‘Condor’s Nest’ Ending, Explained: The Hunt For Nazi War Criminals

“Condor’s Nest” is the latest movie directed and written by Phil Blattenberger and chronicles the story of a World War II veteran by the name of Will Spalding, who has been hunting Nazis and making them answer for their war crimes, all the while looking for one special someone to quench his decade-long vengeance. The cast features Arnold Vosloo as Colonel Matin Bach, Jackson Rathbone as Fritz Ziegler, Jorge Garcia as Hipolito, James Urbaniak as Heinrich Himmler, Corinne Britti as Leyna Rahn, Jacob Keohane as Will Spalding, Al Pagano as Albert Vogel, and more.

Spoilers Ahead

The Hunt For Vengeance

The movie kicks off with a dream in a time when the combined forces were at war with the Third Reich and introduces us to Will Spalding and his bomber crew, who had their planes shot down somewhere in the Bouvier, some forty miles from Germany, and decides to stride towards the front lines. Unfortunately, Spalding’s news of German reinforcements thwarts their intentions. The entire bomber crew is executed by Nazi Colonel Martin Bach when they refuse to reveal General Patton’s itinerary, except for Will Spalding, who was hiding in a nearby attic. The war has ended, and with that has ended the power and strength of the Third Reich, but Will, however, is embroiled in an internal struggle with his conscience as he seeks vengeance against those responsible for the deaths of his brothers-in-arms. Will learns from a couple of ex-German commander, who he has been keeping in his attic that somewhere around 10000 Nazis have scattered near the regions of Bolivia, Uruguay, Brazil, and Argentina. Will has been tracking Martin Bach for years and won’t hesitate to kill every last Nazi until he finds the one he’s looking for.

Heinrich Himmler Is Alive

Will Spalding strikes a deal with Albert Vogel, a German, in exchange for Martin Bach’s whereabouts. The plan is to escort Vogel safely to Bolivia, where he’ll meet a Russian contact who’ll smuggle him into Moscow; all the while, the former will pose as Will’s deaf father. But Albert Vogel is also someone’s interest, a female Mossad Leyna Rahn, who plans to smuggle him to Jerusalem so he could be hanged for his war crimes. Leyna also follows Vogel and Will and confronts them when the duo stops at a local bar in Asuncion, Paraguay, for a drink. There, they encounter a couple of Germans armed with machine guns and the classic Luger pistol. The leader of the group, Fritz Zeiger, orders his men to capture them, but the trio manages to escape. The next day, Will and Vogel trick and tie Leyna, so she cannot meddle with their plans. Vogel also tries to convince Leyna by offering Heinrich Himmler, the architect of the destruction of millions of Jews across Europe, but Heimrich is believed to have died ten years ago. In reality, the man who died was just a fanatical party loyalist, and the real Himmler went into hiding and secretly began working towards restoring the lost power of the Third Reich. Himmler has been building a hidden empire, employing Nazi party members and former spies, operating a web of spies and guards across South America, and employing Martin Bach as his chief of security.

‘Condor’s Nest’ Ending Explained – The Battle At Condor’s Nest

However, Vogel has other plans, manages to contact Heinrich Himmler, and earns his seat in the Third Reich by offering to build him an atom bomb. Will is captured and tortured by Reitz but is saved by Ryena in the nick of time, and together they embark on a mission to apprehend or kill Martin, Himmler, and Vogel, who, during the confusion, had managed to slip away. The Group entered the secure facility of “Condor’s Nest,” forcing the armed guards to transport Himmler to a secure bunker. Leyna intercepts the transport and shoots every one of the armed guards, then flees with Heinrich Himmler. Vogel stops Leyla, demanding she releases Himmler in exchange for letting her walk free. Leyna turns his offer down and has his men shoot Leyna, but not before the latter puts a bullet in Himmler’s skull. Meanwhile, Will manages to lure Martin Bach into his crosshairs and demands he confesses to his war crime before he puts a bullet in his head. Bach tries his best to convince him to lower his gun, offering him the chance to walk away unscathed, but Will had dug his grave a decade ago and has no plan of walking away. Will shoots Mach in the skull, jumps out of the window, and manages to clear the whole field of Nazis using a German MG-42. Vogel arrives at the “Condor’s Nest” and offers the same choice to Will, but the latter pulls the trigger only to realise that the chamber is empty. Fortunately, Vogel has taken the same car to arrive at the “Condor’s Nest;” he has planted explosives there and given the transmitter to Will while they are tying Leyna. Without wasting a second, Will pushes the switch, finally making Albert Vogel pay for his war crimes like all the others.

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