Here’s Why DCU Chapter 1 Is Called ‘Gods And Monsters’?

James Gunn finally revealed 10 DC projects in development under his and Peter Safran’s regime. The two co-CEOs of DC Studios revealed the slate during a press meeting. As per them, all the projects are under “Chapter 1” of DCU. This is in contrast to how Marvel Studios uses “phases” to divide their projects.

It’s also interesting to note that Gunn also subtitled “Chapter 1” of the new DC era “Gods and Monsters.” This is a stark contrast to Marvel, who numbers their Phases. But why is it subtitled as such? Let us explore that.

Why Is ‘Chapter 1’ Of The DCU Subtitled ‘Gods And Monsters’?

The phrase “gods and monsters” will ring a bell to any DC fan. In 2015, DC released an animated film titled “Justice League: Gods and Monsters.” In the animated movie, we see Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, and more battle the Metal Men, who uses three Mother Boxes to bring down the Justice League. The League gets framed for crimes they didn’t commit, and they vow to clear their name. The subtitle hints at the actual monsters and the real saviors in a film where deception, manipulation, and lies govern everything.

However, we don’t think that James Gunn will make the movie into a 1:1 live-action project. He will certainly change several plot points. That is if he actually makes a Justice League film in the first DC Universe era. We know that no Justice League team-up movie has been announced by the DC Studios CEOs. But various reporters who attended the press conference where the DCU slate was announced confirmed that there are more projects in “Chapter 1” of the DCU. So we could get a Justice League film.

Many fans think that it might be too early for a Justice League team-up. But actually, it’s the right time. After ten and possibly more projects, it will make sense for DC’s big superheroes to come together. In fact, it will be the perfect ending to “Chapter 1” if it ends with a Justice League live-action film that holds the title of “Gods and Monsters.” It will indicate what the first chapter of the DCU has been building towards from the beginning.

In the press meet, James Gunn said that he wouldn’t make the same kind of good guy fights bad guy superhero movies. He wants there to be morally gray characters who make questionable decisions. In fact, “The Authority” will explore this aspect. As such, the “Gods and Monsters” phrase could denote the spectrum of characters who will populate the new DCU era. There will be obvious heroes like Superman, and then there will be characters with questionable morals like Amanda Waller. It will certainly make the DCU a very interesting franchise to follow.

What More Possible Projects Could Be Announced 

If the reports are true and there are more than ten projects in the first era of the DCU, then it will mean that the DC universe will get fleshed out very quickly. Already, James Gunn is diving deep into the DC roster by doing projects on “Creature Commandos,” “The Authority,” “Booster Gold,” and more. So what more characters can he bring in? One big speculation in the DC fandom is that Gunn is hiding a Wonder Woman project.

In the released slate, we saw that Superman and Batman are getting solo films, but the last member of DC’s Trinity is missing. The only Wonder Woman-related project on the slate is “Paradise Lost.” It will be a “Game of Thrones”-based show that will explore the political situation of an all-woman island. The show will be set before Diana’s birth. As such, it makes sense that we will eventually get a Wonder Woman film, especially if James Gunn wants to get the Justice League up and running.

Also, there are other clues that point to a solo Wonder Woman project. If we look at the Superman and Batman films, they are titled “Superman: Legacy” and “The Brave and the Bold.” The latter film will mainly be a father-son adventure with Bruce Wayne and Damien Wayne. However, it will also introduce the other characters who form the Batfamily. The former movie also indicates that it will introduce several members of the Superman family, like his usual supporting cast of Lois Lane and Jimmy Olsen, along with others like Kara Zor-El (Supergirl) and Krypto.

Also, we know that Supergirl is getting her own film (Supergirl: Woman of Tomorrow) down the line. As such, it makes sense that James Gunn is similarly fleshing out Diana’s world and familiarizing audiences with her supporting cast. We think that the “Paradise Lost” show will introduce Amazons like Artemis of Bana-Mighdall, Donna Troy, Nubia, and more before fleshing them out in their solo projects. Whether our guess is right or not remains to be seen.

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