‘Berlin’ Release Date, Cast, Plot, And Everything Else About The Upcoming ‘Money Heist’ Spin-Off

The thriller-action program “Money Heist” that made Spanish entertainment so popular inspired Berlin’s character. When “Money Heist” debuted in 2021, it immediately went viral, garnering more than 190 million views from Netflix users worldwide. The creators of this hit series’ may not have anticipated the fact that it would become so well-known given that its original title, “La Casa de Papel,” was Spanish. Moreover, the cast and crew were new to the rest of the audiences around the world. The final episode of the five-season drama was aired in December 2021, which is impressive considering how few dramas have sustained for so many seasons. According to streaming juggernaut Netflix, the popular series “Berlin” will get a spin-off.

By the end of this year, the program will be accessible, according to the official announcement. The spin-off allowed the audience to see “Berlin,” their best character, in action. The interesting part of Andres de Fonollosa was played by Alonso Pedro, a well-known star in the Spanish entertainment sector. The new video has heightened fans’ expectations, and although there isn’t much information presently available regarding the spin-off, it is no longer the subject of online speculation or guesswork because the teaser just got released. The popular suspense thriller program was produced and written by the well-known Alex Pina, who is recognized for “The White Lines,” “Sky Rojo,” “Locked Up,” and other productions.

‘Berlin’ Release Date And Production

It was in 2022 during an interview, Pina, the well-known producer from Spain, and Pedro, the Spanish actor seen as “Berlin” in the “Money Heist” series, made a statement that they were in discussion for the new show with the highlighted character “Berlin.” The show has been written by David Olivo, the writer of “Sky Rojo,” “Stolen Away,” and other shows. Moreover, the other contributors include David Barccoal and another well-known writer from Spain, Esther Lobata.

It will show Berlin’s early life before the grand theft that occurred in the original drama. His character will be seen robbing and stealing all over the continent and living a carefree life. The original series has also been adapted into a Korean version called “Money Heist: Korea-Joint Economic Area,” which has already had two seasons. The spin-off show will be available by December 2023, though there is no date available for its release.

‘Berlin’ Cast

The spin-off of the famous television series “Money Heist” features the original drama actor, Pedro Alonso, who worked in “The Silence of the Marsh.” He will be the main lead, as he is in the titular role of “Berlin.” Moreover, there will be Michelle Jenner, another Spanish star seen in the much-talked-about “Cook of Customer,” who will be seen as Keila.

The story takes place much before the actual heist shown in “Money Heist,” so it will reveal the events that led to Berlin choosing the lifestyle he lived and the theft in the area. Furthermore, the young actress Begona Vargas from “Welcome to Eden” will play the role of Cameron. Julio Pena from “Through My Window” will be seen playing the role of Roi in the spin-off, “Berlin.” Additionally, the supporting roles will be filled by Tristan Ulloa from “Sex and Lucia” and “Pudor,” who will be seen as Damian in the spin-off of the major series on Netflix. Joel Sanchez from “Batman Beyond” will be seen playing the role of Bruce.

‘Berlin’ Plot And Trailer

In the most recent Netflix teaser for “Berlin,” the life of a famed jewel thief who evades Interpol and numerous national police forces while stealing jewelry from all around Europe is depicted. Given that the program will examine “Berlin’s” life, there should be a lot of drama and tension. Although not much has been revealed about the type of robbery that will occur in the episodes, the video clip depicts Pedro in an adventurous avatar getting ready for a fresh heist.

In the original series, “Berlin” had a very dramatic presence and displayed a range of emotions. The character in “Money Heist” was portrayed as having a terminal illness and might not live for very long. His loyalty towards his fellow teammates made the character a fan favorite. He also fell in love with another thief during that little time, offered a priceless sacrifice for his group, and ultimately died bravely. He had a complex, compelling, emotional, and brave personality. His life before the original series from 2017 will be depicted in the spin-off series. There will be several new characters that can appear in the show; moreover, it is still too early to tell which original members will be seen in the show.

Fans of the program will be able to see the incidents that motivated Berlin to decide to lead a risky life without regard for the law. The video features an unidentified female lead in Berlin, the city of love. Although the specific information won’t be available until the official trailer is released, it has raised fans’ anticipation.

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