abhorred by his casual attitude towards people’s souls.

A new hit job comes up for Misaki, and as the Corpse God is looking to amass wealth in the world, he decides to go on the job with Misaki. He waits in the background and lets Misaki plunge into the killing. She gets shot by the very guy who offered them the job, making the ambush a trap. The Corpse God shows up and finishes things off using her magic spells. He crushes the men together in a ball of concrete. The invulnerable zombie Misaki rises up and is thrilled to see the Corpse God in action.

We move away from the Corpse God and his adventures and shift to much more mysterious events. Lemmings, the great assassin mentioned earlier, is attacked by an unknown man. The same man then appears at the site of Misaki’s and Corpse God’s joint hit job earlier. He crushes the concrete ball, revealing the bodies buried inside it, and disappears right before the cops arrive. Two other strange men are introduced in this saga. They both seem to be troublemakers, and one of them seems strangely keen on meeting Clarissa.

Back at the yakuza ‘Torture Building,’ where the Corpse God has set up his base along with Misaki and Takumi, the Corpse God casually mentions that he didn’t actually kill the guys he knotted together in the concrete ball. Takumi panics, as the ones who survive the concrete ball might testify to seeing the corpse god. The Corpse God  negates all his worries, as he makes sure to make them invalid before crushing them together. While this conversation continues, the two mystery men show up near the site where the crushed men are breathing their last breath.

‘Dead Mount Death Play’ Episode 3: Ending: Who Are The Two Mystery Men?

The mystery men introduced in the end turn out to be officials of Shijuku’s Safety Division Precinct. They are shown to be highly skilled at their job and have dealt with several cases in the past that involved occult activities, which they suspect the concrete ball burial to be. One, waiting for Clarissa at the bar, is Tsubaki Iwanome, and the other is Kouzaburou Arase. Intrigued by this new case, they get ready to wipe the city clean of ultra-dangerous elements, unaware that their adversary is the Corpse God himself.

Episode 3: Review

The episode is the most rich in storytelling in the series so far. With the Corpse God finally settled as a character, other important ones are nicely introduced. Clarissa gains the much-needed mystery of being involved in something much deeper than predicted earlier. An element of foreshadowing a connection between the ‘Other World’ and Earth is set up with the arrival of the vanishing man who dealt with Lemmings. It will make the viewer excited for upcoming episodes as the characters converge toward a conclusion.

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