‘Corona Papers’ (2023) Story Recap And Ending, Explained

Corona Papers revolves around the lives of two honest police officers, Shankararaman and Rahul, who find themselves entangled in corruption within the police department. Despite coming from different backgrounds, their destinies bring them together. The movie emphasizes how corruption within the police department can have far-reaching consequences. Shankararaman and Rahul are confronted with a system that is plagued by unethical practices.

Spoilers Ahead

What Happens When Rahul’s Gun Is Stolen?

Rahul, a young police officer, aspires to become an honorable person like his father despite not initially desiring a career in law enforcement. Due to his parents’ unwavering dream, Rahul finds himself in this profession. However, upon his appointment as the new sub-inspector, Rahul is confronted with a disheartening reality: the entire police department is corrupt. Rahul becomes a hindrance to the illicit activities of his colleagues, which prompts the higher authorities to take notice. In an attempt to divert his attention and prevent him from interfering with the department’s corrupt affairs, Rahul is assigned a case that was not originally intended for him.

When Rahul begins his investigation into the case and starts trailing the criminals, an unfortunate turn of events occurs: his pistol is stolen by a pickpocketer while he is on a bus. Rahul immediately springs into action, determined to apprehend the pickpocketer and retrieve his firearm. However, despite his best efforts, the pickpocketer manages to elude Rahul’s grasp. This incident puts Rahul in a precarious position, as the stolen gun has the potential to cause significant trouble for him and the higher authorities. If the firearm falls into the wrong hands or is used in any criminal activity, it could cause trouble for Rahul.

What Happens When The Media Learns About The Missing Gun?

Rahul struggles to find a breakthrough and decides to enlist the help of Veena, a crime journalist who frequently interacts with criminals, as part of her reporting. Despite their best efforts, they are unable to locate the thief. However, through his investigations, Rahul learns about the infamous pickpocketing racket masterminded by a notorious thief named Pappan. He confronts Pappan and interrogates him about the whereabouts of the thief who stole his gun. When Pappan refuses to divulge any information, Rahul decides to take matters into his own hands. Rahul records all his conversations with Pappan, including discussions about his previous crimes, and warns Pappan that unless he helps recover the stolen gun, the recording will be presented as evidence in court.

Pappan manages to find the pickpocket who is known as Pakru. However, it is discovered that Pakru has already sold the gun to another criminal, Munna. Rahul confronts Munna, hoping to obtain information about the buyer and recover his gun. However, Munna reveals that he does not have any information about the anonymous dealer who purchased the gun from him. The next morning, Rahul learns that his gun was used in a bank robbery. This event plunges Rahul into further trouble. But the situation takes a betrayal turn when Veena, the crime journalist who had initially supported Rahul, seizes this opportunity for her personal gain.

To secure a permanent position at her company and seek a sensational news story, Veena sees the bank robbery involving Rahul’s gun as the perfect opportunity to make a name for herself. As a consequence, Rahul is suspended from his position in the police department due to the suspicion surrounding his involvement in the bank robbery. With Rahul out of the picture, ASP Gracy steps into the case.

Why Did Shankararaman Commit The Robbery?

Shankararaman, driven by the desperate need to make amends for his wife’s operation and his ongoing court hearings, finds himself caught in a difficult situation. It is revealed that Shankararaman was deceived in a fake encounter by his fellow police officers years ago. Despite lacking concrete evidence, he is coerced into providing false testimony. With the financial burden of his wife’s operation weighing heavily on him, Shankararaman sees no other viable option but to resort to extreme measures. He purchases the gun from Munna and robs the bank, aided by a goon named Tony, who works for Pappan, and a taxi driver named Kishore.

ASP Gracy keeps Rahul by her side and conducts an investigation, tracing the stolen notes using their serial numbers. However, Tony, who is in love with Pappan’s wife, Rani, makes a grave mistake. Without informing Shankararaman, he steals the stolen money and purchases gold for Rani. The owner of the gold shop becomes suspicious and alerts the police. Tony manages to escape, but a confrontation between him and Shankararaman ensues, resulting in Tony falling from a building during their scuffle.

How Does Shankararaman Escape The Police?

Shankararaman hides Tony’s body, while Kishore, consumed by fear that Shankararaman might harm him as well, flees without taking any of the stolen money. The following morning, the police successfully find Tony’s body and trace Kishore’s phone number from Tony’s phone, leading them to apprehend Kishore. Soon, Shankararaman learns that the police have devised a plan to catch him, and he becomes aware of the imminent danger. When Kishore decides to meet Shankararaman to get him arrested. Shankararaman cleverly throws Kishore’s phone into a different vehicle to avoid being tracked and takes him to a nearby restaurant. There, Shankararaman poisons Kishore’s tea, and when Rahul arrives at the restaurant, he discovers that Kishore has already succumbed to the poison.

A few days pass, and an unexpected bond forms between Rahul and Shankararaman as they meet at the court. Their friendship deepens as Rahul helps Shankararaman when he faints and takes him to the hospital. However, when Rahul comes back home, his observation triggers his suspicion when he realizes that Shankararaman’s voice bears a striking resemblance to the person Kishore spoke to over the phone. Determined to uncover the truth, Rahul decides to confront Shankararaman. However, Rahul faces a challenge as he lacks concrete proof to support his claims since Shankararaman has assumed a false identity. But, later Rahul manages to get his fingerprints. Rahul decided to inform ASP Gracy and took Shankararaman to a secret location where ASP Gracy waited to hear their explanation.

How Are Shankararaman And ASP Gracy Connected?

Shankararaman realizes that ASP Gracy is plotting to kill him, decides to confide in Rahul, and reveals the recording of Gracy’s confession. As Rahul learns about Gracy’s role in orchestrating a false encounter that wrongly implicated Shankararaman and led to the deaths of an innocent man named Mustafa and his father, Hameed, he becomes determined to protect Shankararaman. However, their attempt to escape fails as Gracy, and her team arrive at the location. Tragically, Shankararaman is killed by Gracy.

As Gracy turns her sights on Rahul, an unknown individual intervenes, eliminating everyone except Rahul. This mysterious person turns out to be Mustafa himself. When Rahul pursues Mustafa, he meets an accident. Recognizing Mustafa’s true identity and his connection to Shankararaman’s past, Rahul rushes him to the hospital. When Mustafa regains consciousness, he reveals that he has changed his name and identity to lead a peaceful life since his father’s death.

‘Corona Papers’ Ending

The ending of Corona Papers brings about a sense of justice for Rahul and Shankararaman. As it is shown in the movie, ASP Gracy has always been a corrupt official. She committed various crimes to protect herself and her daughter. Gracy even went as far as killing her abusive father-in-law and framing the innocent Mustafa for the murder. To further cover her tracks, she manipulates events to make it appear as though Shankararaman was responsible for Mustafa’s murder. However, there might be a possibility that Mustafa and Shankararaman had been secretly plotting their own plan for years. When they discover Gracy’s sinister intentions, Mustafa rushes to save Shankararaman and, in the process, saves Rahul’s life. Mustafa’s actions serve as a form of vengeance for his father’s death.

Although the characters in the movie had their own motivations for seeking justice, the story reveals the complexity of their actions. It emphasizes that taking punishment and killing into one’s own hands is not a sustainable solution. Each character’s pursuit of justice leads them down a morally ambiguous path where the lines between right and wrong become blurred. The Corona Papers ultimately serve as a reflection on the consequences of seeking justice through misguided means. It sheds light on the flaws and complexities of human nature, highlighting the importance of seeking justice through lawful and ethical means rather than resorting to violence or revenge.

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