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Chris Hemsworth Plans A Break From Acting: Revealing His Risk For The Alzheimer’s Disease


The on-screen God of Thunder, Chris Hemsworth, hinted in an interview with Vanity Fair that he intends to take a break from acting. The actor, 39, was diagnosed with a hereditary condition that increased his risk of developing Alzheimer’s disease to 8 out of 10. He had APOE e4 genes, which rendered him far more susceptible to cognitive degenerative diseases than the general population. This was revealed by the medical examinations. The Thor actor wanted to add a motivating element to his recent documentary, Limitless (2022), but he did not want to manipulate or publicize the facts of his risk for the disease.

The docuseries Limitless is available on the Disney+ platform and is divided into six episodes that follow the athletic star as he does challenging stunts. The audience can see the Thor actor diving into cold, icy arctic waters, jumping into the canyon, and walking over the 2-foot-wide pipe at the height of 900 meters above Sidney Harbor. Additionally, the emotional Chris’s words and the parts of the show where he discussed the significance of memories and how losing them may be frightening to him touched the hearts of the viewers.

In Limitless, the star went through fasting for four days at a stretch, which was necessary to take the relevant blood and genetic tests. The assigned preventive care physician, Peter Attia, went offscreen to divulge the facts about the gene testing. The National Geographic documentaries were made to understand that an individual can enhance the period of their life with the right diet and exercise. Though shocking, Chris nevertheless had some knowledge of the illness because his grandfather also has it. The manifestation has made him grateful for his successful life, which he wants to extend and live to the fullest by spending quality time with his wife and children. 

Attia, a physician, specializing in longevity, emphasizes the importance of taking preventative measures to reduce the risk of developing a serious illness. This is possible if the person lowers his level of stress and makes a commitment to exercising every day and eating a healthy diet. Chris, in particular, revealed the findings of his genetic testing to inspire others to make the right decisions. The results of the tests demonstrate that he is proactive in making efforts to enhance his health and lessen stress in his life. He talked about how an actor would spend many years of his career performing in film after film with little time to rest. He intends to spend it with his wife and children. The shocking incident also made him even more dedicated to the program. Considering that he asserts that he wishes to inspire the public at large.

Alzheimer’s disease is a neurological condition that gradually causes the brain cells to shrink. As old memories slowly fade away, dementia and amnesia may result because new memories cannot be formed. A person with the illness may become unable to take care of themselves or maintain an independent social or professional life. Glenn Campbell, Ronald Reagan, Robin Williams, Malcolm Young, and others were well-known figures who had the condition. The average age at which the disease manifests itself is in the mid-60s; however, no particular age applies to everyone. Some people may experience early symptoms in their 40s and 50s. Assuming that medications cannot entirely cure the symptoms, people who have a family history of the condition can undergo certain tests that make them vulnerable and take preventive measures, which is the best chance anyone can have.

Speaking about his docuseries, Chris Hemsworth claims that the final episode of his docu-series is about extending life while accepting death. We are unable to escape death. The science of lifespan is examined in the series. The producers Darren Aronofsky and Ari Handel borrowed the phrase “Death is only an illness and must have a cure” from the 2006 film The Fountain. And they seek it out, as was seen in the National Geographic program. The documentary’s creators want to underline that leading a healthy lifestyle with the proper diet, exercise, and minimal stress can lengthen one’s life.

For the Thor actor, a good death equals a good life. So, he planned a sabbatical. However, the fans should not worry, as there are several of Chris’s upcoming movies and series, including Extraction 2, Furiosa, and Star Trek 4, among others, that will premiere next year. Moreover, the break is not permanent, as the star divulged.

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Harman Grewal
Harman Grewal
Harman Grewal earned a master's in psychology from Panjab University. She began her career as a researcher and lecturer in academia before transitioning into a full-time academic and content writer. She is a passionate film enthusiast whose interest in the entertainment industry dates back to her early years. She treasures the times she spent with her family watching movies and TV shows. Her training and experience piqued her interest in imaginary characters in movies. She recently completed an online screenwriting course to write for a film one day.

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